Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Latest Addition to the Family

By the title, you may be expecting something else. But to us, we strangely bond to other things and consider them part of the family. As you have seen by the previous posts, we (or at least I) have a problem with vehicles. We have several including:

  • Rett's Jeep Liberty,
  • the Jeep Grand Cherokee,
  • the yellow Jeep Wrangler,
  • the 1969 Nova (my first car),
  • the 1972 Nova (long time project car),
  • the S-10 (rusty, but 266,000 miles and running strong),
  • my Grandpa's 1941 Buick,
  • and as of yesterday a 1964 Nova Station Wagon.
Yes, we acquired another ride. Don't worry, the 1972 Nova is going up for sale, so it all balances out.

So here's the story....

When my parents purchased the gas station/garage in 1988, one of our faithful customers was a nice lady that drove a sweet, all original, Nova Station Wagon. The whole family (including Mom, Dad and Robby) loved this car. We always said we would love to have it, or one like it.

You see, Dad's first car was a 1964 Nova, Mom has aways wanted a Nova wagon, Robby just parted with his 1969 Impala Wagon, my first car (mentioned above and pictured in previous posts) was a Nova. We really liked this car.

There is more. This car also belonged to one of our best friend's grandmother. She was the original owner and the family took very good care of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the owner passed away. The car was put on the auction block yesterday. I felt totally guilty going to the auction. I hate auctions like this, where someone's loved one's possessions are being sold. I tried not to feel like one of the vultures in the crowd looking for a bargain. We had different motives, if the car was to be sold, I knew my family would love and care for it just as much as the original family.

Ok, long story short, we ended up with the car at the auction. I had mixed emotions. I was happy, yet also sad, because I know the family loved this car. I had to leave the auction to go somewhere so I paid for it and Rett and Allyson stayed around to the end to drive the car home. From what I hear it was an emotional time. But if any of the family is reading this, please rest assured, it will be loved.

So now the photos....

The back seat, mid-way through our clean up.

230 Straight 6 with a Powerglide.

Rett and Allyson drove the car to Rett's parents house as they awaited our arrival back in town. The auction was just about 30 seconds from her parent's house. About 30 minutes after they arrived they looked out the window and saw two men drooling all over the car (figuratively). The men spotted the car from about three blocks away. They wanted to know if it was for sale. Rett said no, she just acquired it. They said they got their times mixed up and were planning to attend the auction to purchase it. They pulled out their checkbook, Rett said no thanks. In addition to Mom, Dad and Robby loving this vehicle, Rett does too. She cannot wait to drive this to school. She and Allyson have already named it "Bulah" (not sure where that one came from). We have created a monster, she has been online surfing the web for parts and pieces to help restore it.

So, the plans are to tune it up, change the oil, service the tranny, fix the radiator leak and drive it "as is" for the rest of this year. We will acquire new front fenders, lower rear quarter panels (if available) and probably new carpet and armrests. We hope to have it repainted in about a year. We have a brand new set of tires at the shop to be installed as well. There are NO plans to butcher it up and install a big engine or etc... The family will just enjoy it as a nice cruiser.

Niner, if you are reading this, we will need to rent your garage again this winter. You asked for at least three weeks notice, here is a two month notice.

Also, if you know anyone looking for a project car, my 1972 Nova is for sale, send them my way.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 14 month anniversary to us!

So today we "celebrate" our 14 month waiting anniversary! Should we be happy or disgusted about that? Right now the time frames are at 21 months, but they creep up a month at a time each month. So next month, they will be at 22 months. It's just NEVER ENDING!

On a positive note, Kristy said this past weekend she saw a bunch of ladybugs!!! For those of you who don't know, ladybugs are a sign of good luck in the Chinese adoption community. I thought it was pretty neat that A) she saw them and thought it was special enough to tell us! and B) she saw them this time of year!!! Maybe, just maybe that means something big is on the horizon!! Ok, so maybe if we all close our eyes, and wish really hard, God will hear us and BAM! Abby will be on her way!!!

