Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Yeah, so I have another wonderful snow day at home and the girls have been great. (Orginally, I said they were "angels" and was sarcsastic. Well, honestly, they have been good. I'm just a crabby mama and not feeling well) I'm sitting here thinking, what educational and fun activity could I work on with them? At this point, Abby yells, "I can't get out!" I look over and she has wedged herself into a little purple plastic basket. (I know a pic would be better, but our computer has recently been wiped out and I don't know if the program to upload the pics is still on the computer).

SOOO, the first valuable educational lesson the girls received today was...when your butt is stuck in a little plastic basket, just roll to your side and you can get out. Quality. My girls are destined to be geniuses!

This is kind of a dark picture, but the girls are working hard on their thank you notes from their birthday party. Laney perfected her simple, one line signature, while Abby perfected her doctor signature. If you didn't get a thank you card, I'm blaming the mail system!

Have you ever seen the Christmas Movie called "A Christmas Story"? Well, everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE that movie. I watch it about 20 times a season. Anyway, one of the kiddos (Randy) on that show gets bundled up to go to school. It takes place in Indiana so it's quite chilly. Anyway, his mom gets him all dressed for school and just as she finishes wrapping him up, he says he has to go to the bathroom (and that he can't put his arms down). Well, here my girls are giving their best impression of Randy. For the record, last year they screamed bloody murder when we put them down in the snow. This year, we can't get them to come back inside!

The girls and I shared a first together. We played Candyland together for the very first time. Monopoly was more my speed as a kid-hehe No really, it was my first time ever playing Candyland. Baba had to teach all of us! They know their colors, so that wasn't the issue. The issue was they thought they could put their little gingerbread man on ANY red, blue, purple, etc. It was a long game, but Abby won! It was also the first time Laney expressed that she was totally displeased with Abby winning, Usually, when we play a game that someone wins, they are cool with losing and just want to play again to see if they can win next time. Not after THIS game though. Laney kept saying, "But, I WANT TO WIN!" We had our first little chat about winning and losing, Which, was hard. Because I don't like to lose either. EVER. I'm uber competitive. So, Laney, my girl, we'll have to learn this lesson together.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Who doesn't love a giveaway?

Especially when it does so much good!!

Check it out!!!!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun Foto Friday

I agree with Sarah, that with the craziness of this week...sometimes we just need cuteness to make you smile.

This is one I dug up from our days in China. We were in Guangzhou and the girls were wiped out. We actually have this as our desktop wallpaper on our home computer too. It's just TOO cute :) I love it! Can you tell which twin is which?

As a side note, Linny and Dw (blogger friends of ours) are dealing with the phrase, "When it rains, ir pours." First, their loving log home catches fire. Then, their son Graham has to have emergency surgery (he's ok!). Now, Dw has the flu. AND, this has all taken place since Wednesday. You can follow their story here, but be sure to praise Jesus for their safey and pray for their strength and sanity along the way!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Please pray for good friends of ours (we've never met them, just formed a friendship online). Linny and Dw have experienced a devastating fire today and need our prayers.

You can check their blog for updates.

Praise God they're all safe!!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas, Birthday and More...

Hello. Thanks for checking in to see what is happening. We haven't posted anything too substantial in some time. The little stinkers keep us more than busy when they are awake. When they are sleeping we try to do the same (and clean, pay bills, etc...).

This year Christmas was fun with the girls. Last year they were only home less than one month when we celebrated Christmas. They did not quite get the gift thing yet. This year they understood that they would be getting presents. When asked what they wanted for Christmas they would say "pink presents" or "green presents" for example. They also wanted "Happy Birthday Jesus cake" (it was Jesus' birthday after all). They would have been happy with some empty boxes, balloons and Happy Birthday Jesus Cake. What they received (and we're not complaining) is more stuff than we, or they, could imagine. They received dolls, pretend guitars, digital cameras, books, play food, clothes and more. Thank you to everyone.

Ironically, one morning after Christmas (I was lucky enough to be able to take some time off) I let Rett sleep in and I fed the girls, bathed them and got them dressed. After I got them dressed I asked them if they wanted to go play. Laney immediately said "YES! I want to play hangers". I was a bit puzzled. She then picked up a plastic clothes hanger off the floor and then proceeded to the closet and pulled another clothes hanger out. She handed one to Abby and they headed for the living room. They then proceeded to spend the morning playing with two plastic clothes hangers. They had more toys that they could image and hangers were the toy of choice. It was hilarious.

After Christmas we took our 2nd annual trek to Indy to attend the Indy Auto Show and to do some shopping at Circle Center Mall, Target and etc... Last year when we to the event and we said it was their first American cultural experience :) In addition, last year when we went we first stopped at Babies R Us and purchased a double stroller. It makes us sad because we realized this year that they are quickly out-growing the stroller. The year flew by.

As you may be aware, the girls also have a birthday a week after Christmas. Last year we celebrated their 2nd birthday with just a few family members because they were only home for about a month and 3 days. This year we decided to throw them a party.

