Thursday, September 14, 2006

Morgan Nicole Zhen Williamson

We met a really great couple through our local adoption group named Brian and Nancy. They're with the same agency-FTIA, and have the same coordinator-Charlene. What's exciting is that they left THIS MORNING on their journey to bring their daughter Morgan home! They are a fun couple with one daughter Natalie (5th grader) and all three left for Beijing in the wee hours of the morning. They will actually meet Morgan for the first time on Monday.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that they make all of their connecting flights and have a great travel experience.
  • Pray that they all stay healthy while they're gone.
  • Pray for little Morgan and her adjustment to her new parents and surroundings.
  • Pray for parenting wisdom for Brian and Nancy.
  • Pray for Morgan's China mommy and daddy and that they have some sense of peace in knowing Morgan is joingng a wonderful family.

Just day, we'll be posting that it's our turn to fly out!!! Our Abby girl doesn't know what a fantastic family she's coming home to!



Anonymous said...

I'm the first one now! Do I get a special prize? Maybe a pony, or a new car! Okay back to reality, I can't wait for that day either! That will be an exciting time for everyone. I feel like I'm part of it too and I just read the postings! (Can you tell what kind of sentences we talked about today!)
Love and prayers, Rachel

Anonymous said...

You can find the My mom is going to blog this at:

The care bears "Funshine Bear" with the lady bugs, can be found at Target or Walgreens.
Good Luck!

mom said...

dear sweetie, all of our prayers are with Brian and Nancy and their new baby girl and her older sister . lots of happy times are abound in the Williamson household. Best wishes and butterfly kisses to all. Just wanted to say they also have a very special and caring couple praying for them with Tony and you .The best to them and to you and most importanly to our abby girl. may the stars shine down with moonbeam kisses to all of the very special familys that have open their hearts and lives to very special children. makes me proud to know them all. love , from mom and dad sadler