Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'll just jump right in...we had to get a new computer because our laptop was WAY outdated and wasn't working at all.  After getting all pumped to get it, the stupid keys wouldn't work.  About every fifth letter wouldn't show up.  Talk about frustration!

Sooooo, we had to take it back yesterday.  They gave us a whole new computer.  I'm so glad we hadn't loaded all our pictures, etc on it!  BUT, that explains why I haven't posted pictures from Disney yet.  I don't want to upload them here either, until we know this one will work.

Please just bear with me!  I'll try not to be MIA for long!!


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Lori said...

Ugh...computers are mostly a blessing but CAN be a pain in the bee-hind when they don't cooperate!

Can't wait to see Disney pics!!

Oh and THANK YOU for posting my button! You rock!