Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You guys are doing it!  Your prayers are being heard!  (Not that I doubted, but confirmation is always nice! )

Baby Junebug has flipped totally around again!  He is head down!  That means this is one ACTIVE baby!  God is providing space for him (or her) where there shouldn't be space!  And at yesterday's appointment, he looked as though he might be practicing breathing!  HOW?  There's no amniotic fluid that WE know of.  But God!

And his kidneys and bladder?!?!  Amazing changes!  Check out their BLOG to see what God is up to!

Both the specialist and their OB confirmed yesterday that there is no explanation about how Junebug is doing this.  They, yes, THEY agreed only God could be doing this!  God is ON THE MOVE!

So, friends, this next week is critical.  Pray like mad that Junebug stays active and growing.  Pray that he keeps putting on ounces.  Pray that he keeps defying the odds!  He is making believers where there were none, already!

Then, pray that the doctors have the best solution for Rob and Ally.  They'll be meeting with the neonatologist next week too.  Then, together all the doctors will determine a plan of action.  Should Ally go into the hospital so they can monitor baby Junebug 24/7?  Should they keep going week-to-week and keep it business as usual?  Should they set a date to deliver?  Only God knows the outcome.  Thank Him, that He does!

Thank you, friends, for praying.  That little bug means to much to me, as do his parents!  I love that you're standing with me in prayer (some of you don't even really know me!)  And Rob and Ally feel those prayers!  The body of Christ is amazing! 

You can check on updates on their blog HERE!

Love you, friends!



Mark and Melanie said...

Absolutely continuing to pray!!

Adeye said...

Wooohooooo....that is absolutely AMAZING!

Go God!