Sunday, March 11, 2007

Does anyone still read our blog?

So, it has been awhile since we posted. Many things have happened since the last post, but probably none of those things are newsworthy. We did get a little snow.

This week is our 8th wedding anniversary. Also, this week will mark our 9 month "log in date" anniversary. So, a couple of milestones. Rett is forewarning everyone that now she has exceeded the 9 month "adoption" pregnancy (the forecasted wait time when we started was 9 months) she is allowed to get cranky (per Pastor Rob). Lucky me. Then again, it is not fair that we will be pregnant for the gestation of an elephant.

For our regular adoption readers, you are aware that ladybugs are supposed to be good luck or something for referrals. I have come to the conclusion that they may be backfiring. I think the China adoption creature of choice right now should be a turtle or how about an inchworm? Let me know what you think. Hopefully we will get to the point where a cheetah would be the best choice because referrals will be coming so quickly. What do you think?

We will update in the coming weeks....sorry for the long delay between posts. We have been busy and had technical difficulties. Blogger locked our blog and called it Spam? Interesting....

For those of you that are looking for another local blog to check, we suggest: We suggest that you listen to the podblast as well, it is very entertaining.

Until then, we wish you champagne wishes and caviar dreams...



Niner said...

Hey, Eight years. Congrats!

I promise I will make no more elephant gestational jokes. I'm kind of regretting making the first one oh so many months ago. Shhh, don't remind Rett, she might hurt me. :-)

We keep praying that the process will speed up and your daughter will come home soon. We know you two will make awesome and Godly parents.

Blogger locking the blog is pretty strange. My offer still stands, buy the domain and I'll take care of your hosting on my server space. Well, until you start getting thousands of hits per day, then you're on your own. :-)

Thanks for the plug too!

Anonymous said...

I saw a ladybug the other day and we will start to see more soon! That can only mean good things to come!


jkcm said...

Hey you two! I definitely still read your blog and it is a great one by the way. I have to thank you for being our one and only comment on our new blog. I don't think some of my family get what a blog is yet....too funny. Thanks to your blog, I reconnected with Cammie after so many years, so thanks!

Congratulations on 8 years of marriage. I remember being at your wedding, it was very, very nice and I loved the music!

I pray that you will have your sweet little Abrielle sooner than you can even imagine. Phil 1:6

I look at ladybugs in such a different light now. We will soon be seeing them more and more and that has to be a good sign!!!!

Kara and Jason

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

Um, YES I still read your blog. I haven't completely fallen off the face of the planet. :) I suggest a slug... that you can pour salt and Draino on when you are getting impatient and mad that you have wait so long. Do you still read MY blog? :)

mom said...

congrats on your eighth, and hopefully many more. i know its been hard but the end results will be worth it so keep on keepin on with the faith and remenber your star . it will bring you great rewards and a lil baby girl named abby, so many prayers and lots of hugs and kisses are sent your way from your parents who love you very much. so heres to star-lit nites and moonbeam kisses. love mom and dad sadler