Sunday, September 14, 2008

White House? NO WAY. GO PINK!

Dear Readers,

Mama and Baba asked us to pop on here and let you know that we're all still living. Well, duh Baba! They said something about life being very busy and so that's why they have been lazy, wait, they didn't say lazy, they said distracted and haven't blogged. We do have to admit that we have been keeping them on their toes. We're spotting new things to get into daily, and we aren't exactly the best listeners when they tell us "No." We have also let them in on our little secret...we can, lots. We are chatting so much it wears their ears out, they say. So, I guess that's why they haven't blogged. They fall asleep minutes after they think we have!

Right now we're in this place called Washington, D.C. Baba is not feeling too well, but he sure is happy to be here. He said something about it being special to us, now that we're Americans. Mama parked our stroller on this side walk in front of a building called "The Capitol" and Baba took a picture. I'm sure when they post you'll see how excited WE are to be here. All I know is they promised us a vacation and all we have gotten to do is ride in a car! We learned really fast how to get them to let us out of the car though. We took turns yelling, "Mama! My tummy hurts!" or "Baba, POTTY!!!!" The louder you yell it, or the sadder you sound, the faster they stop that Jeep! It gives us a few minutes to stretch our legs and get a snack usually! DO NOT tell them we told you about this!

Ok, well, it's late. Baba is in bed snoring. Pray he feels better soon. He wants to be here so badly, and we just hope he gets to enjoy it. Tomorrow Mama said we get to go to a White House. Not sure why it's white. White is so boring. We prefer everything in pink. A pink house. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Hugs to you, from us!

Abby and Laney

P.S. Thank you Mimi for feeding Kyler! And thank you Jordan and Ben, for playing with her and spending time at our house! We'll be home soon!