Monday, September 19, 2011

Present and Accounted For! (I think!)

Hey ya'll!  I was so very thankful for each one of you who commented that you missed our posts!  It means a lot!!  I want to catch you up a bit on our little corner of the world.  (I think a bullet-style list would be best here!)

  • All three kiddos in our house graduated and moved up.  Abby and Laney graduated pre-school and headed to kindergarten.  So far, kindergarten has gotten about a one thumbs up approval.  They think the math " not great fun."  and find it all rather boring.  YIKES!  I assume this is because they have had preschool for two years and since this seems to be review for them, there isn't a lot of excitement.  Hayleigh, however, has moved on to 7th grade!  She loves the new challenges and the fun social perks that go along with the freedom.  She's also playing volleyball, and doing an amazing job at it!  Are we ready for them to grow up?  NO WAY.  I'll save the "OMGoodness, she's a pre-teen and we're not ready for all that goes with it" post for next.
  • As Tony posted in picture-form, we had a fun summer.  Hayleigh and I taught at Safety Town again this year.  It's an awesome program that teaches kindergartners about all things safety related.  Hayleigh was a HUGE help this summer.  She read to them, taught some of the curriculum, and just helped out in general.  We work with a few Sheriff's deputies and they think a lot of her too.  
  • We also vacay'd in TN with my family (and Tony's family came too!).  It was good to see family that we hadn't in a while.  The girls had fun with all of their cousins too!  
  • The summer was filled with other fun activities like a birthday pool party, a fairy walk, and a concert (NKOTB, baby!)  And really, I feel that although the girls (Abby and Laney) have been with us for nearly four years now (WOW!) this past summer has done the most for us as far as attachment.  It is fun for me to finally say, I have two full-on Mama's girls now!  LOVE THIS!
  • One of the best things we did, as a family, was host some children and a chaperone for the Children of the World Choir.  They are a part of the World Help organization.  We hosted two gorgeous little girls. Asmita is eight and from Nepal.  She was full of spirit and such a stinker!  We LOVED her!  Irene is 10 and from Uganda.  Irene's smile could light up a room, and her prayers were so tender and loving.  She melted my heart!  We also hosted a chaperone, Auntie Carla, from the Philippines.  She was such a caring adult.  She was once a sponsored child, herself, and wanted to give back by being a chaperone.  Although the three of them only stayed three days, they impacted us for a lifetime.  They spoke to us about the need for wells and clean drinking water abroad.  They also showed God's great love.  These young children gave us a taste of what Heaven will be like.
Which leads me to why my husband has gray hair coming in. (Sorry honey!)  I have been talking to him a lot lately about God's direction in our lives.  I feel like I am so open to so much.  
  • in a big move...if God would say so.  Which may mean a change of career for one or both of us.
  • Adopting again!  Woot woot!
  • Homeschooling.  I'm all about this, right now.
But here's the thing...God may not be calling us to any of these things.  But I'm trying to remain open.  And I'm trying to hear Him clearly.  I often pray that God remove these desires of my heart if they are not His path for us.  And so far, He hasn't.  He hasn't called us to do any of them, but He hasn't removed them from my heart either.  (Or maybe He has tried, and I'm too stubborn!)  OR, just maybe, He has something different planned that we cannot even imagine!  I'm ok with that too!  (Not that my opinion matters here...heheh, HE IS THE BOSS!)

Tony and I just long to be obedient.  We want to be willing to say, "Here am I, Lord.  SEND ME!"  when He does want us to. I keep telling Tony, we only get one shot at this life.  If God wants me to teach math to fifth graders for the rest of my time here, then so be it.  But if He does intend for that...why do I feel His whispers in my heart?

What about you guys?  How is God using you?  What thoughts are swirling around your heads?  Do any of you struggle with obedience?

Do any of you have a word from God for us?  Hehe...see, I'm desperate!  But I do believe He uses friends and blogs too!

So there you have it. A little catch-up.  A little heart talk.  A little coffee.  (Oh, that was MY coffee...sorry)

Talk back to me, friends!


Monday, September 05, 2011


Greetings...its Tony.  You probably know I like to post I will give you photo update showing what we've been up to this summer...Enjoy!

 Last day of preschool. 

Hayleigh's 6th Grade graduation...friend Ashtynn in the picture as well. 
 All the girls at Safety Village.  Rett and Hayleigh taught Safety Town...
Abby and Laney were able to participate. 

 Tennessee VACATION!  Tony and the girls enjoying NASCAR Speedpark....
 Family Picture (taken before the professional photographer). 
 Here we are in the Great Smoky Mountains.
 Girls chillin' at the hotel balcony in Gatlinburg.
 Girls with cousin Addison at the Sprite and Fairy walk in Muncie.
 Girls at their 5.5 year old pool party....
 Hayleigh with her older sis Makayla at her 12 year old pool party...
 We went to Africa!!!!  These were friendly critters!....Just kidding...actually the Indy Zoo...

Rett and her niece Kristy at the New Kids on the Block Concert...Thanks for the ticket Kristy.
 First Day of School! :(  Kindergarten for the girls, 7th grade for Hayleigh. 
 Tony and Hayleigh at the Colts's game

 Family picnic at Aunt Karla's...
 Hosting our international guests from Philippines, Uganda and Nepal...
At the orchard with our guests...apples are a treat to them.

There's more Rett can blog about later.  But this should give you an idea of our past few months.  Keep checking in please!  Have a great day.


Friday, September 02, 2011

Aw, Shucks!

Ya'll make this Mama's heart swell, I say!

Glad I was missed.  I missed each and every one of you too!

I promise...during this long weekend, I'll do a catch-up post with lots of pictures too!

Thanks friends!!!!

P.S.  Lori, your sticker is in the mail.  Please do not lick it with your Rum soaked tongue.  It'll make it taste nasty.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A letter to you, from me.

Dear Blogger World,

Do you remember me?  I've been gone for awhile.

Now THAT was a bloggy break, if I do say so myself.

I wanted to take the summer off to enjoy my family.  So I did.  I didn't plan on NOT blogging...but it was sort of a freeing experience.  Heheh.

A lot has happened in our little corner of the world...but where to start?

I know.

I'll start with...


Totally looking for a compliment or two here.

SO, just checking to see if anyone still reads this.

If not.  Well.

Eek.  I don't want to think about that.

I've miss you all.  Just sayin'.

Much love,


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There's a lot going on in our little world right now.  Cheerleading practice and try-outs, school wrapping up, hair cuts, etc.  But after I read Linny's blog...I cannot bring myself to write about those items.

Yeah.  It's that important. 

Talk about an eye opener.

Go read it.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day has take on several new meanings.  It now has several new levels of depth.  I almost can't wrap my mind around it all.  Here, I'll let you in on what is swirling in my brain.

