Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hurry, read, sign!

Before I start this post, here is the much promised pic of the girls experienceing grass with their CUTE bare feet. This picture was taken on their second experiences. Can you see Laney spreading her toes out? She still wasn't diggin' it at this point, but merely, tolerating me. Abby, however, actually likes it! She's our little Chinese Hillbilly!

OK! Our six month update post is ready to read!!! It was SO stinking hard to write. How can you truly recall every joy and challenge we have faced over the past six months and summarize it all on one post? Well, I did, but fair warning that it is LONG! However, there are NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES on there! That should entice you to read it!

You all were such a huge part of their journey, and still ARE a part of their story. After you read, please sign the guestbook. Rmemeber, everything will be saved to keepsake CD's for the girls after we do our year post. Even if you're usually just a lurker, please post comment. It means a lot!

OK, the website is:

Also, check back next week where I'll be giving you the scoop on how Potty Training 101 has been going around here. With twins. Two times the potty. FUN!


The girls LOVE their Baba! I should have saved this for a Father's Day pic, but it was just too cute not to share sooner! Here, Baba, is presenting at city council and we caught it on TV. The minute he came on, they ran to the TV and KISSED him! It was totally unprompted by me, but I grabbed my camera and the next time he appeared, they did the same thing! TOO CUTE!!!!



Anonymous said...

I tried to sign the guestbook, but it was disabled???

Love the site, you did well with the condensing of facts. I love the picture of them with their sunglasses on, so CUTE!! Look forward to more updates. I am totally hooked, I hope you know that!!!!


Anonymous said...

The pictures on this site are so cute! I'm heading over to the other site to read your post and view pictures there too. Can't wait to see them.


LifeWithTheFerrells said...

adorable as always! I love the little story of them kissing the TV when they saw daddy! These kids are precious aren't they? (although sometimes they are more precious when they are sleeping!!!)
God Bless

IzzyBeth said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Kissin' the TV. AWWWWW