Friday, February 26, 2010


The other day on the way to my sister's Abby was singing away in the back seat.  She was making up songs and belting them out.

Her latest lyrics?  "JESSSSUUUS....He died on the croosssssss!  And He took our sins awaaayyy!  And...........He............... gave us NEW ONES!!!!!"  Bwahahahhaha!  Of course we had a little chat.  :)

Today, as we pulled out of the driveway, I heard the girls chatting and being silly.  Then I heard Laney say, "Whateverrrr!"  Total valley girl back there.  I looked back and mentioned that they should use kind words and besides, she totally used it at the wrong time.  (I'm just sayin')

So then, Abby says, "Yeah, you only say WHATEVER when you're really really mad, right Mama?"   Stumble, sputter, stammer..."Um, well, we shouldn't really talk like that anyway.  It's just not kind to say that to someone even if you're upset."  HELLO!  They watch and hear EVERYTHING!  Obviously they have heard Tony and/or me use it when we've been angry.  Yikes.

Any of you have little parrots who mimic your words and actions?


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Mistake

A friend of mine, Adam Cappa, had his new cd come out a couple of weeks ago.  It's called Love Driven.  He is not only stinkin' adorable, he has a heart for God that rivals many I know.  His talent is truly God given, and God centered. 

Well, on his newest cd, he has a track called "Beautiful Mistake".  That title alone drums up so many thoughts and images.  Well, something happened this week that I consider a beautiful mistake.  It won't mean a lot to some of you, but if your child is in public school, I hope it means something.

While I was filing away some practice worksheets, I stumbled upon a huge file that had some standardized tests from, oh, six years ago in it.  I know, cleaning out files is a whole separate issue.  Anyway, as I pulled out the tests, I started taking the staples out in order to shred them.  I glanced down at the student's name on the top test.  Immediately his face came to mind.  And almost as instantly, I prayed for him.  Then it struck me.  I could just quickly go through and yank the staples out and move on, or I could purposefully take a minute and pray over each student.  I hadn't seen them (or most of them) in forever, so I had no clue where they were in their lives.  But I knew some of them needed prayer.  No, all of them needed prayer, I'm sure. 

It was SO nice to focus on talking to God about them, instead of my worries and concerns in my life.  I lifted each one up and prayed for a variety of things.  College, jobs, relationships, family, reputations, friendships, etc.  With each prayer, I grew hungrier to pray more for them.  Never shredding one random group of tests from six years ago was a mistake.  It just worked out to be a beautiful mistake.

I pray over my students all the time without them knowing it.  But it was nice to think back about this particular group and purposefully pray for them!  May God bless them!

Who says teachers can't pray in school?  Just try me.  I do it all the time!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giveway Site!

Thank you all for praying for my mom.  She had a heart cath and stint put in yesterday.  It was a long, rough day.  I'll update you as I learn more.

I wanted to focus on something happy for my tired brain, so I thought I'd blog about my friend Sarah's giveaway blog.  It's called, On the Search for Hidden Treasure!  She is a treasure herself, who is having fun reviewing products and also giving away many items! 

You'll want to go check out her site.  I mean, read the reviews and buy the products.  But don't enter her giveaways.  I WANT TO WIN!  I'm just sayin'!

If you feel you MUST enter...let her know I sent you!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Praise Him!

THANK YOU for praying for my mom, dad, and family during my mom's recent illness.

Picture taken December 2009

A HUGE PRAISE is that MY MOM DOES NOT HAVE CANCER and HAS NOT HAD A STROKE!  Thank You, thank You, thank You, Jesus!

She is still in the hospital (admitted Thursday evening).  She is fighting a NASTY virus and a uti.  She has blisters inside her mouth.  She is severely dehydrated and anemic.  She has zero strength to stand.  She is barely eating.  She has lost 29 lbs in just over two weeks b/c she can't eat.  It makes her super sick.  She has two blocked arteries they're hoping to do surgery on soon, but not until she's stronger.  

All that being said, the key word above is "fighting".  For a while, we weren't sure that she was fighting anything but us.  But she has promised me that she is NOT giving up.  She is one sick girl.  And honestly, it is the hardest thing seeing her this sick.  She is supposed to be strong, ya know?