  • We have Stinker with us this year for Mother's Day.  That means that this Mama's heart is even more full than in years past.  God has granted me three wonderful girls.  Whereupon I once thought I didn't even want children, now my heart longs for those with no Mama.  Our children come to us a variety of ways.  So far, mine have come to me via China, and through guardianship right here.  If the Lord sees fit, we may have more come home too.  And I'm ok with that.  Way ok with that.

  • We have Stinker with us this year for Mother's Day.  No, that's not an echo.  It actually means that she is not with her biological mother this year.  A friend and I were talking how it's easy to think about us as Mother's.  But, what about the children?  Our littles have no memories of their biological mother.  So, between that and their age, they do not have a lot of emotions tied to this day.  But Stinker?  She knows her mom.  She talks to her mom semi-weekly.  She knows the situation her mom is in is rotten.  She also knows this is a painful holiday for her mom.  And she carries some of that burden.  Yes, her mom did this to herself, but Stinker feels the weight of it.  It's totally unfair.

  • Mother's Day will be a challenge this year for Rob and Ally.  Just one short month ago, they said hello and goodbye to their first child.  To, Oliver Matthew Junebug, their son.  And although they trust God, this Mother's Day, her arms will be empty.  Even when we longed for children and couldn't conceive, I am not sure that pain comes anywhere near the pain they're dealing with.  She snuggled her baby in her womb.  Then she snuggled him in her arms for an hour and 41 minutes.  Such a fleeting time.  I just hope and pray that we can do the right things, and say the right things to bring her comfort this weekend.  Hers is another perspective we don't often think about.

  • A good friend of ours lost their infant son during heart surgery a while back.  I have written about Tressel before.  And although the loss of a child is much like Ally's, Tressel's mommy is feeling something different.  She is suffering the loss of him on this day that celebrates motherhood, all the while feeling his baby sister move about in her tummy.  She is carrying Tressel's little sister Scarlet.  She's healing from the past, and embracing and trusting God for her future.  This Mother's Day will be bittersweet, for sure.

  • Then there are the new mommies.  The ones who prayed and prayed for a child.  Or the ones who experienced the joys and pains of a surprise pregnancy.  Their feelings are precious as this day unfolds for them for the first time.  

  • And I will never forget those who have prayed for a child, longed and cried for a child, only to be without a child.  I cannot forget the pain that lingers month after month while waiting to see if you're pregnant.  Or even the pain waiting to see if an adoption was ever going to happen.  That pain runs deep.  And this Mother's Day will be a hard reminder of the absence of a child.  

  • I cannot and will not forget that we nearly lost my mom this year.  Just two weeks ago, she had to undergo emergency surgery.  Surgery where if we had waited just a few more hours, we could have lost her.  Then, this Mother's Day would have been sickening painful.  And my mother-in-love DID just lose her mother, our Mamaw, a couple of months ago.  Such an incredibly painful time.

  • And finally, there is the perspective from those who wait.  Those who do not, or have never known the love of a Mother.  There are hundreds of thousands of children who have no one to tell them they're loved.  They have no one to caress their cheek, or play with their hair.  No one to kiss their boo-boos or read to them.  They have no one to cook or help them get dressed.  They have no one to rock them when their scared, or pull them into their laps when they're sad.  They  have no one to sing silly songs, and whisper how Jesus loves them.  No one.  How fair is that?

So welcome to my world.  This Mother's Day, I'll be in serious prayer for those affected by this day on the calendar.  Will you please pray alongside me?  I have not touched on every perspective, just those that that are a part of my world.  This year will be tough.  But it will be joyus too.  I love being a mom.  Love it to the depths of my soul.  And so I'll celebrate with my children.  They deserve that.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


What a week.  What a month.  Wait, what a 2011. 

This past Saturday, we had a really scary situation.  My mom had been feeling kind of yucky for a week or two.  She mostly had some really bad back pain.  Lower tailbone back pain.  Well, after going to a VERY unhelpful doctor's visit on Friday, it was determined she needed to go to the emergency room Saturday.

My sisters and I followed Mom and Dad in to the hospital.  Mom could barely even move.  Once we settled into the ER room, the doctor came in.

To summarize, he said, it could be severe arthritis, or muscular pain.  OR, it could be (and pray that it wasn't) an aortic aneurysm. 

You guessed it.  She had an aortic aneurysm in her lower abdomen.  So when we questioned about the course of action and he said surgery, we resigned to what would happen.  When he clarified that the surgery would be RIGHT NOW, we became one group of emotional people.

I got on the phone and called Tony.  Thankfully, Rob and Ally were at our house and would watch the girls.  Then, I called our pastor and friend, Greg, who said he'd be there in two minutes.  And he was. 

But before any others got there, we gathered around mom to pray.  By pray, I mean sob.  It was so hard knowing it was an emergency surgery.  We were a mess.  Well, everyone NOT in a hospital bed was a mess.  My mom, on the other hand, was a pillar of strength.  When we gathered to pray, everyone had their heads bowed and eyes closed.  No one could pray aloud.  No one could breathe without sobbing.  So who prayed?  My mom.  The one getting ready to undergo surgery.  She prayed.  She prayed for the surgeon and nurses.  And she prayed for us. 

This is the same woman who, when she was in the hospital another time, had Greg come and pray with her.  Greg said when he finished praying, SHE prayed for HIM.  He said it was highly emotional because he had never had someone pray for HIM before like that.  That's my mom. 

So after we prayed, others made it to the hospital.  They whisked her upstairs with us in tow to the surgery waiting room.

During the three hours after surgery, at one point there were 25 people gathered in that waiting room.  TWENTY FIVE!    That should be a true testimony of my mom's ripple.  The effect she has on others.

Well, she came through the surgery with flying colors.  PRAISE GOD!  And the surgeon came out to tell us that the side of the artery was tissue paper thin.  He said that between her pain level and what he found inside, we could have lost her in mere hours.  LOST her.  My heart races to even think about that.   God was written ALL OVER this situation.  If this were a memorial box post, I'd put a balloon in there.  It would remind me of how one side of Mom's artery was like a stretched balloon.  But I'd write GOD on the balloon, because He kept that balloon together until the doctors could perform surgery.

She's still in the hospital recovering.  Because, when my mom does something, she does it big.  Not only was she fighting this aneurysm, she is also fighting gout.  Badly.  But she's healing.  And she's her funny, sassy self. 

And I'm praising Him from whom all blessings flow.  God indulged our selfishness in wanting her here!

THANK YOU, JESUS, once again.  We are not worthy, but OH how YOU LOVE US!


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night, we signed our babies up for kindergarten!  *waaaaaah!*

It was a night full of emotions!

Me:  Denial that they're old enough to attend kindergarten.

Them:  Confusion about WHEN kindergarten actually starts, and just plain excitement!

