Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'll just jump right in...we had to get a new computer because our laptop was WAY outdated and wasn't working at all.  After getting all pumped to get it, the stupid keys wouldn't work.  About every fifth letter wouldn't show up.  Talk about frustration!

Sooooo, we had to take it back yesterday.  They gave us a whole new computer.  I'm so glad we hadn't loaded all our pictures, etc on it!  BUT, that explains why I haven't posted pictures from Disney yet.  I don't want to upload them here either, until we know this one will work.

Please just bear with me!  I'll try not to be MIA for long!!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

EEEERRRRTTT. That's the sound of brakes.

Woah, I thought I'd come back to the sound of crickets!  You're still with me family!!!   I'll be on more often, I promise!!!

It sounds like the "Nearly a Family of Seven" was the popular choice so I wrote a post about that.  Then, I sent it to Tony who, like usual, thought about it and thought maybe we should protect the kiddos privacy a little better.  I mean, My post was cryptic, but not so cryptic I could just put it out here for the world to read. 

I DID, however, email some of you the post I wrote.  Those of you who didn't get an email from me, but left a comment you wanted to know what was going on...well...I couldn't find your email easily. 

Email me at tonyandrett at aol dot com and let me know you want the story, and I'll send it your way. 

Sorry to disappoint...but their privacy comes first.  I totally forgot how many people in our local community reads this blog!  And a few of my students!  Yikes!  Good thinking, Tony.

So it looks like on to Disney pictures later this week!  :)

Love you all!  Thanks for being so supportive!!!!


Monday, July 05, 2010

Your Call--If Anyone is Still Out There

WOW.  We pretty much dropped off the face of the planet.  But not without good reason.  Below is a list of what has been going on.  Here is where you come in.  Which do you want to hear about first?

  • School is out for the summer
  • Safety Town
  • Vacation--Disney, Daytona
  • Computer Troubles
  • New car
  • Nearly a family of seven