Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy 7 Month Waiting Anniversary to Us!

A frame sits empty.
No face behind the glass.
The longing hits hard,
but this too, shall pass

I search for your face
on the street and in my dreams.
The closer it gets,
the further it seems.

I can't begin to imagine
all your face will hold.
The fears and the hopes,
the scars from the cold.

You won't look like me
Nor will I look like you.
My mind's eye does know this
fact to be true.

But one thing we'll share
in common with one another,
is the love from above
from our Heavenly Father.

I can rest tonight knowing
that GOD knows your face.
He'll keep you safe in His arms
till you fill the frame space.

So sleep tight little one
in God's sweet embrace
until that wonderful day
We get to see your face.




Ally said...

Rett--That is beautiful!! It made my eyes all teary! I know that Abby will love to read that as she gets older--to know that her mommy (and daddy) were thinking about her and longing to hold her in their arms. What a lucky little girl she is (and she doesn't even know it yet)!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I got a little teary too! Abby is a special little girl and she is going to have a great mom and dad to take care of her.


kris said...

As if I weren't emotional enough this week! That was the most awesome thing I've ever read on this blog. (Sorry, Tony, squirrels and furnaces aren't this sweet!) I didn't just tear up, I'm still crying. How open and honest. I think that is wonderful. Abby is so blessed. I can't wait to tell her for myself. Happy Anniversary.

MOM said...

dear sweetie, the poem is wonderful. and it hurts my heart for you and tony to want something so much. but i know in my heart of hearts she is with us now. our abby girl is just making her grand entrance more memorable . JUST BELIEVE!!!!!!!AND ALWAYS REMENBER , SHE WILL SOON BE HERE TO BE YOUR SUNSHINE JUST LIKE YOU ARE MINE. SHE IS JUST A GRASSHOPPER AWAY. {SUMMERTIME ) GET IT. LOVE YOU ALWAYS MOM

kynamom said...

What a beautiful poem!!
She will be here soon, I'm thinking 6 or 7 months soon.
Try to think of it like this if you were pregnant you would be seven months this week.
Hang in there,