Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Any guesses?

Any guess as to which wonderful daughter of mine decided to get her hair cut?  She was tired of it getting in her face.  She wanted it short like Mama's, but not too short like Baba's.

Which one went from this...

To this...

 (This is Jill...our fantastic beautician.)

So, which one has made it LOADS easier on the world to be able to tell them apart?

Abby or Laney?


Friday, May 07, 2010

MIA and gnomes!

Yes, we've been MIA.

Yucky, emotional week last week.

Strep this week.

So, I'm once again, trying to post something fun.

Sarah's giveaway blog has some awesome prizes right now! The most recent is an ADORABLE fairy or gnome door.  Can they use the same door?  As a child, my nieces and I would have loved having one of these attached to our house or tree outside.  OH the creative stories we would have made up!

So, go ahead and check out her giveaway.  Check out the Etsy shop.  Just DO NOT ENTER her giveaway.  heheh, I want to win!