So, bottom line.  Please keep praying.  Obviously, she means the world to me.  I want her spunky spirit back.  I want her humor.  But mostly, I want her deep sense of love and caring to come back.  Right now, it's all on vacation.  Please pray for her mind, body, and spirit.  Please, please, please!

So that's why I've been MIA from the blog.  I'm not sleeping much because I'm in worry mode all the time.  And so when I'm home from work, I'm too tired to blog.  So, even with the extreme amounts of cuteness that Tony posted on the last post, I can understand why we didn't get any comments.  We have been missing for too long.  I have to blog.  I need this blog.  I'll be back.  (As long as I get a comment or two now and then!)

P.S.  Doesn't the new background remind you of the Spirograph game/art set from the 80's?  I remember LOVING that.  I played with those little plastic wheel gadgets for hours making patterns.  I love it!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Away Snow

Greetings!  It's Tony, so no deep thoughts, just pictures.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Below you will find a pictoral update of our recent happenings (most from this past weekend).  Please enjoy. 

Like most of the country, we have had snow and more snow!  Here are the girls enjoying the first, of several, storms...

Last Friday night we decided to get away and spent the night at one of our favorite hotels to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentines Day.  Here are the girls posing in the hotel room.

We then met up with Robby and Ally and hit the World of Wheels car show in Indy Saturday (Rett humored me since it was Valentine's Day weekend).  Here are the girls posing in front of their favorite car of the show.  They prefer lowered 50's customs with louvered hoods and tuck and roll interior...not really, it was just a pretty pink car. 
(P.S. - if you want to see more photos from the show, jump over to my new blog - )

This is what you do when you get bored at a car find a nice pole that is holding up the roof and play hide and seek.

Here is Laney...being Laney.

Later that evening we found a real Chinese restaurant (not a buffet) in Indy.  Here Abby enjoys some green tea before her meal. 

Here is Laney enjoying her lo-mein noodles.  The girls insisted on using chopsticks for this Chinese New Year meal.

Thanks for stopping in to check up on us.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm sick to death of getting spam messages to moderate.  I'm doing the word verification for a bit to get rid of them!

The ONLY kind of spam I like, comes from a can!  Do you like it too?

Btw, thanks for praying for my mom.  Please pray without stopping!  Pray that God renews her spirit and strength.  Pray she finds the purpose and bravery within to take one step at a time and get better.  Pray for total and complete healing!  And pray for my dad too, please.  For his wisdom, energy, and spirit. 

Thank you, friends!

And just because it has been awhile since you have seen some sweetness...take a peek below!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What?  Two posts in one week?  Make that three, baby!  I posted one our church's ministry blog yesterday!

So why today?  Why this post?  Well, honestly, because I need it.  I need to be thankful.  My head needs this post.  My heart needs it.  My soul needs it.  And my God needs it.

First of all, friends, I am so thankful for you.  I pour my heart out on this blog and you respect it.  No, I don't have hundreds of followers.  No, not everyone who reads this, comments.  But you, the ones who chose to lift me up, thank you.  You encouraged me so much.  You encouraged my family.  Trust me, your prayers have been felt.  This week I needed you and your prayers, and you came through!  Yes, both my "real life" friends, and those I've met in Bloggyland.  Seriously.  You guys mean a ton.  I love that we "do" life together.  We share our ups and downs.  We praise Him and pray together as family.  Cheesy schmeesy...I love you!

My mom gets to leave the hospital today which is bittersweet.  It's good because she is over some of what put her in there, but bitter because there are other things they have found.  It will be hard without a nurse to push her to do all she should. 

Going home has also forced her to look at all the upcoming procedures and surgeries she'll need.  It is simply overwhelming.  It overwhelms me, I cannot imagine how she's feeling.  But today, I choose to be thankful.  My mom is alive and trying to get well today!  God has been merciful and healed some things in her!  I am thankful she had/has a team of doctors and nurses that truly care about her.  They made her laugh.  They made my dad and my family feel welcome.  They encouraged and challenged her.  And they were just nice people.  Thank you, Jesus! 

Just keep praying for her!  The procedures start happening next week!

I'm thankful Sarah keeps letting us in on ways to win free stuff over on her blog!  But don't go look and register, ok?  Then you'll decrease my chances of winning!

