Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy 4, yesterday

I didn't want anyone to think we missed our family's four month anniversary together! I know, I know, it happened yesterday. It has just been a nutso week with Jeeps, and city council, and homegroup, and parent/teacher conferences. We were just flat exhausted last night and didn't get it posted. BUT we DID remember it!!!

Happy 4 month anniversary baby girls! We thank God every day that He chose us to be your parents! We LOVE YOU!!!!!

Ok, now I'm off again...spring break starts in less than an hour! I'll be off to pick up the girls early, YAY! We can't wait to spend some time with them...and do some extra special things with them.

Stay tuned for our Easter/Spring Break updates!



Anonymous said...

WOW 4 months already...I can't wait to see them on Sunday for Easter...and to watch them with the other kids go on an Easter egg hunt...soooo exciting :)

Love you all....Missy and family

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet lil ones, you make my heart happy that you are in our lives now. 4 months and lots of happy memories, so happy easter and we love you . fr gran and papaw sadler

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! You seem as if they have been in your family from the start. You are growing into a great family.

Happy Easter!!!


jkcm said...

Happy Anniversary to you all! It has been a month full of anniversaries for you all and that is a wonderful thing! Have a fabulous Spring Break and as usual, we can't wait for the pictures! Thank you for blessing us with them.