Monday, January 31, 2011


Rob and Ally's next appointment is today at 3:45!!!

Pray for sweet Junebug and his (we're thinking it's a boy!) doting parents!



Friday, January 28, 2011

I Heart Adam Cappa**

***Updated!  See below!

First, thanks for the book suggestions!  A Hole in the Gospel is my  next read.  Then, Radical, for sure!

So are you curious about what my title means?

Well, have you ever heard of a musician by the name of Jeremy Camp?  I'm sure you have.  He is stinkin' awesome!  He has a tour coming up (woot, woot) that is even more awesome now!  It's more awesome because his opening act, is a good friend of mine, Adam Cappa.  You read that right, a friend of mine is opening for Jeremy Camp!

Adam is an awesome young man.  I say young, because he could almost by my son.  I said ALMOST.  Not quite though.  So it's totally acceptable to say he just happens to be stinkin' cute too.  Heheh, did I just say that?  I'm not lusting or anything, he's just a cutie patootie.  Wanna see for yourself?

See, told ya.

But even more than cute, Adam is a passion-driven, sold out, man of God.  He has a heart that yearns to be close to God.  You can see Jesus in him.  To top it iff?  He's humble.  Really humble.  And his singing?  Well, let's just say, I told him at some point, he WILL be doing a lullaby CD for my girls.  And preferably before they're 20, and don't need one.  Ahh, but he's busy, so I'll let it go for awhile.  .

He is floating back and forth from my hometown, to Nashville, where he just finished his third CD.  He has recorded with Jeremy Camp, and his music is so powerful.  I can get in a full state of worship listening to him.

Ok, ok, I've bragged enough...go ahead and do a search for him.  Listen in.  God is doing a big work in him, for sure.  I know Adam (who Stinker absolutely adores) is impacting Stinker's walk with Jesus.  She's learning so much from Adam and his example, and his lyrics.  He will be one of the reasons, we'll see her in Heaven one day. is one way to find him.  Or, do a search of F*ce*ook.  You will not be sorry, I promise.  If you email him, or FB him, tell him I sent you!

Then, look up the tour dates.  This will be one, you won't want to miss!

Jesus, oh Jesus!
You saved me,

***Stay tuned!  I'll be doing a separate post with a giveaway of one of Adam's current CD's!  


Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan right now.  Yeah.  God is doing a new work in me, for sure.  But I have to share a WOWZA from yesterday.

I had just finished reading a chapter during my lunch hour.  In that chapter, Chan had just talked about living simply.  Living with less.  Giving more away, and loving more. 

So I was with less.  Downsizing.  Doing more with less, etc.

I literally, turned off my phone (use my Kindle app to read it) and opened my email.  My sweet sister sent me an email about an amazing, huge home that is for sale.  Um, helllllo temptation for Satan much?

What was the NEXT email that popped up?  "First steps toward buying a NEW CAR!"  Needless to say, I closed out email for a while.

Isn't that nuts?


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Change...Yes Change

I started to title this post, "No Change".   But really, that wouldn't be true.

See, Rob and Ally went to the doctor yesterday and little Junebug's kidney situation has not changed.  His or her kidneys are still not functioning.  Sweet Robby and Ally are going to have to wait another week to see if there has been any changes to bring hope.

So, "No Change" for a title seemed accurate.  But then, I thought, no it isn't.  There have been changes.  People have been affected by little Junebug and by Robby and Ally.  Want to see the changes?  I'm going to list them in case they would stumble on my blog, and need encouragement.

Who has been changed?
1.  Robby and Ally.  They have been stretched emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  They have handled this situation with the grace that many (including me) couldn't muster.  When I would be upset and questioning God, they're thanking Him for being able to experience pregnancy.  When I would be begging for prayers, they are so humble and feel guilty asking for prayers.  They hate to ask others to pray when they know others may be dealing with equally as painful situations. 

2.  Because of them, I am changed.  My heart is softened.  I will be transparent here.  I am competitive.  I can be jealous.  I am human.  While I truly adore Rob and Ally, my feelings tend to get messy sometimes and I can feel those ugly feelings of competition and jealousy.  But little Junebug has helped me erase that.  I feel such love for this little baby.  And as for Rob and Ally, I've always loved them, but it has most definitely gone deeper throughout this.  I admire their strength and, in some ways, feel like they're the older wiser couple.  I want nothing more than to take this pain away and heal their hurt.  God is doing a big work in me.

3.  Friends and family are coming together to pray for a little one, who has yet to meet us.  People are uniting in a love for Junebug, Rob, and Ally.

4.  People throughout the states are praying for them.  There are people praying for this family that have never met them.  This shows me the love of the human spirit.  God is moving in this country.  And He is alive and well.  We see it and feel it in these prayers.

5.  As I explained to Rob last night, there may be people praying to our Father in heaven, who have not been able to speak to Him in some time.  They may have hardened hearts due to their own pain and past.  But, this little sweet baby has opened or reopened a line of communication with God.  A baby did this!

