Monday, September 05, 2011


Greetings...its Tony.  You probably know I like to post I will give you photo update showing what we've been up to this summer...Enjoy!

 Last day of preschool. 

Hayleigh's 6th Grade graduation...friend Ashtynn in the picture as well. 
 All the girls at Safety Village.  Rett and Hayleigh taught Safety Town...
Abby and Laney were able to participate. 

 Tennessee VACATION!  Tony and the girls enjoying NASCAR Speedpark....
 Family Picture (taken before the professional photographer). 
 Here we are in the Great Smoky Mountains.
 Girls chillin' at the hotel balcony in Gatlinburg.
 Girls with cousin Addison at the Sprite and Fairy walk in Muncie.
 Girls at their 5.5 year old pool party....
 Hayleigh with her older sis Makayla at her 12 year old pool party...
 We went to Africa!!!!  These were friendly critters!....Just kidding...actually the Indy Zoo...

Rett and her niece Kristy at the New Kids on the Block Concert...Thanks for the ticket Kristy.
 First Day of School! :(  Kindergarten for the girls, 7th grade for Hayleigh. 
 Tony and Hayleigh at the Colts's game

 Family picnic at Aunt Karla's...
 Hosting our international guests from Philippines, Uganda and Nepal...
At the orchard with our guests...apples are a treat to them.

There's more Rett can blog about later.  But this should give you an idea of our past few months.  Keep checking in please!  Have a great day.


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I was glad to read your post I did miss them.
Love Mom