Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The past few days, all of my girls (Abby, Laney, and S) have been walking around singing, humming, and dancing to the song, "He is Mighty to Save". 

...Savior!...He can move the mountains...He is mighty to save...He is mighty to save!
...Forever.  Author of Salvation...Our God is mighty to save...He is mighty to save!

Those might not be the exact right words, but that's what we've been hearing!  What's cool is that S has had very little church experience.  She basically knows nothing about the Bible and does not have a personal relationship with Christ.  But GOD!  He is working in her little heart.  She sings praises to Him all day.  She BEGS to go to church for youth group and the weekend services (during which she sits with us).  She is learning about the purpose and power of prayer.  And sweetly enough, our daughters have been a huge part in learning about God.  They teach her so much!  Thank you, Jesus!

Well, like I said, all the girls have been singing it.  I heard a bit of Laney's rendition last night.  Her's went something like this:

...Savior, He can move the mountains!  He can move the cars!  He can move the heavy stuff!  He is mighty to save!!!

Bwhahaha.  I thought that was so funny!  But, Sister, He CAN move the heavy stuff!  We just have to let Him!

Also, if we come to mind tomorrow...please pray for us.  We have a court hearing.  S will be staying with us, YAY GOD! but some other changes may occur within her family.  Thanks for praying. 


Monday, October 11, 2010


No pics to accompany, but had to share two sweet moments that happened over the past week.

A couple of weekends ago, S had a friend stay over (we talked about it in an earlier post).  Well, S had a blister on her lip, so S, her friend, and Tony went to the pharmacy to get some lip balm for it.  While they were there, they bought me a rose.  It was entirely their idea, I guess.  But they came home with a long- stemmed red rose for me.  They said they got it because I was so sweet and nice. :)  I looked for the sarcasm and found none.  Ha!  (See how much I trust two sixth grade girls?)  They were honestly trying to be nice!  That rose sits in a C*ke glass on my counter.  Every time I look at it I smile.  And I thank God that He chose us to have S for this season of our lives.


And then yesterday, Tony and Abby ran to the grocery (after he let me sleep in until 11!!!  Yes, be jealous!)  Well, S and Laney were out back playing and our neighbor's grandchildren were out there.  Our kitchen window was open so I could hear and see them.  S walked up beside Laney, and I heard her proclaim loudly, "THIS IS MY SISTER!" and point directly at S.  Oh, my heart!  S immediately ran back in giggling to tell me.  I could tell she wasn't sure how to process the emotions that went with Laney's declaration, but was pleased, nonetheless.  We knew she loved it when she repeatedly told the story to Tony's mom and dad and mine later that evening.  She also wanted to tell a co-teacher I work with this morning.  Sweet Laney.  Sweet S.

Oh, God!  Prepare our hearts now, if she is to only be with us a short while.  However, if she is ours for a loooong season, we will be overjoyed!  If our home is the safest place for her to be, Lord, bless us with this child!  Your will be done!


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The room....

Ok, we painted S's room. 
A picture is worth a thousand words...so here are a few pictures...let's hear your words!!

The room before....(our old office)

And below the room after (the room of an 11 year old girl)

Don't fret, the brown office chair will be leaving...a cute white chair awaits. 

P.S. - Tony updated his blog, believe it or not, so check it out!!!