See, so many people have affected and changed by this little one.  By Junebug's parents.  Therefore, "No Change" just wasn't a fitting title.  "Yes Change" is more appropriate.

Can you see the change?


Monday, January 24, 2011

Junebug, today is a big day for you!

Friends, today my brother and sister-in-love are going to the doctor to see how Junebug is doing.  It is absolutely necessary that little Bug's kidneys be working or starting to function by today.  Bug's parents have been totally leaning on God.  They trust him, as do we.  But, all the same, could you please pray super hard today?  Their appointment is at 3:00 (Hoosier time).  We would so appreciate those prayers.

Dear Junebuggie,

This is your aunt, Rett.  I'm not sure how God does it, but he created a wonderful miracle that is you.  And I am already madly in love with your little self.  I want to spoil you rotten!  I have already purchased things for you!  I want to be the house you run to for safety and love.  I want you to dish to me, when you won't share with anyone else.  I want to wrestle, and chase, and pray together.  I want to see the light in your Mama and Daddy's eyes when they meet you for the first time.  I want to get updates on all of your firsts.  Oh, Buggie, I love you so!  Work extra hard to show your Mama, Daddy, and the doctors your working kidneys today.  And, if your little organs aren't working...we will love you all the same.  You are a treasure created in the image of God.  Perfect in every way.

I love you,



Wednesday, January 19, 2011


PLEASE stand with me in prayer for my newest niece or nephew-to-be, Junebug.  My brother and sister-in-love are over the moon excited about their first child (as are we), but things are not going well.  Little Junebug's kidneys need to start working to produce some amniotic fluid, fast.  If not...well, there is no, if not.

We serve a mighty God of miracles.  Only HE can get those kidneys working properly. 

Please, Jesus.  Healer.  Thank you so much for the blessing of Junebug.  Thank you for surprising us all with what we thought would be nearly impossible.  But nothing is impossible with you, God.  Please touch little Junebug, still forming and growing.  We are selfish and want that little baby to be safe and healthy, and here with us.  Equip the doctors with knowledge and insight to be the best for Rob and Ally.  Please give them strength and peace.  We pray your will is for Junebug to continue to grow and be strong and healthy.  But, we trust you.  Your plan is ultimate.  Thank you for hearing our pleas.  Amen.

Please storm heaven with me. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream...

...that someone will RESCUE this little boy from a life of sickness, lonliness, and lack of love.

He has already been transferred to an institution, people.  Do you hear me?  He is the same age as Abby and Laney.  Has the same tender thoughts and questions.  Longs to be loved.  To be read to.  To be tucked in. 

God, please!  Send someone to rescue him! 

Are you his family?  Do you know someone who is? 
Click below!




I read this on another blog...
"Take the first step in faith. you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Thank you, Mr. King.  It is so true. 


Friday, January 14, 2011

...a brewin'

Something's a brewin'.  I can feel it in my bones.  God is calling us to something.  I'm not sure what yet, but you can bet I'm listening.  Since I'm a "DON'T look before you leap...just leap in faith," kind of person, I've been trying to hint that there's something a brewin' to Tony.  He's the "Look, pray, calculate, pray, figure out, make a list, pray, then leap," kind of person.  I love that about him.  Most days.  He balances me.  He's my yang.

But this time...I'm afraid God's going to say, "Leap. Now. Or miss out."  And who knows?  It might be anything from witness to someone I haven't, or financial focus, or reorganize our life and refocus, or adopt, or move, or oh, who am I kidding?  God's plans are always way better than any I can dream up.  I just know something's a brewin'.  God has been working on me. 

Oh, God, prepare our hearts.  Prepare the hearts of Abby, Laney, and Stinker.  Prepare the hearts of our family.  I'm so not sure what You have planned, but here am I, send me.  Continue to work in my heart and mind.  Continue to knit Tony and I together.  And please, God, make you plan clear and obvious, for our brains tend to muck things up.  Thank you for choosing us.  Equip us with what is needed to serve you.

Will you pray too?

To end, I read this quote this morning.  So powerful.

He has right to interrupt your life. He is Lord. When you accepted Him as Lord, you gave Him the right to help Himself to your life anytime He wants.

Henry Blackaby


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ho Hum

So, I'm back.  Took a LONG bloggy break and just soaked up my family over winter break.  I did NOT want to come back to work today, but alas, it is a must for now.

We will post some pictures from Christmas and from the girls' FIFTH BIRTHDAY party.  Five?  They're five?  It's just not fair!  The girls often joke with me about not growing up since I don't want them to.  Waaaah!  Five!

I have to leave on a funny note.  One particular night I guess our dog, Cooper, was getting on Abby's nerves.  She ended up saying, "Cooper!  You and I are gonna scrap!"  Bhwhahaahah. I say that ALL THE TIME!

Oh, and when I told the girls their bickering was getting on my last nerve, Stinker piped up and said, "How many nerves DO you have?"

Two five year olds, and an eleven year old.  Can you say gray hair?  Can you believe I even want more?  (Kids, not gray hair!) ha!