Ok, the last thing I'm thankful for today is that the COLTS made it to the SUPERBOWL!  WHOOO HOOO! I'll be glued to the TV Sunday, so don't call!  hahahah!  Bring home a victory, boys!


Monday, February 01, 2010

A Season of Change's one of the reasons I live where I do.  I get to experience the crisp colors of fall (my favorite), the freezing snow of winter, the rainy newness of spring, and the sweltering heat of summer. 

Well, I'm entering a new season here.  And it's not one I enjoy.  It's a season of growth.  Of growing up.  Of changes, fears, and hopes.  It's the acknowledgement that my parents are getting older.  Their bodies are made in the image of God, but they are human. No, they're not dying.  But they're aging to the point I have to notice.

My mom has been sick and in the hospital.  Her ailments are private and for her to share only.  But let me say, it has been taxing.  It has been hard on her body, mind, and spirit.  It has been anguish for her family to see. 

As I might have mentioned before, I am the baby of the family.  My sisters and brother were annoyed because they thought I got away with everything.  My nieces and nephews were close in age and grew tired of me being spoiled.  And I was.  I'll admit it.  My parents made my life wonderful.  Regardless of finances or family situations, I never had to worry about my next meal (My mom is a great cook...and I'm proof!).  I never had to worry about hearing them bicker or worry.  They kept that between themselves.  They raised me to be proud of who I was.  To never let my mouth say something I couldn't back up.  They had nearly perfected parenting by the time they got to me.  Goodness, I never even knew what political party they were because they wanted to raise me to be an independent thinker and formulate my own opinions.

Due to my idyllic upbringing, I tended to be an ostrich when it came to their illnesses and worries.  My dad had open heart surgery several years back, and honestly, I cannot tell you a lot of details about it because I don't know them.  I didn't want to know them.  I liked living in my perfect world.  And he made it through, so my world continued on.  My heart hurts when I think about how much I missed out on by hiding my head in the sand.  

Well, with my mom sick now, I've had to grow up.  I have had to be an adult.  Yes, it's time, but it's hard.  Seriously hard.  I had to stand up to a doctor (with my sister alongside me).  Worse yet, I had to stand up to my mother.  I had to see the pain in her eyes when I told her I disagreed with her.  Hurtful words were said in and among my family.  It broke my heart.  It rocked me to the core.

There is still some of that little girl in me though.  This past week, every time I would go to pray, the words weren't there.  It was like, I couldn't acknowledge that this was pretty serious.  My mom and dad are my own personal superheroes sent by God.  However, with the title of hero comes some pretty unrealistic expectations that we put on them.  See, my parents aren't supposed to get sick.  EVER.  And if they do, it should just be a cold.  Because a hero cannot be down for long.  They have crime to fight and a world to save.  I would sit there and look at God (through my prayers) and be at a loss.  I couldn't pray.  I mean, it was my mom, right?  She would bounce back.  She always does. 

I would ask for prayers everywhere.  I'd ask my co-teachers to pray, my friends on FB, my small group, my husband, my daughters.  But for some reason, I just could not pray.  Want the truth?  I think it was because if I was honest enough with God that my mom was really sick than I would have to realize that myself.  And I didn't want to.  I wanted to go back to being an ostrich.  It just isn't fair!  My girls are young.  She and dad have already had the opportunity to spoil their other grandchildren, and now great grandchildren.  It was MY turn.  MY girls deserve the time too!  What if we adopt again?  They should know their Granny!  Selfish?  Yes, but I'm being real here.

So here I am in this season of life.  The season of reality where I begin to understand my superheros aren't immortal.  They have weaknesses.  They feel pain and hurt. 

Yes, God already knows.  He is just waiting for me to give it to Him.  I am His daughter as well, and I know He doesn't want to see me in pain.  But, oh the pain.

He and I will be having a long talk.  I'll crawl in His lap and rest my head against His chest.  I'll ask Him for more time.  More love.  More memories.  I'll ask Him for strength and wisdom to do what's right. 

Some days I still want to be an ostrich.  But now it's time to step up and be more.  It's my turn to be a superhero...a superhero for my parents.  They have taught me well.