A really neat thing that Tony and I got to experience was the meteor shower this past weekend. It was Sunday night about midnight and I asked Tony if he was still awake. He mumbled something incomprehensible and I told him I was going to go out and see if I could see any meteors. He turned over and said he'd go with me. So there we were, sitting on our back deck, from 12:15 a.m. until about 1:15-1:30 looking at the night sky. It was warm, and just so nice to be sitting there together reflecting on life. I know it, so don't say it...once we become parents we'll fall into bed so tired we'll NEVER get up to look at the stars like that! Well, it was a wonderful experience filled with beautiful skies, shooting stars, and the love of my life. It was a nice salve for some childless wounds we have been dealing with.

Other than that, I'm now back to school and feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed. It too, shall pass! And hopefully, those ladybugs mean I'll get to SKIP school for MATERNITY LEAVE!! Hahaha!

Anyway...there are lots of things to thankful for. We are so blessed. There are many other struggling with things in your careers, families, relationships, etc. Just know, I am praying faithfully for all of you!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ANOTHER Vacation while we wait....

Ok, no complaints, vacations are always good, actually GREAT! But last year we thought it was going to be our last "child-less" vacation. This year we decided to vacation again at our favorite cabin in the Smokies (photos below).

Like last year, we deliberated about where to go on a limited budget. We thought about Vegas, Maine, and everywhere in between. We probably should have saved the $$$ for the trip to China that will hopefully take place sooner, rather than later. But if we did not get out of town for a few days we would have gone nuts.

So I will provide an overview of our trip with some goes....

I waxed the ol' Jeep. Rett cleaned the interior the day before and did a great job. It was clean and ready for the trip.

We left early.
Here is a Ferrari parked at the gas station where we fueled up somewhere in Tennessee. Pretty cool huh?

Here is a photo of the cabin. The first time we stayed here, the cabin on the left was not there. Regardless, it is still VERY quiet and with the trees between the cabins it is still very private. It takes about 13 minutes to get there from the main drag...

That night we just stayed there. I grilled burgers on the grille, my first experience using charcoal (we have a gas grille). They were really good. I have since purchased a small charcoal grille.


Monday we went to downtown Gatlinburg and walked around. It was hot out but still fun. That evening we went to Nascar Speedparks and watched Jarrett race gocarts. Oh yeah, Robin, Duane and Jarrett were vacationing there for a few days on their way to North Carolina. We had dinner with them that evening as well.

We also had a visitor sometime during the night, they left prints....


Tuesday we went to the massive outlet malls. We were kind of disappointed. In the past we have cleaned up and found many good deals. This year we were not as lucky, but oh well, it was still fun. We did get Kyler (our dog) a new collar at the Coach Store.

We ended up ordering Pizza that evening after watching some Magnum P.I. re-runs. Since we were on vacation and had nowhere to be the next day we went cruzing. We ended up in Gatlinburg again and played Hillybilly Golf. Bill and Mindy have higly recommended this in the past. After playing the course no other course will compare. This is built into the side of a mountain. It is great.


We had no agenda for the day and just started driving. We went to a few shops in Pigeon Forge and made our way back to the interstate and went to Bass Pro Shop. We also visited the Smokey Mountain Knife Works (not a big knife person, but it is a must see) and found another "Life According to Jake" (Life is Good) Store. I purchased a t-shirt.


We packed our bags and started the trek home.... There are tons of details I have left out but you got the basic details. Below are some more photos (I love to post photos).
View from the back of the cabin (above)
View from the front of the cabin (above)Can you find the Jeep?

View of the living room from the loft/bedroom. The black chair and foot stool were a new addition this year. It is quite comfortable. The photo was taken Thursday, that is why there is so many bags and luggage lying around.

Here is Rett hanging out in the loft/bedroom.

Thanks for stopping in and reading my long and "photoful" post. Have a good day.