Friday, July 14, 2006

Adopting Rupert?

Ok, so we're really not adopting a guy named Rupurt (sp?) but last Saturday, we went to a "Waiting Families" meeting with our adoption agency FTIA and the coolest thing happened. After the meeting (no new news by the way) we were driving through Indy with Robby and Allyson and came upon one of the coolest guys ever....Rupert. Do you remember him? He was the guy who won on Survivor. He wore the tie dyed t-shirt. Big bearded guy. He is also the guy who has given most of his time and money to children's charities. What a cool guy! Anyway, the picture I attached is one JUST BEFORE he turned and smiled and waved at me, well, us, but I prefer to think me. Anyway, thought it'd make a cool post. I'll post more on our vacation later :)



Sarah said...

Was it really him??????
How cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said...

I was just googling my daughters name and found this blog. I hope the adoption process goes well. I have two brothers who've adopted and a nephew waiting to adpot. We love their little ones. I am only posting because July 14 was my daughters due date (Bastille day)My boss at the time said there should be a law, if a child is born on Bastille day they have to have a French name. (he was French)I have since learned it is really Italian in origin and is a female derivitive of Abraham. Heres wishing you the best, hope your daughter brings as much joy to you as my "Aubs' has brought to me, and may she be as wonderful a person.

kristy said...

Poor Rupert. I sure do love the guy, but dang. Does he only own tie dyed shirts? He's riding his bike through Indy in a tie dyed shirt! Did he look over and yell "YEAH!" like he always did on Survivor? haha