Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No name blog post

This is our dog, Kyler. She's displaying for you how I have felt the past few weeks.

Blog, I must. Write, I must. I must. I just must.
I am feeling human again. I am even starting to feel good, if you can believe it. It's time I crawl out of this hole I've been living in, and start writing again. (Besides, if I don't, my mom might take this blog hostage just to see something new posted!)

So, I'm among the living and checking out other people's blogs. I LOVE doing blog walks. I have been SOOO busy catching up with everyone else, I've simply had NO time to blog on my own blog! Or, at least that's what I keep telling myself! But I'm back. I have no deep thoughts. Nothing that will make you laugh, cry, or cringe. But it feels good to type. To feel normal. Or, my kind of normal, anyway.

School starts in just over two weeks. TWO weeks. I was robbed of July, you know. So I think that I should get an extra three weeks off. Can't my principal just shuffle my kids to other classrooms for a few weeks? That'd be lovely.

Alas, not reality. I must muster up the strength and courage to return. But worse than that, we're sending our girls to preschool! WAAAH! Mind you, it's only two half days a week, but it's school nonetheless! What cemented this reality into place was that when we picked up our school packet, we found that the girls have a SUPPLY LIST!?!?! In preschool? A supply list? It's not that I mind getting folders and glue and such, it's the fact that they have a SUPPLY LIST! My babies! They are growing up! Two weeks from now starts the next however many years of lunch boxes, folders, pencils, paper, etc. that encompasses school. I already warned Tony that he'll be in charge of parent/teacher conferences. I'll be there, but the thought of those conferences...some teacher evaluating and talking about MY children! Hehe...makes my stomach hurt!!!
*Sigh* ok, ok, enough. I'll go into panic mode. Better wrap this up. My fingers are cramping! Hehe, they've been dormant for too long! I'll add some pictures to pacify!

We call this art, "Trees". I can see them, can you?
And here, self portraits.

We're helping Baba add a playhouse to our playset!

We LOVE practicing for preschool in our workbooks!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is way bigger than my surgery. Mine is a blip on the screen. This is bigger.

Now go. Read. Do. NOW! Click the link below.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

She's ALIVE!!!

But barely...hehe...

THANK you for the few of you hanging in there with me! My surgery was two weeks ago tomorrow and I'm just now feeling among the living.

A week ago I had a scare because my incision appeared to be opening. Who knew that this was a possibility? Raise your hands if you knew this. Ok, you, now come over here so I can smack you! It resulted in a Sunday night trip to the ER and another trip to the doctor's office an hour and a half away on Monday. I'm ok now...just over this darned incision.

Now a new development is occurring that would prove to be TMI for this blog, so I'll refrain from sharing it. However, please pray for me. Pray that I would be over and past all this maddness. Poor Tony, and my parents are running ragged trying to take care of me and the girls. And the's breaking my heart. They know they can't get rough around me, or heck, barely hug me. When I ask for a hug, Abby says, "But you have a boo-boo. I can't hug you." GRRR. And tonight, Tony was trying to do some laundry and pick up a bit and my poor girls just watched some kids play outside knowing they couldn't go out. It was incredibly sad. I had planned this week to sit outside and let them play and play on the swingset, but with the latest wrinkle in healing, I'm not sure if I'll be able to. We all need some serious prayer.

Before I sign off, I want to be clear. God is GOOD...all the time...
I'm praising Him for...a successful surgery, a speedy hospital stay, an over-the-top wonderful husband, loving parents, special friends (who pray, send cards, and yummy dinners!), patient daughters, and His timing.

But I won't lie...I'm SO over this. And I'm sure Tony would say the same!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Give me some time to heal, both mentally and physically, and I'll be back. Trust me. I have enough hysterectomy humor to last several posts! Love you guys!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Hello all!

First, thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Rett. We know they worked!

Her proceedure went well.

Rett is sleeping soundly right now. I just left her about 1.5 hours ago (12:37 AM at the moment).

Needless to say, she feels like she "has been hit by a truck" (her words).

Tomorrow (and the following days) will be rough. She will really need your prayers as recovery begins.

I will try to post nightly to keep you posted. You know she will post and provide her thoughts when she gets to feeling better.

Thanks again to everone!



Sunday, July 05, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Surgery

'Twas the night before my hysterectomy and all through the hotel,
Not a creature was stirring, other than my bowels, eerr, well

The twins were all snuggled all deep in their pull-out bed,
With the hopes of more fun dancing in their head.

