Monday, August 28, 2006


Forever families were created this past week. Several families just received their referrals and I thought I'd share the good news and excitement! --double the excitement!

These are just a few to get you going.'s exciting, but it makes the wait seem forever away!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just making it girlie!

Well, we added curtains to the nursery for the extra added girlie touch. A big thank you to Robin for them too. We both think they look very very pretty.

Stay tuned later this week for pictures of our new stroller we bought. There will also be another post with links to family websites that received their referrals last week!!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Abby Miles


  • We have added three more miles to our "Miles of Love" to Abby! Only 492 more miles to go! *Only said with a slight tinge of sarcasm*

  • The next batch of referrals should be coming in at the end of the month! I'm so excited to see more families united with their beautiful children!

  • We are going to enjoy a great dinner on Friday night with a couple from our local adoption group that received their referral a few weeks ago. They will be traveling to bring home their daughter in just a couple of weeks!!! We'll keep you posted on all the great details we learn!


Thursday, August 17, 2006


School has started successfully
We added another mile of love for Abby (see sidebar)
We have officially be waiting two months now!
Prayer Requests
A rumor is out there that our wait for Abby definitely will increase, possibly to 18 months. This would put us at receiving her referral (picture/medical info.) DECEMBER 2007.
Please pray for Tony and me.
I'm really struggling with this (even though I know I have NO control over the wait times).


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Christmas Eve

Oh my, it feels like Christmas Eve. Not the Christmas Eves as an adult, but the Eves of long ago. The kind where you are getting ready to go to bed, you've left out the milk and cookies, you've checked under the tree one more time, and you're off to try and pretend you'll be getting a good night's sleep. My stomach is all a flutter, my mind is racing, and I absolutely cannot WAIT for school to start tomorrow. I know, I know, I moan, and I groan, but it was all a front. It was just an act so everyone wouldn't think I went nuts!

The reason for all this emotional dribble? I feel like we're finally at the top of the roller coaster. You know, the part where you hear the last you get the first glimpse of the ENORMOUS hill you're about to fly down. I KNOW we have months and months of waiting ahead of us. And I KNOW we have no idea what we're about to get ourselves into with raising a child. I KNOW we're totally not prepared to NOT sleep in any more, NOT just pick up and go, and to NOT be the carefree couple we are. BUT ALL THAT DOESN'T matter! This is turning back now! The only way off the roller coaster is to finish the ride!

The start of the school year means that time will no longer stand still. Our months of waiting will not slowly creep by like the turtle at the top of the screen. They'll fly! August leads to Fall Break (and local town festivals), to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to Valentine's Day, to Spring Break, to May, to ABBY!

Shoooo, ok, so I so will NOT be this excited a week from now, but come on, jump on the roller coaster with us! Abby-girl, we are coming to get you soon. Hang tight baby girl! Mommy's got a few kids to teach, Daddy's got some City problems to solve, and we'll be there as soon as we can!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Nothing but sweet dreams for Abby-girl

We now have a beautiful crib ready for our Abby girl. (Thanks for the crib, Mom) It was quite an emotional event to finish putting it together. It makes that room seem so different. I can't help but do a double take every time I walk past it. That's the place where our little girl will sleep (hopefully). That's the place she'll feel safety and dream of things to be. It has definitely made our dream of being parents, seem a little closer to a reality.

We finished the crib off with bedding, a baby doll, stuffed animals, and prayer. (The extras will come out once she's home--for safety!) Now we just need a one more thing to make it complete. Please continue to pray for the whole adoption process, for our little girl and her birth mother.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Weight"ing on Abby

So I was super optimistic that come August 1 Tony and I would have this profound turnaround on our lives and our eating habits. BOY WAS I WRONG. We had an agreement that come August 1, we'd change our way of life. We'd eat better, we'd exercise, just get all around healthier over the next year so that we'd be prepared to take on chasing a toddler. It sounds great right?

We even started a walking program (that we invented) called Miles of Love. It was our goal that we would walk at least 500 miles before we brought Abby home. (One lap around our block is one mile). Anyway, if you've noticed the side bar I even put a place where we would update everyone on our progress. Yeah, well, it hasn't changed from the initial post. We haven't walked any more. Yeah, I'm weak, and lazy.

And on top of that, I think I need to go on Dr. Phil to talk about this food addiction I have. Forget cigarettes, forget crack, forget alcohol.....I just want something fried and/or sweet. I'm not picky, I'm not craving anything specific...just fried, and hot, and greasy...or sweet, I'll take that too.... Go ahead, laugh. I know it has only been 1 1/2 days but man......when you're watching everything you eat and trying NOT to think about is ALL you can think about. It's pathetic.

People have their things...their hang-ups...mine, simply, is calories. Not sure how Tony's doing w/ all this. He doesn't eat really bad to begin with. *sigh* and I REFUSE to let him lose more weight than me....although I know that's bound to happen b/c he's a guy. I'm hoping it'll get better once I get back to school, and we'll find that out in just a short week or so.

Anyway, feeling kind of crappy, and cranky, and hungry, and pathetic. Maybe it's just the withdrawl (sp?)period and it'll get better, right????? OK, well, just pray for us. (yes, I'm even including Tony--see, I'm a good wife) Pray that our cravings diminish and that we start feeling better, even good enough to NOT want that bad stuff. Of course, please continue to pray for our Abby girl. She needs her mommy and daddy to be healthy so we need all the prayers we can get! Ok, I'm going to go NOT eat something now. :)