We walked in to a flurry of activity.  We stopped at the first table to get our folders of paperwork (more on that later)  We then went around the room, stopping at the different tables. 

*Side note*  I signed them up for Girl Scouts!!! YAY!!!

Then, while they colored, we filled out the necessary paperwork.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  When I fill out ANY paperwork on them, I get filled with overwhelming pride.  Overwhelming love.  Weird huh?  It's just that I am the one who gets to do the paperwork.  And I am the one who gets to sign my name as "Mother" or "Parent".  I'm not reading someone else's paper.  These papers are for MY daughters to attend kindergarten.  MY daughters.  We waited so long to be parents, I still just get so excited over things like this.  So there, that's a new perspective on paperwork for you.

Back to the round-up...We filled out the paperwork, turned it in, and set up a date for the girls to be tested.  The teacher AND mom in me, got immediately anxious!  My babies are perfect!  Why do they need tested?  Haha, I know, I know, standard procedure.

Afterward, we toured the school, and peeked in on some of my fellow teachers (they will be in the K-2 building while I'm in the 3-6 building).  The girls got to love on some baby chicks and got to see their new classroom.  They were SO excited!

 Well, until it was time to leave.

By the end of the tour, you could see that the girls were NOT ready to leave.  When I tried to take a picture at the entrance, you can see Abby bossing Laney to smile.  Laney was not ready to leave, I think.  Abby wasn't either, but she knew the quicker she smiled, the quicker she could get back to being nosey.

Then the girls asked the question I was hoping they wouldn't..."When do we come back?  Tomorrow?"  Ahh!  How do we break it to them that they have months to wait?  We explained that they'll start this fall. Yeah, that got us nowhere.  Here's what we sounded like:

Us:  You'll start this fall.
Them:  When is fall?
Us:  After summer.
Them:  Is it summer now?
Us:  No, it's spring.
Them:  When is summer?
Us:  After Spring.

UUUUGH!  It was like a bad rendition of "Who's on first?"

So anyway, the little sweeties basically figured out that it was going to be a while before they could start kindergarten.  But they quickly recovered with, "Ok, where are we going next?"  Home, babies.  Home.

*sigh*  So there you have it.  My daughters are no longer preschoolers....they're kindergarteners-to-be. 

I'm excited, sad, anxious, happy, thrilled, and devastated all at once.  Maybe on their first day, I'll drop them off and go meet with the school counselor.  Bah!  And for now, I'm going to soak up every last preschooler drop from them.  Before they learn everything else this fall.  Which is after summer.  No, it's not summer, it's spring.  When's summer you ask?  After spring....


Monday, April 18, 2011

Shawn and the bunny

OK, I want to start with a Stinker story.

My heart, this morning, ached.

On the way to school, Stinker and I were talking about this coming weekend's plans.  We were talking about dying eggs, and that she could wear her Easter outfit to church Saturday night.

This prompted her question, "WHY would ANYONE go to church Sunday morning, this weekend?  It's EASTER!"

I literally, had to pause and process what she said.

I gingerly said, "Honey, Easter is not about the bunny.  Easter Sunday is one of the biggest celebrations in a Christian's life.  Do you know what it means?"

She said she didn't.

We talked, then, about the significance of Good Friday, and the resurrection on Sunday.

The look on her face was priceless!  She said she kind of knew all that, but didn't realize that was what Easter was all about.

Her next comment?  "Well, I don't want an Easter basket then!  That's not what it's all about!  And where in the world did the bunny come in?"

Bwhahahahaahaha.  I told her the bunny wormed his way in, just like Santa.

Tender girl.  Learning so much every day.  I'm so thankful to be a part of this.


I bet some of you are wondering where the name Shawn (in the title) comes into play.

Well, Shawn is my nephew.  One of my nephews.  One of my adorably handsome nephews.  He's married to Jenn, and they have two gorgeous children, Greyson and Kynlee.  They're a truly beautiful family.

Shawn has a tender heart.  But he's no follower.  He questions things.  Always has.  When I was helping in youth group and he was attending in junior high, he blatantly asked, "How do we know the Bible wasn't just written by some drunk guy?"  See, always thinking.  Not willing to just go along with things because he was told to.  I love that about him.   But that is also what has had him keep Jesus at arm's length. 

So, anyway, I saw Shawn this weekend at Mei*er.  He and Jenn were there getting t-ball stuff for Grey.  They saw us in line and came over to chat.

Jenn said she had been following our blog (well, she always follows it) and was looking at Vanya.  We talked about his situation, etc.  She said she also followed our blog to Adeye's blog and couldn't get over how much one of  her daughters looks like Kynlee.  They are built the same, and share the same hair color and thickness.

This led Shawn to jump into the conversation.  He said for me to STOP posting about adoption.  To STOP posting about our newest nephew Olliver.  He was half joking, but half serious.

He said it was tearing him up.  He said the posts about Vanya and such were breaking their hearts (yay!).  How all Jenn could talk about was adopting now.  And how Oliver had touched him so deeply.

Of course, I cried there in Mei*er's line. 

I warned him that I was going to start praying harder than ever for him.  And that when I pray, things start to happen, so, "Be afraid, be very afraid!"  Muahahahahah!

So when I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His, He is also breaking Shawn's heart.

So, Shawn.  I never knew you did, but I know you're reading this now.  So the following kiddos are for you.

These kids did not CHOOSE to be HIV+.  They did not CHOOSE to be left behind.  They did not CHOOSE not to have a family.

What will YOU CHOOSE to do about it?

BENJI (who I think looks like Grey)

And the THOUSANDS...MILLIONS of others.

So there, Shawn...just for you, Love!


Friday, April 15, 2011


Friends, I shared with you about how this little guy, Vanya, has my heart. 

It was seriously to the point I had people asking daily, "Is he your son?"

While I prayed and prayed and prayed about it, I honestly kept hearing "He's not yours..." whispered from our Heavenly Father.  Mind you, had Tony said for us to pursue him, I would have wrestled with God on his no.

However, today, I received confirmation that sweet Vanya is not ours.

His situation has changed.  He has to have a PAPER READY family go get him!  This should be a family who is paper ready and waiting for God to show them their child, or paper ready and already planning a trip the Ukraine.  They could then easily add this gorgeous boy to their family.

We are not paper ready.  We're not even paper started. 

Therefore, if you love me (yep, I'm pulling out all the stops) and if you love family, PLEASE post a link to ADEYE'S website on your social networking sites, blogs, well, and even your forehead.  His family IS out there.  I know it, God knows it, and VANYA knows it. 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ollie-day Eve

Two weeks ago tomorrow, my gorgeous nephew Oliver was born and then went home to Jesus. 

His parents, Rob and Ally, declared Wednesdays forever known as Oliver Day.  So, today, is Oliver-day Eve.