A bit of shopping and nice dinner and an awesome suite to boot,
They thought they had died and gone to Heaven, with all of their loot.

When over in the bathroom, there arose such a clatter.
Tony sprang from his down bed to see what was the matter!
When what to his wandering ears should he hear
The surgery preparations were happening quite near (I know, TMI!)

Rett dreamed of the surgeon with his green little hat,
and matching green suit, and a bow tie-imagine that!

His nurses and tools a plenty,
Starting the operation game,
He whistled, and shouted, and called them by name...

Now, uterus, now, tubes, now lymph nodes and such!
Now ovary, only one? That doesn't matter much!

His eyes, how they glistened,
His hands at the ready.
A belly like jelly,
but hands oh so steady!

Rett's dream shortly ended,
a content sigh of relief.
The prayers they were felt, and
offered great peace.

She beamed with joy at her friends,
and showed her family much love.
The support she had now,
could only be a gift from above.

She thanked God for His truth,
for his love, and his gifts.
Then peacefully, slumber came
and asleep she did drift.

Happy Hysterectomy to all, and to all a good night!


I want to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness, prayers, meal offers, and love. It humbles me beyond words. (Well, sort of...I'm usually never short of words!) Please continue to lift Tony and the girls up. They will be doing the most work, I think. They'll have to deal with one hormonal lady. Hopefully, Tony will shoot out a message so that everyone knows when I'm in the clear! Thanks again, my friends and family. I'd be lost without you!

P.S. In church last night, we sang a song that hit me like a ton of bricks. The lyrics go, "You make everything glorious...and I am Yours! What does that make me?" I immediately thought that, you know, God DID make me! In His image! And uterus or not. Bio babies or not. He made me glorious and for His purpose. And I'm taking ownership of that. I love it. Peace is mine!


Thursday, July 02, 2009


OK, I have been totally MIA...I know. And I'm sorry. No, wait. No, I'm not sorry...really.. :) We have been on VACATION! And after all that uterus talk, trust me, you NEEDED me to be on vacation! hehehe.

Too tired to upload pics tonight, but we had a fun trip. Rundown goes like this...

For my parents' 70th birthdays (don't shoot me for telling that, mom!) in June, my family decided we'd all bond and take a trip to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN. HELLO tourist city! But man, we had so much fun!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday we spent with my family (nieces, nephews, sisters, brother, parents, great-nieces and nephews). We splashed and played in the pool, we ate, we teased, we shopped, we laughed, we cried. It was just awesome. The best part was seeing my parents so happy just to watch us be a family! Then, sadly, most of them left on Sunday and we stayed on at the cabin we always stay at. (I'm sure the next post Tony does with pictures will include the cabin and the website...but I'm too lazy to look right now).

Anyway, this cabin is special to us. This year made our fourth year there and every year we envisioned bringing our kid(s) to it. So it was neat to share the cabin with them. They LOVED it! They could play for hours with the black bears and plastic apples the cabin owners used as decorations! They didn't want to leave today! They did NOT, however, love the ride to and from the cabin. Every time we would go up or down the mountain, we'd hear, "My tummy hurts!" or "My head hurts!" Uugh, motion sickness.

Today, we took our final trip down the mountain and being the smart mommy that I am, thought, "Hmmm, suckers, candy, and toys were not enough of a distraction while traveling. Let's try a movie! We'll turn the DVD player on and see if that distracts them enough to get them down the mountain!" WORKED like a CHARM! That is, until we went to a neighboring city to shop at a T*rget and promptly upon entering the store, Abby threw up all over me. Ewww..but she instantly felt better and began singing all about it in the restroom!

So beyond that, it was great. We did some shopping...and by some...I mean a TON of shopping. Didn't necessarily buy a ton...but had fun looking! We drove to Gatlinburg and did more shopping. We ate ourselves silly and had junk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We attempted to play putt-putt for the first time with the girls. Yeah, that'll get its own explanation! And just really spent time hanging out together and enjoying each other's company. It was one of the best vacay's I've ever had. (Minus the two baby turtles we had die while we were gone...SO SAD!)

It helped that we had a great housesitter, Beth. She was here when we went to China and helped us again! She just rocks! (Just don't ask her to turtle sit...KIDDING!)

*sigh* so it's late...and I should be unpacking...but I'm not. I'm going to get going though. We'll be back with a better post AND pictures! Hopefully in the next day or two, since the the big Hysto is scheduled for Monday!

G'night from home! There's no place like it!