Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes...

How many times can you tell the Twincesses "It's night night. No more playing!" ? Apparently a hundred. Their all-time favorite activity is throwing all of their blankets out of their beds. Tonight after the third, or was it tenth, time of settling them down, Tony and I were sitting and listening. We first heard whispers, then we heard them each say, as clear as day, "Baba told you NO!" Then it morphed into, "Abby, Baba told you NO!" (Insert adult giggle here) Serioulsy, if they won't listen to us, I wish they'd at least listen to each other!!!

On another note, Chris and Sarah are en route to Jaxson!!!! Their flight from NJ left about three this afternoon, so the way I see it, they should be going pretty crazy about now. It's ok though, their son is waiting on them in China! Keep those prayers coming for them...they're working!


Ok, off to tell the girls "NO MORE" one more time. Any other sugguestions???



IzzyBeth said...

My Dad always used to say "Keep it down to a dull roar . . ." And then we would wait until he was in bed and go "roooarrr, roooarrr".

I love the term "twincesses"! that is hysterical.

Does Sarah have a journey blog like you did?

Anonymous said...

Dear sweetie heart,humm! I guess its working, It gets you in the room each time. IT HAS BECOME A GAME NOW, JUST TRY TO IGNORE THEM AND IT WILL PROBLEY STOP. Try it and see. love of love mom(gigi)

April Isaacs said...

It doesn't help when they are so darn cute!! I think moments like those are the best! When they do funny things like that! I know you are enjoying every moment!

Thanks for praying and leaving comments!! I need it!

Still sad not to travel with you! I am not holding a grudge or anything!:-)