Things have calmed down some.  The services are over.  The planning, preparing, and wondering are through.  And now the reality of life without Ollie is upon us.

And.  It.  Stinks.

You, my friends, have been so faithful to pray.  Please lift Rob and Ally up as they come to mind, please.  They are having a few very rough days.  They now have time to grieve, and grieving they are. 
So please pray for them.  Pray for everyone in our family as we struggle with the loss of the little guy.  We know we'll see him again, and that's a comfort.  But for now, the pain is still so real.

Thank you, for loving us...for loving Oliver, during this time.  


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's My Fault.

I am the one who commented on someone's FB status last night.  I'm the one who typed it.

Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours.

Something I said rather flippantly.  I mean, yes, Lord, break my heart.  Make me tender to Your needs and wishes.  Yes, I want to be used by God.  

I didn't think He'd call me out on it today.  But He did.

My heart is literally sitting on THIS BLOG(The words in italics are some from her blog.  I summarized some of the content.)

This is Vanya.
Vanya is eight years old, living in an Eastern European orphanage. 

His mother led an immoral life.  She could not take care of her son, so Vanya was living without even the basic necessities of life and was removed from her care. His father refuses to acknowledge his existence--he will not accept this little boy as his son and has chosen to leave him in the orphanage.

According to those at the orphanage, Vanya is a sweet little leader.  And he loves to be loved.  Who doesn't?

My heart.  This is where God broke me. 

Not a day goes by without Vanya asking his caretakers if someone is coming for him yet?  Has he been chosen?  Will it be his turn next? He has seen countless young children being adopted all around him. 
Friends, a report from a missionary who knows Vanya states that he believes that one day someone will come for him.  He believes that some day he will have a family to love him and he will get to live in a "real home."  It's a dream he believes WILL come true. 

Here's the reality--Vanya is on a list to be transferred from his current orphanage.  Once an orphan reaches a certain age, they are usually transferred to a heinous mental institution for older children and adults.  Vanya will be transferred any day now, and no one knows where he will be moved to.  It is an undisclosed place from which he will never be able to be adopted.  Vanya will live the rest of his childhood in this place and when he is old enough to be released, well, who knows what awaits him?

All of this and he's eight.  EIGHT. 

Vanya has two things against him.  He is an older child, and not very many people are willing to take in the older kiddos.  And second, Vanya is HIV+.  Although many perceptions of the disease have changed over the years thanks to the amazing efforts of ministries like Project Hopeful, there is still quite a lot of ignorance regarding raising a child who is infected.  Most people just do not know.  They have no idea that it really is a do-able thing and that these kids deserve families just as much as others.

I'm going to be WAY vulnerable here.  This need, this thing they call HIV+ is something that has been weighing on my heart for some time.  I have been talking to God about this.  It was a need we had never considered before.  Not because we were afraid of those three little letters.  But because we it was so unknown.  Some reasearch, reading, praying, reading, praying, and reading about it, only made me realize that it is a need that is SO manageable. 

Am I saying Vanya is ours?  That's not up to me.

Am I saying we would take a child that had HIV+?  Yes.  Without hesitation.  There would have to be a lot of education done for others.

Then, there are people like my friend Audrey who has adopted a little guy from the same country as Vanya.  This is what she said about HIV adoption: 

"It is TOTALLY do-able.  Our son is healthy and wonderful. We visit his doctors every three months for a checkup and he takes meds twice a day.  Other than that, HIV doesn't affect our lives at all. Jacob turned seven two weeks after we brought him home so we have done the older child adoption thing too. He is a blessing to our family and I CANNOT imagine what our lives would have been like if we had said no to this very special guy.

Vanya is on an anti-retroviral drug and is doing fabulously well. 

Time is crucial.  Vanya needs a committed family before he is transferred.  We're racing against the clock here.  The problem is that adoption costs money--and heaps of it.  I hate it, but there is nothing that can be done about it. We call it ransom.  Most families who adopt do not have the $25,000+ lying around to cover the adoption costs, so they fundraise.  They work day and night to raise the funds that they require.  It is hard work but the reward is priceless. 

Therefore, Adeye, has set up this fundraiser!  There's more!  Read below!

The  Eli Project is an incredible ministry who is advocating for Vanya.  It is founded by Chris and Mary Malone.  I love these guys.  They have such huge hearts for the orphan.  They adopt the children that no one else wants--those who are overlooked and in dire need of being rescued.  They truly are an amazing family. The Malone's walk the walk.  I love that about them. 

The Eli Project is a 501(c)3.  I have set up a Chip-In where donations can be made.  Each and every dollar will go directly into Vanya's adoption grant fund right here at the Eli Project.  That money will all be given to his family to cover his adoption costs.  All donations are tax deductible.

Now you can head to her blog to find out the rest.

Friends, you will not want to miss out on this.  You will forever impact the kingdom of God.   

And spread the word.  The more people who see sweet Vanya, the better chances for his family to find him!

Maybe it's because I just lost a gorgeous little boy a week ago today.  A little guy that I thought would be so much fun to watch grow up and become a man of God.  But Vanya has my heart.  Another little boy who deserves so much.  Who deserves to be loved.  And a wonderful woman who is helping raise the ransom for him.  I cannot wait to see who he becomes.

Thanks, God.  You broke my heart for what breaks Yours.  A silly little guy who wants to be loved.



Monday, April 04, 2011

Praise YOU in This Storm..

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God (2 Corinthians 1:3-4, NIV).

That was my scripture in my daily devotional today.

I need His comfort.  

Because I will need to comfort others this week.


as promised, pictures of my newest nephew.

Oliver Matthew Junebug 

 Ollie and Mommy

A family of three

Pictures:  Fingerprints of Grace


Friday, April 01, 2011

Oliver Matthew Junebug

Olliver Matthew Junebug was born on March 30, 2011.  He weighed in at 2 lbs 8 oz. at a whopping 13.75 inches long.  Oh, and he was PERFECT.

Once I upload pictures, I'll prove it to you.

He was gorgeous.  I could have snuggled him for days.  But we didn't get to.

Oliver started giggling in heaven a mere hour and 40 minutes later. 

But that's a miracle.

Our fasting and praying WORKED.

This sweet little guy with super underdeveloped lungs lived for an HOUR AND 40 MINUTES!  He was not struggling.  He did not gasp for air.  He simply rested against his mommy's chest and soaked up the love.  Daddy got his share with Oliver too.  And they invited us, the family, to come in and whisper sweet lovin' to him too. 

How blessed are we?

Every time my heart aches to see him, God reminds me that he granted us time we never thought we'd have.

But we're human.  Sometimes it still hurts.

Little Ollie.

My newest nephew.

Thank you, Jesus for your blessings.

I know you'll take better care of him than we ever would. 

