Monday, February 28, 2011

And along came a man named John...

John 1:6

It's important.  Read HERE.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You guys are doing it!  Your prayers are being heard!  (Not that I doubted, but confirmation is always nice! )

Baby Junebug has flipped totally around again!  He is head down!  That means this is one ACTIVE baby!  God is providing space for him (or her) where there shouldn't be space!  And at yesterday's appointment, he looked as though he might be practicing breathing!  HOW?  There's no amniotic fluid that WE know of.  But God!

And his kidneys and bladder?!?!  Amazing changes!  Check out their BLOG to see what God is up to!

Both the specialist and their OB confirmed yesterday that there is no explanation about how Junebug is doing this.  They, yes, THEY agreed only God could be doing this!  God is ON THE MOVE!

So, friends, this next week is critical.  Pray like mad that Junebug stays active and growing.  Pray that he keeps putting on ounces.  Pray that he keeps defying the odds!  He is making believers where there were none, already!

Then, pray that the doctors have the best solution for Rob and Ally.  They'll be meeting with the neonatologist next week too.  Then, together all the doctors will determine a plan of action.  Should Ally go into the hospital so they can monitor baby Junebug 24/7?  Should they keep going week-to-week and keep it business as usual?  Should they set a date to deliver?  Only God knows the outcome.  Thank Him, that He does!

Thank you, friends, for praying.  That little bug means to much to me, as do his parents!  I love that you're standing with me in prayer (some of you don't even really know me!)  And Rob and Ally feel those prayers!  The body of Christ is amazing! 

You can check on updates on their blog HERE!

Love you, friends!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Junebug's Journey update!


That's the word that has been circulating around our home for a couple of weeks.  Poor Abby had it first and worst.  She had a bad ear infection which led to severe hives from the antibiotic.  She was miserable, and we were miserable.  I felt so bad for her.

During her sickness, Laney was feeling not-so-hot too, but we can only attribute it to a virus.  Then, just as they got better, I got it.  The flu, that is.  It was awful.  And the whole time, (well, ok, not the WHOLE time) but a lot of the time I was thinking about single parents.  How in the world do they survive?  Without Tony (and Hayleigh) it could have been ugly.  And my wonderful mama let me call and cry to her when I felt my worst!  THANK YOU, Jesus, for giving me the support system I need when I feel puny!


Rob and Ally go to two doctor appointments tomorrow.  The specialist, and their OB.  They are officially 23 weeks today.  The latest is that baby Junebug is a fighter.  With more and more limited space, this baby is proving space is a matter of interpretation!  He (yep, I think it's a he)  has been on the move. He moves, has hiccups, and is practicing sucking his thumb/hand.  He has a strong heartbeat (161 at last appointment) and Rob has been able to feel the baby move!  Ally said he has been kicking like crazy!

And his parents still continue to amaze me.  Ally is providing a safe and loving place for him to hang out.  Rob is being a good daddy and keeping Ally happy, and loving on little Bug as much as he can from outside the party.  And they're still keeping their focus on Jesus.  They're feeling the prayers (thank you!).  And they're so stinkin' sweet (here's where I cry) because on their blog, they continually ask for prayers for the rest of us.  Thye ask for support for the aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas.  They are SO selfless!  It makes me bawl.  Thinking of others, when I would be so consumed within myself.

So, please.  Today, and tomorrow, chat with God.  Ask for His grace and peace for them.  Ask Him to provide ultimate understanding and knowledge for the doctors.  Ask for Junebug to remain strong, stress-free, and away from its umbilical cord.  And ask Him to provide a miracle, in a big way.  That specifically, little Junebug's kidneys produce some life-saving fluid.

We serve a mighty God!  His fingerprint has been written all over Junebug's story.  Thank God!


Thursday, February 03, 2011


Yeah, I spelled it Stuph, instead of Stuff.  One of my students (waaay back on Monday before the blizzard) said she was going to start spelling her name Kloe, instead of Chloe.  I was like, yeah, and I'll spell my name Mrs. Phoster, instead of Mrs. Foster.  Quite funny, I thought.

So anyway, quick update.  Rob and Ally went to have Junebug's kidneys checked out and there is no kidney function.  Sweet Junebug is as active as can be, but is running out of room fast because there is little to no amniotic fluid for him or her to hang out it.  Therefore, the docs are saying little Junebug only has so much longer to live.  I'm not sure how the doctors feel, but I know we serve a mighty God.  One who can blink and start Junebug's kidneys right up if He chooses to.  But I also know He could choose not to.  Either way, I trust God.  He knows better than me.  He sees the entire picture.  I am limited in understanding, where he is not.  God has Junebug at the center of His heart.  As much as we love this little baby, He loves him (see, I think it's a boy) even more!  So God, do your thing.  Heal Junebug.  Ease our pain here. Let us help raise Junebug to be a powerful warrior for you.  But, God.  If Junebug is going home sooner than we want, we will still praise your name.  You blessed our family with a little hero.  This little bug has done more in 20 weeks for some people, than most of us do in a lifetime.  Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us closer to you, and closer as a family because of Junebug.  Monday, when Rob and Ally go back to the doctor, please equip the doctors with ultimate compassion and skills to help them. 

Transitioning topics...

I'm working on day three of a pinched nerve behind my left shoulder blade.  The pain radiates up my neck.  Any wise suggestions to help me?  I'd be forever grateful!

I finished Crazy Love last night.  Wow.  I keep saying that I feel some changes on the horizon.  That I know God is going to shake things up.  That I'm waiting on Him to reveal His plan for our lives.  But after reading that book...yeah.  Well.  It questions whether or not that is just my excuse to buy time.  Instead of waiting on a memo from God, I need to be love every day.  I need to draw closer to Him and pray for Him to transform me every day.  I cannot wait for a big reveal.  And, as I work daily on this, I will ultimately draw closer to Him, and be a better listener.  So, yeah.  Love.  Lots of daily, crazy love.  Jesus, help soften me and show love to others, even the unlovable every day.

Next book to read?  A Hole in the Gospel.  And I just had dinner with friends last night and they passed on the book The Glass Castle.  So I'll be reading that too.  Any other suggestions?

I promise to post some pictures soon.  We have had a good few days off and I have the pictures to prove it.  One day, all three girls got all dressed up and played America's Next Top Model.  They worked out a routine and all.  It was too cute.  But, note to self, do not watch that show.  What in the world is it teaching them?

Right now, the neighbor is over and they're all in the living room playing Dance Central on the Kinect.  They're all panting and giggling hysterically.  Maybe I should go workout with them?  Pinched nerve.  Eh, maybe not.

Finally, GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!  Happy Chinese New Year!  It's the Year of the Rabbit!  We're going to celebrate with friends from our local International Adoption Group on Saturday night.  I hope your next year is filled with joy, happiness, and deeper relationship with God!

Mrs. Phoster, OUT.