Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another week...

Greetings. It has been another week. Nothing too terribly exciting. We did celebrate our 8th anniversary. We are old. To tell you how wild and crazy we are, we decided to eat at Bob Evans that evening. Yes, Bob Evans. But, you know, they have good food and it is just minutes from our house. We then took the dog for a walk and turned in early. We were both exhausted from hectic days at work.

Other highlights...we cleaned the house. Not a biggie (and yes we clean it frequently) but I am just trying to think of my highlights at home this week. You see, we often have numerous work and volunteer related activities after hours. So when we have several nights at home we try to be productive.

We did go out with our friends Rachel and Jason Friday night. Their cute little boy, Grant, hung out with us as well. He is a funny little guy. Robby and Allyson came to town and we had a good time with them as well. As an act of youth, we raced our radio controlled vehicles. He was getting major air with his Stampede jumping the grassy strip between the curb and the sidewalk in front of our house. Cool stuff.

So, I am signing off for now. It is almost 9 pm and I need to get to bed. I have something EVERY NIGHT this week starting with what will most likely be a very long city council meeting Monday. Oh well. It is still cold out and if I were home I would probably be sitting inside watching Seinfeld and Friends reruns.

Have a swell week.


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Anonymous said...

wow...8 years for real?! I cant beleive its been that long, it seems like yesterday ya'll got married...and the 800 times we had to get fitted for our dresses :) Love you guys, and you both (actually all 3 of you) are in our thoughts and prayers...I cant wait to see my new cousin :)

love...missy :)