And to my gorgeous nephew,

You, buddy, rock.  You were a fighter from day 1.  You knew there was lots of fun to be had both inside and outside of Mommy.  So you fought.  But Jesus had different plans for you.  And I'm thankful.  You won't have to deal with the junk in life.  You were and are now perfect. 

Have fun with Mamaw and Tressel.  Get in lots of trouble with your Papaw's too, ok?  And watch over us here.  If you can, help ease your mommy and daddy's pain.  It sure is hard without you.

I cannot wait to see you again.  You'll be able to tell me all the secrets that nephews tell their aunts. 

Until we meet again...I love you.

Auntie Rett


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I will get to meet...

my newest niece or nephew tomorrow morning.  Ally is having a c-section at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

We're not sure how long Junebug will be here with us on earth.  It could be seconds or minutes.  I'm praising God, though, that He knows.  This is His plan.  Not ours.  We trust Him with all the details.  Yes, we can be sad, disappointed, angry, and heartbroken.  He is too. 

We just rejoice in the fact that He blessed Rob and Ally, and the rest of us with this little miracle in the first place.

Wow, the hearts that have been changed because of Bug.  The people whose spiritual lives have been impacted for the better.  The relationships that have been strengthened.  The outpouring of love for Rob and Ally and a little one.  It's all just amazing. 

And as much as we love those three, God loves them even more.  His love is ultimate. 

...loves like a hurricane, I am the tree.
bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy!

Oh, how He loves us so. He loves us.
How He loves us, oh...

We are blessed enough to get to be there with them.  When I would want to be selfish with my child, they are willing to share God's little miracle with us.  I'm ready to love on my Lovebug.

Your prayers would be appreciated so much tomorrow.  For as much as we trust God, it will be a difficult time for our human hearts.  Pray for peace that we cannot even comprehend to fill that surgery and recovery room.  Pray for a blanket of love to surround them.  Pray for guidance in the decisions that will have to take place by both the doctors and Rob and Ally.  Just pray.

Thank you so very much.

Love you, friends.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who fasted and prayed last Wednesday.  Although we may not have received the kind of news we hoped for, we DID receive answers, and that was one of the prayers. 

Rob and Ally updated their blog, so it would be easiest to read it there.

Junebug's journey is far from over.  I will keep you updated.

And seriously, thank you all so much.  I feel honored to "do life" with you!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Fasting for Junebug

Hey, friends.  I have been a Christian for many moons.  But, honestly, in all my learning and growing, I never truly understood the concept of fasting.  Fasting.  In all my years, I had never been challenged to fast, or understood it enough to know I could have/should have fasted a time or a hundred throughout my life. 

A good bloggy friend of mine introduced me to fasting.  You can find Linny's blog here.  If you scroll down the right side of her blog, you can find the labels for her posts.  Click on fasting.  You could read dozens of posts about fasting and its purposes.  You'll find testimony after testimony proclaiming how fasting has moved mountains, and drew people closer to God.  Her stories and explanations are so encouraging and informational. 

But here, I'll give you the elementary school Reader's Digest version of fasting.  (Because that's what level I'm at haha)  Basically, when we fast, we sacrifice food (or items) that mean something to us.  We choose to do this in order to draw closer and lean on God more.  When we fast, we are petitioning God.  We're going before the throne to ask God to move a mountain.  We're asking Him to do something huge.  And throughout the day(s) that we are fasting, we are often craving what we're fasting.  Therefore, when my stomach growls (which it does, OFTEN) I am reminded to be in prayer for that mountain or need.  When I am at my most desperate hour with the fasting, God supplies what I need and I lean into Him more.  I often become quieter before God.  I'm steadily in prayer, but when I'm fasting, I feel like God sees my heart clearer.  And I can hear Him clearer.  He knows that if I'm going to give up food, I MUST be desperate!  :)

Some people cannot fast food.  For health reasons, it is simply not possible.  And God knows your heart.  Maybe, instead of a whole day of fasting food, you fast a meal?  Or fast other things.  Find something that once it is missing, or not a part of your everyday, you'll be reminded to pray.  It's not about WHAT you fast, it's about the purpose behind the fasting.  Your intention.  Your heart.

So, why the lesson on fasting?

Rob and Ally are going to Cincinnati for a second opinion about Junebug on Friday.  Their doctors and specialists here are, pretty much, saying they have done all they can.  I thought they saw the God we served when Junebug outlived their predictions.  I thought the doctors realized the power of our God when He created space where there should be none.  One would think they would get a glimpse of God when they saw that our Junebug was growing RIGHT ON TARGET, without the fluid and space otherwise afforded a baby.  Maybe they did see it, but don't know where to go from here.  Well, Cincy seems the place to go.

So, friends, Friday seems to be a day that could provide many answers for Rob, Ally, and Junebug.  They will have a few more tests done, and see a specialist there.  What some will see as a last ditch effort, I think God could use as the beginning of the next chapter of Junebug's Journey.  You can hop over and read their blog for the details about what Friday will bring.  (It was originally scheduled for Thursday, but will now be Friday.)

Therefore, I wanted to see if you, my sweet bloggy friends would be willing to fast with us on Wednesday.  We have been discussing as a family what we will be fasting.  It is an amazing opportunity to go before our King and ask that He heal sweet Junebug.

What will I be praying for?

  • I will pray that Junebug's kidney/bladder be healed.  Simply healed.  Something only our God can do.
  • I will pray that Junebug's lungs continue to develop and get stronger.
  • I will pray that Rob and Allyson have a peace that no one can give, other than God.
  • I will pray for ultimate wisdom for the specialists. 
  • I will pray for hope.
  • I will pray for trust.
  • I will pray for our families.  Honestly, Rob and Ally have been stronger than we have.  They know God chose them to be the parents of Junebug regardless of the outcome.  They have peace in God's decision.  The families of Junebug are working toward that, but I will pray for our families just the same.
  • I will pray that Junebug's Journey will continue to touch the lives of many.  That those who are far from God now, will be reunited all because of this sweet baby.  And for others, that prayer for Junebug will strengthen relationships with God and family.
So will you join me, Wednesday?

It's going to be powerful.    I can feel it.

Feel free to spread the word.  I want to be storming Heaven with prayers on behalf of Junebug, Rob, and Ally on Wednesday.

Are you in?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

B to the LAH! (That's BLAH for those who don't speak Rett)

So, I'm in no mood to blog. 

I think I'll just keep reading other people's blogs.

Yeah.  That sounds like a good plan.

Then, I'll reread my last Thankful Thursday post. 

I need it.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh So Thankful, Thursday

Settle in, I'm going to do a bulleted list of why I'm thankful this Thursday!

