Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day--Mama's Perspective

Baba and his girls planting flowers.

So I'm sitting here, right this second in the living room. The TV is on, but it is muted. Tony just got home from City Council and was anxious to see the girls after his long day. (See previous post's picture. They ran up to the screen again and kissed him!) Right now I can hear he and the girls in their room. He's reading to them. Abby chose the story. It's a really long story about festivals and traditions in China. She dug it out from the book basket in her closet. Tony humored her and they're looking through the book page-by-page. I hear him saying, "What is it Abby? What do you see? I see a rat, and a rooster! Oh, look! There are paintings on their wall, just like in your room!" They echo him and giggle. Yeah, this is my life...and I love it.

It's the day after Father's Day. I wanted Tony to blog about his first Father's Day, but he's one busy guy. Tonight City Council. Tomorrow night, mowing I'm sure. Then we're into the thick of the week. So I'll blog. And I'll brag. But a warning, it'll probably be another long one!

Tony and the girls spoiled me rotten on my first Mother's Day. I got to sleep in, breakfast, and a beautiful bracelet. I wanted Tony to have a great Father's Day too! So, his brother and I surprised him with a set of wheels for Bulah (64 Nova station wagon) that he has wanted for a long time! We were all sneaky and he was certainly surprised! He has cleaned, sanded, and painted them already! I know, I know, nothing says love like a set of wheels!

Also, the girls picked out a rockin' tie for him! I chose a couple of different ties that I liked and they chose the pink one (of course). So I chose three pink ties that I liked and they BOTH loved the one with flowers on it. Well, Tony said all he wanted was a traditional Father's Day tie. Yep, he got that. He'll never forget his first tie from the girls. It screams Laney and Abby. He was so proud he wore it today and tonight to Council. I must admit, he looked pretty hot! He even got a comment from a reporter, "Real men wear pink!" Heheh, I love this man. The girls were giddy when they saw him on TV with it. Laney pointed and said, "Baba's tie!" I reminded them they picked it out and they smiled from ear-to-ear!

Although Tony didn't get to sleep in (I tried to let him, he said he wasn't tired) and didn't get anything majorly memorable, I think his first Father's Day was a hit. Does it matter anyway? I mean, every day is Father's Day, right? From the sounds in the nursery, he's enjoying every second of this day...the day after Father's Day. And he'll enjoy tomorrow's Father's Day...and the next, and the next...

On a final note, Father's Day turned out to be pretty special for another reason. It fell on June 15th this year, right? Wanna hear a God thing? We were logged-in in China (all of our paperwork was officially put in the database and we officially began our wait for our child) on June 15th, 2006. Exactly two years ago Sunday, we were officially parents-to-be. And this Sunday, Tony was an official Dad. With his girls. Perfect.


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hurry, read, sign!

Before I start this post, here is the much promised pic of the girls experienceing grass with their CUTE bare feet. This picture was taken on their second experiences. Can you see Laney spreading her toes out? She still wasn't diggin' it at this point, but merely, tolerating me. Abby, however, actually likes it! She's our little Chinese Hillbilly!

OK! Our six month update post is ready to read!!! It was SO stinking hard to write. How can you truly recall every joy and challenge we have faced over the past six months and summarize it all on one post? Well, I did, but fair warning that it is LONG! However, there are NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES on there! That should entice you to read it!

You all were such a huge part of their journey, and still ARE a part of their story. After you read, please sign the guestbook. Rmemeber, everything will be saved to keepsake CD's for the girls after we do our year post. Even if you're usually just a lurker, please post comment. It means a lot!

OK, the website is:

Also, check back next week where I'll be giving you the scoop on how Potty Training 101 has been going around here. With twins. Two times the potty. FUN!


The girls LOVE their Baba! I should have saved this for a Father's Day pic, but it was just too cute not to share sooner! Here, Baba, is presenting at city council and we caught it on TV. The minute he came on, they ran to the TV and KISSED him! It was totally unprompted by me, but I grabbed my camera and the next time he appeared, they did the same thing! TOO CUTE!!!!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

I think I can, I think I can...

Ok, it's coming, I update for this site and our six month update for our myadoptionwebsite website. It's just so hard to put six months of love and milestones in a post that doesn't go on for six pages. Tony did the six month post for this blog, so it's my job to do the other one. We all know who the windy one is, so it's gonna be a long one!

Even with Laney (I steal Abby's fries when she's not looking) and Abby (I am super dramatic and want "Up PLEASE" constantly) being stinkers, those girls have my heart. They're growing up so quickly, too quickly, and I'm trying to capture it all so they have some real tangible documentation of their childhood.

Ok, enough of this. I'm going to have Tony edit my post for the other site, and I'll let you know when you should hop over and read it! Maybe it'll be up before we celebrate their YEAR anniversary! *choke* *sob* I don't want to even THINK about that!