Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, you NEED, NEED, NEED to read this blog: The Journey

It is about an amazing young woman're just going to have to go and read it. She's simply amazing. And I am WAY humbled by how God is using her. I know it may seem long, but go back to 2007 when she started it. Who am I kidding? You'll read two posts and want to go back just to get the full story.

IF you do your homework and read this blog (notice I said, IF) then I'll reward you with pictures of the girls' first pumpkin carving experiences and Halloween. Ok, now go and do your assignment!


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April Isaacs said...

I went to the blog... so now I get to see the pictures!

Couple of other things:

1) I don't know how on earth I missed you tagging me. I just came here to look for it. I saw it! But, did you tell me you tagged me? And, even if you did, did you READ my post about the dentist?? Clearly, I am not all here or there. Whatever! But, I would have responded to the tag for you too... honestly!! So sorry!

2) Please still be my friend. My good friend called me a bit ago and she told me I really don't HATE dogs. She told me that was a really strong word. She's right. I really just hate them in my house. I am nice to all animals. I just can't get past the smell. Plus, I have no patience for an animal. It all goes to these little people who live in my house.

So, i would be nice to your dog!