  • I'm thankful it's Thursday.  There's only one more day this week to get through.
  • I'm thankful that Tony's Mamaw is still with us.  She is very very very sick, and the Hospice nurse thought she'd probably pass away Monday.  Well, she doesn't know our Mamaw.  She's Wonder Woman.  She has the strength of ten elephants.  She was alert yesterday, and speaking.  Praise God!
  • I'm thankful for the witness that Mamaw is to us.  She is a prayer warrior, for sure.  What a wonderful child of God!
  • I'm thankful I'll get to see her healed and happy in Heaven one day!
  • I'm thankful for Junebug.  I'm thankful that this little bug is alive and kicking (literally!).  I'm thankful that he/she has outlived most babies in this situation.  I'm thankful God is providing space where there is none.  I'm thankful this baby is determined to LIVE! 
  • I'm thankful for Junebug's parents.  I'm thankful that Bug's parents are strong, selfless, caring, and wise beyond their years.  I'm thankful for their relationship with God.  And I'm thankful that because of Bug, their relationship has gotten stronger with each other, and God.
  • I'm thankful for a husband who is willing to stay up till midnight to put together bunk beds just to surprise the girls, and midnight two days later to pick up a cousin from the airport.  And still going to work the next day!  (By the way, he took Stinker with him because she had NEVER seen an airport in her 11 years of living.  We love providing new experiences for her!)
  • I'm thankful for family. Without them, I'd be lost.
  • I'm thankful for new knowledge.  I am learning so much about a special need that I had never really considered for adoption, and God is stirring my heart big time.
  • I'm thankful for friends who have a heart for the orphan and come up with creative ideas on how to raise awareness and funding for orphan care programs.
  • I'm thankful I have kids who complain, argue, bicker, apologize, hug, and make-up.
  • I'm thankful I have kids who just flat make me laugh.
  • I'm thankful I serve a mighty God who loves me unconditionally.  When I mess up, He forgives me and still loves me.
  • I'm thankful for coffee.
Whew!  There's nothing better than a thankful session to change perspectives!

What about you?  What are YOU thankful for?


Friday, March 04, 2011

Ahhh, Junebug!

Our sweet little Junebug is on the move!  He (or she) is stretching, growing, and moving!  As of yesterday, he is a whopping 1.8 lbs!  Woot woot!  Right on target!  All that with a strong heartbeat to boot!


And my family was blessed to FEEL Junebug on the move last weekend!  This little body in there flexing and moving within the safety of his mama's belly.  It was such a priviledge to feel the life within her. 


At their appointment yesterday, the doctors are just unsure how to proceed.  Why, you ask?  Because our little Junebug has defied all odds and has continued to grow and survive without cord compression.  And that fact, my friends, is a miracle.  They haven't seen any other babies live this long without fluid!


There is a spot on or near the kidneys that they are unsure what it is.  However, an MRI is scheduled to take a closer look at it.  This will take place Wednesday.


Junebug's little lungs cannot develop properly without that fluid.  So, Ally started getting steroid shots to bump up the lung development.


So Rob and Ally have a big decision to make after next Wednesday.  Do they keep Junebug in the safe confines of Ally's womb and risk cord compression?  Or do they deliver not knowing if his lungs, kidneys, and other vital parts are ready?


Thank GOD, He will provide direction and wisdom for them.  He has carried them (and all of us) through this whole situation, and will continue to do so.

God never promised to show us the end of the story,  And really, I'm glad He doesn't.  However, He DOES light the next stepping stone for safety.  That is what this whole process has been.  A series of stepping stones.  From week to week, He lights the next step. 

  • Wait and get another ultrasound.  
  • Meet a new specialist.  
  • Another ultrasound.  
  • Steroids.  
  • An MRI.  
I trust He will light the next stepping stone for Rob and Ally too.
Thank you for praying.  Storm heaven next Wednesday.  (I'll be back to remind you!)



Monday, February 28, 2011

And along came a man named John...

John 1:6

It's important.  Read HERE.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You guys are doing it!  Your prayers are being heard!  (Not that I doubted, but confirmation is always nice! )

Baby Junebug has flipped totally around again!  He is head down!  That means this is one ACTIVE baby!  God is providing space for him (or her) where there shouldn't be space!  And at yesterday's appointment, he looked as though he might be practicing breathing!  HOW?  There's no amniotic fluid that WE know of.  But God!

And his kidneys and bladder?!?!  Amazing changes!  Check out their BLOG to see what God is up to!

Both the specialist and their OB confirmed yesterday that there is no explanation about how Junebug is doing this.  They, yes, THEY agreed only God could be doing this!  God is ON THE MOVE!

So, friends, this next week is critical.  Pray like mad that Junebug stays active and growing.  Pray that he keeps putting on ounces.  Pray that he keeps defying the odds!  He is making believers where there were none, already!

Then, pray that the doctors have the best solution for Rob and Ally.  They'll be meeting with the neonatologist next week too.  Then, together all the doctors will determine a plan of action.  Should Ally go into the hospital so they can monitor baby Junebug 24/7?  Should they keep going week-to-week and keep it business as usual?  Should they set a date to deliver?  Only God knows the outcome.  Thank Him, that He does!

Thank you, friends, for praying.  That little bug means to much to me, as do his parents!  I love that you're standing with me in prayer (some of you don't even really know me!)  And Rob and Ally feel those prayers!  The body of Christ is amazing! 

You can check on updates on their blog HERE!

Love you, friends!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Junebug's Journey update!


That's the word that has been circulating around our home for a couple of weeks.  Poor Abby had it first and worst.  She had a bad ear infection which led to severe hives from the antibiotic.  She was miserable, and we were miserable.  I felt so bad for her.

During her sickness, Laney was feeling not-so-hot too, but we can only attribute it to a virus.  Then, just as they got better, I got it.  The flu, that is.  It was awful.  And the whole time, (well, ok, not the WHOLE time) but a lot of the time I was thinking about single parents.  How in the world do they survive?  Without Tony (and Hayleigh) it could have been ugly.  And my wonderful mama let me call and cry to her when I felt my worst!  THANK YOU, Jesus, for giving me the support system I need when I feel puny!


Rob and Ally go to two doctor appointments tomorrow.  The specialist, and their OB.  They are officially 23 weeks today.  The latest is that baby Junebug is a fighter.  With more and more limited space, this baby is proving space is a matter of interpretation!  He (yep, I think it's a he)  has been on the move. He moves, has hiccups, and is practicing sucking his thumb/hand.  He has a strong heartbeat (161 at last appointment) and Rob has been able to feel the baby move!  Ally said he has been kicking like crazy!

And his parents still continue to amaze me.  Ally is providing a safe and loving place for him to hang out.  Rob is being a good daddy and keeping Ally happy, and loving on little Bug as much as he can from outside the party.  And they're still keeping their focus on Jesus.  They're feeling the prayers (thank you!).  And they're so stinkin' sweet (here's where I cry) because on their blog, they continually ask for prayers for the rest of us.  Thye ask for support for the aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  They are SO selfless!  It makes me bawl.  Thinking of others, when I would be so consumed within myself.