They had experienced a birthday party or two over the past few months. They soon began asking when they would get Happy Birthday cake? We kept telling them January 2nd (and January 3rd, the date of their party). They could not wait. Again, they appreciated the gifts, but on their birthday all they really wanted was Happy Birthday cake. We purchased them a small chocolate cake. They ate almost all of it on their own. We then went out for lunch and let them choose what they wanted. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings and they had exactly what they requested, chicken and fries (mostly fries).

The Happy Birthday Cake they ate on their birthday.

After their lunch of fries and chicken, we thought we would introduce them to more American culture, bowling. They loved it. At first, they could not get the balls to roll all the way down the lane. At one point we had two stalled balls and the bowling dude had to come save the day. He then gave us a ramp for them to use to launch the balls down the lane. That is when the embarrassment began. Let's just say that we did not exceed Abby's 115 and Laney's 114 score...even using the bumpers like they did.

Roll the ball then RUN back to see how many pins they knocked down. After their success (including many spares and strikes) there were high-fives all around. (Laney Pictured)

Another strategic send-off... (Abby Pictured)

The next day was the long awaited birthday party. We held it in the church's youth center. The colorful youth center quickly became overshadowed with PINK! Pink balloons, tablecloths, cup cakes, plates, plastic ware, napkins, and a custom pink cakes created by Rett for the girls. The girls had a great time. Friends and family all attended. They received many great gifts which they love AND received more of their requested item, Happy Birthday cake!!
Their custom cakes created by Rett...can you tell she has been watching Ace of Cakes on the Food Network? Maybe we can move to Baltimore and she can work for Duff...?
Pink and more pink...

and more pink...

and more PINK and PINK cake...

With all of that said, there are tons of things I am leaving out. All the cute things they say (like Laney calling the refriderator the "frigilator" or Abby's new way to communicate with you using her fingers like little moving whiskers when she has something important to say to you and more...).

Per a previous post, months ago, we converted their baby beds to toddler beds. All has been well up until the past few nights. All of a sudden they realized "hey, we can get out of these things!". Let's just say we are having new parental challenges. Just this evening Abby was out of bed because she felt she needed to do some coloring on her magna-doodle. Again, now you understand why the insightful posts have been few and far between. Enjoy the pictures and please let us know you stopped in by leaving a comment. Have a good week!


Friday, January 09, 2009

Funny on Friday

OK, I'd LOVE to do FOTO Friday, but I'm at school and no access to cute pictures. (Besides, we're WAY behind...we'll be showing you Christmas and birthday pictures on Valentine's Day at this rate!) So, instead I thought I'd do a Funny on Friday...

Last night, Tony gave the girls each a couple of peanuts to eat. They loved them and wanted more. So Laney said, "May I have some more pea corns Baba?" Pea corns? Ohhhh a cute combo of peanuts and popcorn! Heheheheh.

And Abby, last night, just kept wanting to play and play. She said to me at one point, "Tickle me, Mama!" So as I dove in to tickle her, she immediately yelled, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Hehehe. Well, what do you want baby? To tickle, or not to tickle...that is the question!

Just thought I'd share!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ok, THANK the LORD Sarah posted on her blog about being thankful and not complaining. I needed to read that! It was like the Holy Spirit was tapping me on the shoulder (and by tapping me on the shoulder, I mean pounding me on the head).

I have been in a slump lately. Don't get me wrongI have so LITTLE to complain about. We had about the best Christmas and holiday break ever! I felt blessed beyond measure. My time was so precious with my family. I treasured every second...honestly! But in my "other life", my work life, I have been struggling. And really, it has a lot to do with how great my "real life" is. I miss my real life when I'm at work! I won't go into detail. but this year has been choc full of changes. And, if you know me, I like change just about as much as a going to the dentist. So add that to feeling like I'm missing tons of growing up time with my girls, and I've been one big, fat, Eeyore!

SOOOO, I need to just start opening my mouth a little wider (Sarah DID say I was loud!) and start praising Jesus for the opportunities He has blessed me with. I have a great job. Heck, who cares if it isn't great? During these tough economic times, I should praise Him if I have a rotten job...any job! Thank you Lord, for blessing me with a wonderful husband, children, family, friends, and job. I live to serve and praise You and I will do a better job at it!

P.S. I am also VERY VERY thankful for the beautiful bracelet that a new, dear friend Linny brought me back from Uganda. It is gorgeous and it will remind me to pray for her family, and for all those strong, beautiful, smart, loving orphans in Africa.


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just so you know...

1. We are still alive.

2. We have NOT gone on blogger strike.

2. We had about the best Christmas and holiday break EVER!

3. The girls are now three :(

4. I'm on a snow day...just one more little gift from God!

5. We WILL be blogging again soon. Like maybe tonight, soon.

6. We appreciate you faithful readers! We'll be back!