Monday, October 02, 2006

Drama drama drama

Not everything in my life is emotional or a drama....wait, yeah, it is.. so I have another emotional moment to share with the world (and Abby too).

This weekend Tony and I were blessed to hang out with some neighbors of ours. Ben (7th grade) and Jordan (aka=Bologna) (4th grade) spent the night with us Friday night while their parents went out of town. WOW, we were nervous. (Ok, I was nervous, Tony was a rock) Regardless, we had a REALLY good time with them. They are fantastic boys with good heads on their shoulders. Did I mention how funny they are???? We laughed, we played, and we got whooped at Monopoly.

It gave us just a hint of what parenting will be like. I said a HINT. One example that I'm NOT so excited about is the fact that Tony (the dad) was able to sleep through the night peacefully. I'm sure this will continue once Abby is home. He's SUCH A MAN! I, however, worried about hearing the boys if they needed us, and slept VERY lightly. I fretted beyond belief. Is this a sign of what's to come?

Also, I did have a "my heart skipped a beat" moment. I was walking through the kitchen and saw the little guys shoes there. (ok, so they were not THAT little) Anyway, it was weird. I could see their shoes, and hear them laughing downstairs and it made my heart full. It was a little taste of what it will be like to be a family of three. Shoes will be everywhere and laughter will be in the air. It was quite the moment.

Anyway, it was a fun-filled weekend. We also got to spend time with one of my most favorite people in the nephew Chris. He was in town from North Carolina and brought his girlfriend Elise. They make a sweet couple. He's SO grown up!!!

So, no Abby news to report. I'm still planning on posting pictures of the stroller. Remember, be happy with today and thankful to God for blessing you with it!!!



mom said...

hey sweet tater,it was a good thing you did over the weekend. getting to know how rewarding a family can be and also there will be times when you will cry with your family. lots of drama, lots of great times, that is what family is all about. and lets not forget that there will be times you will want to throw all of the shoes that are laying around. just remenber , love lots and laught often, and just enjoy the day. love now and forever ,mom and dad sadler

Lynnette said...

Wow your first taste of parenthood. Get used to sleepless nights. Even as they get older, your sleep is light and short.

Just remember, shoe lying around the house, shows a family that lives together and loves together. I always think that a house without shoes lying around is a house with love.

By the way, I have shoes everywhere at my house, (so my house is not cluttered, it is full of love and life.)

You will be a great mom... don't fret, just enjoy.

Best wishes.

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Sleepless nights! We had tons of them. Although, if she's sleeping soundly, you'll have monitors to hear her if you need to! BTW, 7 weeks and 4 days!

kristy said...

Awww. You'll be the best parents! You've got a lot of love stored up to give Abby! Yeah, I want to be a mom, too, but not so sure about all the shoes everywhere!

Anonymous said...

You guys are going to have so much fun! I can't wait for you guys to get Abby and bring her home. Yeah, sleepless nights, but it's all worth it! So much to look forward to. I love the shoes now. (They are so cute!) Now ask me when he is 6 feet tall and wears a size 12!


Paul and Christy said...

I didn't know you guys offered "over night" service! If I would have known that I could have given you LOTS of practice when we were home last! Ha Ha! Maybe Christmas time! :-) No really, having little ones is such a blessing! I can easily forget it sometimes but then I read your blogs and I realize that I shouldn't take a thing for granted. Who cares if there are toys and shoes everywhere! I can't wait for you to share in those special moments! You guys are going to be such great parents!