So, please.  Today, and tomorrow, chat with God.  Ask for His grace and peace for them.  Ask Him to provide ultimate understanding and knowledge for the doctors.  Ask for Junebug to remain strong, stress-free, and away from its umbilical cord.  And ask Him to provide a miracle, in a big way.  That specifically, little Junebug's kidneys produce some life-saving fluid.

We serve a mighty God!  His fingerprint has been written all over Junebug's story.  Thank God!


Thursday, February 03, 2011


Yeah, I spelled it Stuph, instead of Stuff.  One of my students (waaay back on Monday before the blizzard) said she was going to start spelling her name Kloe, instead of Chloe.  I was like, yeah, and I'll spell my name Mrs. Phoster, instead of Mrs. Foster.  Quite funny, I thought.

So anyway, quick update.  Rob and Ally went to have Junebug's kidneys checked out and there is no kidney function.  Sweet Junebug is as active as can be, but is running out of room fast because there is little to no amniotic fluid for him or her to hang out it.  Therefore, the docs are saying little Junebug only has so much longer to live.  I'm not sure how the doctors feel, but I know we serve a mighty God.  One who can blink and start Junebug's kidneys right up if He chooses to.  But I also know He could choose not to.  Either way, I trust God.  He knows better than me.  He sees the entire picture.  I am limited in understanding, where he is not.  God has Junebug at the center of His heart.  As much as we love this little baby, He loves him (see, I think it's a boy) even more!  So God, do your thing.  Heal Junebug.  Ease our pain here. Let us help raise Junebug to be a powerful warrior for you.  But, God.  If Junebug is going home sooner than we want, we will still praise your name.  You blessed our family with a little hero.  This little bug has done more in 20 weeks for some people, than most of us do in a lifetime.  Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us closer to you, and closer as a family because of Junebug.  Monday, when Rob and Ally go back to the doctor, please equip the doctors with ultimate compassion and skills to help them. 

Transitioning topics...

I'm working on day three of a pinched nerve behind my left shoulder blade.  The pain radiates up my neck.  Any wise suggestions to help me?  I'd be forever grateful!

I finished Crazy Love last night.  Wow.  I keep saying that I feel some changes on the horizon.  That I know God is going to shake things up.  That I'm waiting on Him to reveal His plan for our lives.  But after reading that book...yeah.  Well.  It questions whether or not that is just my excuse to buy time.  Instead of waiting on a memo from God, I need to be love every day.  I need to draw closer to Him and pray for Him to transform me every day.  I cannot wait for a big reveal.  And, as I work daily on this, I will ultimately draw closer to Him, and be a better listener.  So, yeah.  Love.  Lots of daily, crazy love.  Jesus, help soften me and show love to others, even the unlovable every day.

Next book to read?  A Hole in the Gospel.  And I just had dinner with friends last night and they passed on the book The Glass Castle.  So I'll be reading that too.  Any other suggestions?

I promise to post some pictures soon.  We have had a good few days off and I have the pictures to prove it.  One day, all three girls got all dressed up and played America's Next Top Model.  They worked out a routine and all.  It was too cute.  But, note to self, do not watch that show.  What in the world is it teaching them?

Right now, the neighbor is over and they're all in the living room playing Dance Central on the Kinect.  They're all panting and giggling hysterically.  Maybe I should go workout with them?  Pinched nerve.  Eh, maybe not.

Finally, GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!  Happy Chinese New Year!  It's the Year of the Rabbit!  We're going to celebrate with friends from our local International Adoption Group on Saturday night.  I hope your next year is filled with joy, happiness, and deeper relationship with God!

Mrs. Phoster, OUT.


Monday, January 31, 2011


Rob and Ally's next appointment is today at 3:45!!!

Pray for sweet Junebug and his (we're thinking it's a boy!) doting parents!



Friday, January 28, 2011

I Heart Adam Cappa**

***Updated!  See below!

First, thanks for the book suggestions!  A Hole in the Gospel is my  next read.  Then, Radical, for sure!

So are you curious about what my title means?

Well, have you ever heard of a musician by the name of Jeremy Camp?  I'm sure you have.  He is stinkin' awesome!  He has a tour coming up (woot, woot) that is even more awesome now!  It's more awesome because his opening act, is a good friend of mine, Adam Cappa.  You read that right, a friend of mine is opening for Jeremy Camp!

Adam is an awesome young man.  I say young, because he could almost by my son.  I said ALMOST.  Not quite though.  So it's totally acceptable to say he just happens to be stinkin' cute too.  Heheh, did I just say that?  I'm not lusting or anything, he's just a cutie patootie.  Wanna see for yourself?

See, told ya.

But even more than cute, Adam is a passion-driven, sold out, man of God.  He has a heart that yearns to be close to God.  You can see Jesus in him.  To top it iff?  He's humble.  Really humble.  And his singing?  Well, let's just say, I told him at some point, he WILL be doing a lullaby CD for my girls.  And preferably before they're 20, and don't need one.  Ahh, but he's busy, so I'll let it go for awhile.  .

He is floating back and forth from my hometown, to Nashville, where he just finished his third CD.  He has recorded with Jeremy Camp, and his music is so powerful.  I can get in a full state of worship listening to him.

Ok, ok, I've bragged enough...go ahead and do a search for him.  Listen in.  God is doing a big work in him, for sure.  I know Adam (who Stinker absolutely adores) is impacting Stinker's walk with Jesus.  She's learning so much from Adam and his example, and his lyrics.  He will be one of the reasons, we'll see her in Heaven one day. is one way to find him.  Or, do a search of F*ce*ook.  You will not be sorry, I promise.  If you email him, or FB him, tell him I sent you!

Then, look up the tour dates.  This will be one, you won't want to miss!

Jesus, oh Jesus!
You saved me,

***Stay tuned!  I'll be doing a separate post with a giveaway of one of Adam's current CD's!  


Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan right now.  Yeah.  God is doing a new work in me, for sure.  But I have to share a WOWZA from yesterday.

I had just finished reading a chapter during my lunch hour.  In that chapter, Chan had just talked about living simply.  Living with less.  Giving more away, and loving more. 

So I was with less.  Downsizing.  Doing more with less, etc.

I literally, turned off my phone (use my Kindle app to read it) and opened my email.  My sweet sister sent me an email about an amazing, huge home that is for sale.  Um, helllllo temptation for Satan much?

What was the NEXT email that popped up?  "First steps toward buying a NEW CAR!"  Needless to say, I closed out email for a while.

Isn't that nuts?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Change...Yes Change

I started to title this post, "No Change".   But really, that wouldn't be true.

