Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm NOT going to reinvent the wheel...

So...please read Sarah's blog. It explains what our church is doing and how you can help!

If you love our girls (and I KNOW YOU DO) then hop over to her blog and see what impact you can make in the life of an orphan!

(Stay tuned...I'll give you an update on how the project is going! Also, soon we'll be celebrating our ONEYEAR ANNIVERSARY as a family...yep, I'm crying already!)



Mom Of Many said...

Hi again,
I just wanted to tell you how your comment touched Dw and I yesterday. With tears brimming I read it to him and he said, "Wow!" through his own tears.

Yes, Almighty God adds a grain or two of sand when we need it! I do not believe that I will ever look at our Elizabeth without an awe of what God did to bring her home.

I am going to find an hourglass for our Memorial Box - such a perfect idea! And I will always remember your comment about the "adding a grain or two of sand" when I look at it. =) Yippee Jesus!

Aren't "gaspers" the best? God is just so faithful and oh how He loves the orphan!

Linn xo

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that it has been 1 year already, yet it seems as if you have always been a family. The girls are doing so well and I would have to say, you look to be handling everything well also!!! :)

Best of luck for many more happy years.