Sunday, September 03, 2006


Goodness, we have LOTS to post...but want to spread it out so that you out there in Bloggerville don't get bored. With that being said, here's the list of things we'll post about over the next few weeks. (Maybe it'll peak your interest so you'll keep checking back!)

Oh, and if you're a lurker...feel free to post a comment. I mean it. Seriously. Do you know the depression I was sent into when I realizd that MaryMia had like 500 comments (yes, 500) on her recent referral post on her "Do They Have Salsa in China" blog? I know, I know, it was hard NOT to post a comment for the ADORABLE twinnyliciousness, but, come on...if I did a spreadsheet of number of comments she receives (much like the referral spreadsheets she does) it would show an average of about 1.6 billion comments per post. Ok, more like 40, but that's about 38 more than ever show up on ours. (LOVE HER BLOG...go there...but don't you DARE post a comment there until you do on ours!) You lurkers demand and demand new posts because you're bored with our last one, but send NO encouraging comments to entice us to post more! (You know who you are!) *sigh* ok, I'm over it. hehehe here's the previews for the coming attractions to Abby's blog.

  • Brian and Nancy (new friends of ours) and their beautiful daughter Morgan. They're heading to China on Sept. 14. Start sending prayers their way!
  • Our latest Abby adorable stroller and practical thermos.
  • A fantastic site called "The Lord's Table". (Thanks April) Oh, and I'll explain GBS.
  • Local adoption group meeting next Saturday. We're having international foods!
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting something, praying I'll remember later.

So there you have it. And, wow, I reread my last paragraph, and it sounds like I'm that sad little kid on the playground that is begging for friends. That's not true, we just LOVE to hear from you all. This blog will hopefully be important to Abby one day. We want her to know how much her family and friends love her.

Stay tuned kiddos!



Tiffany said...

YES! I am the first to tag the tree at recess AND to leave you a message for this post! I have fallen behind on my reading, but I see that the posts are as whimsical and encouraging as always! When are you writing your first novel? I keep you all in my prayers and wear my Abby beacelet as a reminder of the coming life altering events I hope to be a part of. Keep the FAITH guys, you are so loved! Love from Aunt Tiff and ladybug kisses too!

Anonymous said...

Rett & Tony:

I know the wait for referral is a killer. It will happen!!! We are positive that the wait for referrals will speed up! We have to wait at least a month longer than you! ;0)

Abby will be in your arms before you know it! We often think of Melaina and wonder if she's born yet, what her birth family is thinking, etc.

We pray for her and her birth family as well as for Millie's birth parents and foster parents too.

Keep your chin up! It IS going to happen! God's in full control!

Take Care,


mom said...

dear sweet-pea, just a note to say your dad and i are there for the long and short road with you and tony and in person or in your blog we know in our heart abby is on her way . posts and prayers are so powerful , so lets make sure there are always lots of p"s in our blogs and our hearts. love always and forever , mom and dad sadler

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Hi honey, just leaving you a comment so you get lots and lots. Heehee. :-) Still drooling over the twins' pictures. We are so in love.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog all the time and I don't even know you. My husband works with Robbie at Forum and we hang with Allyson's parents from time to time. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of joy! Emilie Moore :)

Paul and Christy said...

ok, I'm guilty of being the "lurker"..I'm sorry..forgive me? I check your blog every other day but never post....I enjoy reading about your adventures, it makes me feel closer to you guys but I just don't respond...sigh... OK, I'll do better from here on out! Keep up the blogs, I"m definately keeping you guys in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry I'm one of those people too! I don't want to admit it either. I think that's the first step of recovery though. Now step two post from time to time. I think I might get past this! Really, I'm so happy for you guys and I love reading about it too! Tony has no idea how much money you are going to spend on Abby! It will be fun too!
Love ya guys, Rachel

Lynnette said...

Keep up the great work on keeping everyone in touch. I know that it is extremely hard with school in session now.

If you ever need a supportive voice, you know where to find me.

Jennifer said...

Hi there you two. I finally got the link to see all of this. It's great and Abby is going to love seeing all of it and knowing that she means so much to you two and the rest of the family. I love getting to keep up with the process this way since we don't get to see you two that much. Oh and Shawn still has the bracelet on and will keep it on until she's here. (I would be right there with him but my wrists are too small ;) ) Keep the updates coming and we're saying a prayer that this process is as painless as possible for you guys!! It will all be worth it!

auntie kristy said...

Yeah, my wrists are too small, too, or I would wear my bracelet every day! hahaha Okay, so you know I love this blog and it is the highlight of this sad little nursing student's life. (I can't afford anything else!) This is just too exciting to be this connected to Abby-bug and she's not even here yet! I love the nursery and I'm dying to see the pink and grey wheels that Abby will be rollin' in! No chrome? haha Peace out and post on!

Shawna Abdul-Knight said...

Hey, I'm a blast from your past just saying that I love the blog and I read it every day! And I am trying to help you with your goal of 500 posts. I'm praying for you!

Aunt Ally said... turn to post. I just now read this post (I know it's over a week since you've posted it but I've been a busy little beaver). You guys will have Abby girl before you even know it. And like Rachel said...Tone doesn't even know how much $$ you guys will spend on her. She will be the cutest, most stylish girl in Richmond!! Robby and I can't wait to spoil her. We love you guys and are praying for you daily! See you this weekend...woohoo for Levi Coffin Days! :-p Allyson (and Robby)

Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine your anticipation right now! I love your blog - you really could write a novel - you have a wonderful way of putting your thoughts into words. Your story is very touching and please know that Jason and I pray for you both weekly in our small group. I pray that your referral is here ASAP! God speed that referral!!

Kara and Jason Landis