See, Rob and Ally went to the doctor yesterday and little Junebug's kidney situation has not changed.  His or her kidneys are still not functioning.  Sweet Robby and Ally are going to have to wait another week to see if there has been any changes to bring hope.

So, "No Change" for a title seemed accurate.  But then, I thought, no it isn't.  There have been changes.  People have been affected by little Junebug and by Robby and Ally.  Want to see the changes?  I'm going to list them in case they would stumble on my blog, and need encouragement.

Who has been changed?
1.  Robby and Ally.  They have been stretched emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  They have handled this situation with the grace that many (including me) couldn't muster.  When I would be upset and questioning God, they're thanking Him for being able to experience pregnancy.  When I would be begging for prayers, they are so humble and feel guilty asking for prayers.  They hate to ask others to pray when they know others may be dealing with equally as painful situations. 

2.  Because of them, I am changed.  My heart is softened.  I will be transparent here.  I am competitive.  I can be jealous.  I am human.  While I truly adore Rob and Ally, my feelings tend to get messy sometimes and I can feel those ugly feelings of competition and jealousy.  But little Junebug has helped me erase that.  I feel such love for this little baby.  And as for Rob and Ally, I've always loved them, but it has most definitely gone deeper throughout this.  I admire their strength and, in some ways, feel like they're the older wiser couple.  I want nothing more than to take this pain away and heal their hurt.  God is doing a big work in me.

3.  Friends and family are coming together to pray for a little one, who has yet to meet us.  People are uniting in a love for Junebug, Rob, and Ally.

4.  People throughout the states are praying for them.  There are people praying for this family that have never met them.  This shows me the love of the human spirit.  God is moving in this country.  And He is alive and well.  We see it and feel it in these prayers.

5.  As I explained to Rob last night, there may be people praying to our Father in heaven, who have not been able to speak to Him in some time.  They may have hardened hearts due to their own pain and past.  But, this little sweet baby has opened or reopened a line of communication with God.  A baby did this!

See, so many people have affected and changed by this little one.  By Junebug's parents.  Therefore, "No Change" just wasn't a fitting title.  "Yes Change" is more appropriate.

Can you see the change?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Junebug, today is a big day for you!

Friends, today my brother and sister-in-love are going to the doctor to see how Junebug is doing.  It is absolutely necessary that little Bug's kidneys be working or starting to function by today.  Bug's parents have been totally leaning on God.  They trust him, as do we.  But, all the same, could you please pray super hard today?  Their appointment is at 3:00 (Hoosier time).  We would so appreciate those prayers.

Dear Junebuggie,

This is your aunt, Rett.  I'm not sure how God does it, but he created a wonderful miracle that is you.  And I am already madly in love with your little self.  I want to spoil you rotten!  I have already purchased things for you!  I want to be the house you run to for safety and love.  I want you to dish to me, when you won't share with anyone else.  I want to wrestle, and chase, and pray together.  I want to see the light in your Mama and Daddy's eyes when they meet you for the first time.  I want to get updates on all of your firsts.  Oh, Buggie, I love you so!  Work extra hard to show your Mama, Daddy, and the doctors your working kidneys today.  And, if your little organs aren't working...we will love you all the same.  You are a treasure created in the image of God.  Perfect in every way.

I love you,



Wednesday, January 19, 2011


PLEASE stand with me in prayer for my newest niece or nephew-to-be, Junebug.  My brother and sister-in-love are over the moon excited about their first child (as are we), but things are not going well.  Little Junebug's kidneys need to start working to produce some amniotic fluid, fast.  If not...well, there is no, if not.

We serve a mighty God of miracles.  Only HE can get those kidneys working properly. 

Please, Jesus.  Healer.  Thank you so much for the blessing of Junebug.  Thank you for surprising us all with what we thought would be nearly impossible.  But nothing is impossible with you, God.  Please touch little Junebug, still forming and growing.  We are selfish and want that little baby to be safe and healthy, and here with us.  Equip the doctors with knowledge and insight to be the best for Rob and Ally.  Please give them strength and peace.  We pray your will is for Junebug to continue to grow and be strong and healthy.  But, we trust you.  Your plan is ultimate.  Thank you for hearing our pleas.  Amen.

Please storm heaven with me. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream...

...that someone will RESCUE this little boy from a life of sickness, lonliness, and lack of love.

He has already been transferred to an institution, people.  Do you hear me?  He is the same age as Abby and Laney.  Has the same tender thoughts and questions.  Longs to be loved.  To be read to.  To be tucked in. 

God, please!  Send someone to rescue him! 

Are you his family?  Do you know someone who is? 
Click below!




I read this on another blog...
"Take the first step in faith. you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you, Mr. King.  It is so true. 


Friday, January 14, 2011

...a brewin'

Something's a brewin'.  I can feel it in my bones.  God is calling us to something.  I'm not sure what yet, but you can bet I'm listening.  Since I'm a "DON'T look before you leap...just leap in faith," kind of person, I've been trying to hint that there's something a brewin' to Tony.  He's the "Look, pray, calculate, pray, figure out, make a list, pray, then leap," kind of person.  I love that about him.  Most days.  He balances me.  He's my yang.

But this time...I'm afraid God's going to say, "Leap. Now. Or miss out."  And who knows?  It might be anything from witness to someone I haven't, or financial focus, or reorganize our life and refocus, or adopt, or move, or oh, who am I kidding?  God's plans are always way better than any I can dream up.  I just know something's a brewin'.  God has been working on me. 

Oh, God, prepare our hearts.  Prepare the hearts of Abby, Laney, and Stinker.  Prepare the hearts of our family.  I'm so not sure what You have planned, but here am I, send me.  Continue to work in my heart and mind.  Continue to knit Tony and I together.  And please, God, make you plan clear and obvious, for our brains tend to muck things up.  Thank you for choosing us.  Equip us with what is needed to serve you.

Will you pray too?

To end, I read this quote this morning.  So powerful.

He has right to interrupt your life. He is Lord. When you accepted Him as Lord, you gave Him the right to help Himself to your life anytime He wants.

Henry Blackaby


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ho Hum

So, I'm back.  Took a LONG bloggy break and just soaked up my family over winter break.  I did NOT want to come back to work today, but alas, it is a must for now.

We will post some pictures from Christmas and from the girls' FIFTH BIRTHDAY party.  Five?  They're five?  It's just not fair!  The girls often joke with me about not growing up since I don't want them to.  Waaaah!  Five!

I have to leave on a funny note.  One particular night I guess our dog, Cooper, was getting on Abby's nerves.  She ended up saying, "Cooper!  You and I are gonna scrap!"  Bhwhahaahah. I say that ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and when I told the girls their bickering was getting on my last nerve, Stinker piped up and said, "How many nerves DO you have?"

Two five year olds, and an eleven year old.  Can you say gray hair?  Can you believe I even want more?  (Kids, not gray hair!) ha!