Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 4, yesterday

I didn't want anyone to think we missed our family's four month anniversary together! I know, I know, it happened yesterday. It has just been a nutso week with Jeeps, and city council, and homegroup, and parent/teacher conferences. We were just flat exhausted last night and didn't get it posted. BUT we DID remember it!!!

Happy 4 month anniversary baby girls! We thank God every day that He chose us to be your parents! We LOVE YOU!!!!!

Ok, now I'm off again...spring break starts in less than an hour! I'll be off to pick up the girls early, YAY! We can't wait to spend some time with them...and do some extra special things with them.

Stay tuned for our Easter/Spring Break updates!


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Yes, it's true...on this very day nine years ago, I married the love of my life. It was a very cold March day, but fun nonetheless.

Tony and I have fun and frightful memories of our wedding day. We were blessed to have two pastors marry us, Pastor Dave (long-time pastor and friend) and Pastor Rob (long time youth pastor, friend, and counselor). After crying all the way through the rehearsal ceremony (Pastor Rob said that was OK!) I made it through without crying during the real one. (If you don't count when I walked down the aisle with my dad!)

Other than the tears during rehearsal, everything else the night before was wonderful! The yummy food (thanks Belinda!) and the fun Newlywed game (thanks Kyna)! I couldn't have asked for more!

As for our wedding day, our family and friends were there to help us celebrate and we appreciated that so much! The ceremony was fun! Little Dallas (who isn't so little any more) kind of hop/skipped down the aisle as the flower girl. She'd drop a petal and then delicately hop over it. Too cute!

It was also a riot to speed off after the ceremony in mom and dad's Monte Carlo and run through McDonald's drive-thru. (Thanks Mom and Dad--oh, and Robby for driving!)

I do have to thank my bridesmaids too. You girls were so brave to wear those flower-child headbands, and empire style dresses! You rock!!!

Thanks to our parents who endured all the planning and stress. Vegas was a much better idea!

There WERE two frightful parts to that wedding day. Wait, frightful might not be the most accurate adjective. Maybe irritating. The first was that our photographer was really more of a portrait photog, so it took her a blue MILLION years to take our pictures. Note to self, research photogs before getting married again (hehe, kidding honey!) Seriously, we were so late to the reception, my dad was hot, and our guests were leaving!!!

The second was when that, man of God, Pastor Rob, pulled a practical joke on me! He came to me just minutes before the ceremony and said that he was looking at the marriage certificate and found a mistake. He said they had misspelled my middle name (for those of you who know it, you know WHY this would be common). Between my nerves and personality, I immediately became panicked! I said, "Well, what do we do? Does it matter? Can we get it changed?" He calmly replied that no, we couldn't change it because the courthouse was closed on Saturdays. He said we could go through with the ceremony, but we wouldn't legally be married until it was corrected.

I think at this point, he saw the color drain from my freshly made-up face and the tears start to well-up in my eyes. It was at this point he said, "GOTCHA!" and I nearly fainted! Oh, Rob, you won't know when or where, but I WILL get you back!

All of the memories aside, this day, as hectic and dramatic as it was, was the best day of my life. It was the day I truly married my best friend. I am more in love with Tony today than I ever was.



You endured my moods and craziness all through high school. You worked hard throughout college to help establish our lives. You had a plan: college, house, marriage, family. Your plan worked. We grew, and grew-up together. I cannot imagine life without you.

I admire you for your integrity, your love of God, family, and friends. I respect you for your hard work and determination to be the best husband, father/Baba, son, friend, and employee you can be, and for just being you. You challenge me to do and be my best. I want to make you proud. Thank you for sharing the last nine years with me. I am so blessed to be your wife. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

I love you.



Sunday, March 09, 2008

Keeping Busy....

Mama, Enough Pictures Already!!!!!

Thanks for stopping in to check up on us.

We have been busy. The girls keep us very BUSY, but we love every minute of it. They continue to develop their language skills and keep us laughing. For example, Abby was mad at Laney one day and told her to go to "time out, time out". Laney listened and climbed into the time out chair. It was great. A few days later, they broke a plastic bowl (I still cannot figure out how). I asked what happened and Laney immediately said "Abby did it". It was great. We have noticed that Laney does things and frequently blames Abby. They are sneaky little stinkers.

A couple of weeks ago the girls were dedicated at church. Since we pray for our meals and before bed, the girls are used to closing their eyes and putting their hands together for prayer. The dedication prayer was no different and the congregation was full of "aws" when they opened their eyes after the prayer and saw the girls with their heads bowed and eyes closed tight. (there is a cute picture below...and Laney did peek to see if Pastor Dave was finished). After the dedication Robin and Duane were kind enough to open up their home and we all went to their house for desserts and etc... We appreciate all of our family and friends that attended church that night for the the girls, another sign of caring and love for them. We appreciate it.

Last weekend was pretty nice out, unlike this weekend (there will be a separate post about the bad weather). We were able to get the girls bundled up and take a walk around the neighborhood. They loved riding in their big wagon. In fact, they did not want to get out when we returned home. We were worn out. We are used to walking the block around the subdivision, but pulling two little girls in a big wagon is a different story. We know, we are out of shape!!!!

Other exciting news is that there is a new restaurant in our area. It is a Chinese restaurant. We have been there three times in the week and a half they have been open. It is pretty bad that when we went tonight with our friend Rachel, Jason and their son Grant, the lady said to us "three times". Yup, this was our third visit. Regardless, it is nice to have choices on this end of town besides the usual fast food. The ladies that work there like the girls (which is good because the girls are MESSY!!!).

Other than that, life is good (not a plug for my favorite clothing, but if you are interested, their website is We cannot wait for warm weather to arrive so that we can play outside with the girls. Robin and Duane have graciously given us Jarrett's outdoor play set (wood with tower, swings and etc...). It will be fun to get that relocated to the backyard for the girls.

Stay tuned for photos of our snowy adventure. Have a great week.

First Dairy Queen Ice Cream, YUMMY!!!!


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Photos from the New Camera...

We purchased a new camera in order to keep up with the girls. Here are a few pictures. Enjoy.