Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm baaacckkk!

Tony has done a fantastic job at posting here. He stepped in to blog when my heart simply wasn't in it. He brought you some pictures and topics that, regardless of how trivial, you all ate up...AND asked for more! Really? Is our reality that interesting? Well, ok, you asked for it.

As you well know, things on the adoption homefront have been slow moving and, frankly, depressing. We did get our documents completed and submitted for our homestudy update. That was progress. We also celebrated our 11 month waiting anniversary. Currently the time frame is running about 19 months. But don't get all excited, every month that number seems to creep up. So every month when we have another month under our belts, another is added to the end. Insert cliche here about "good things come to those who wait, or all in God's time" yep, we know them all by heart. So when we started this gig 11 months ago, it was an 8-9 month wait. It appears it is currently another 8-9 month wait, and 6 months from now, it will probably an 8-9 month wait. *sigh* Also, in June/July, we need to start updating our fingerprint clearance for the FBI. Yeah, because fingerprints expire. Did you know that? Grissom never said anything about that on CSI. Then again, he never adopted.

Speaking of TV and adoption. We got a kick of hearing about your opinions of the King of Queens finale. Although we didn't watch, we heard that Doug and Carrie adopted from China. We also heard how you all were irritated that they made it appear as though it happened in a matter of days, that they were able to adopt an infant, travel the same day they received "the call", and their comments about parenting two different kids with two different eye shapes, or it being a given that you get pregnant once you adopt. Thank goodness you're educated and know those things aren't true! Thanks for listening and learning!

Anyway, we have had two other exciting things recently. My niece Kristy graduated from Ivy Tech with her LPN license/degree! We are SO proud of her effort! She already has a job lined up in pediatrics at Henry County Hospital, and we know she'll do well! She's adorable in her nursing hat too! I'll post her picture once I get another copy of it. Nurse! Too cool!

The other excitement came by way of stork on Mother's Day nonetheless! My other niece Nikki gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Koleson Michael on Sunday evening. That is the handsome boy you see above. While she was in the hospital, Tony and I got to spend some much needed time with Addison, who is her first child and our fabulous strrawberry-blonde great-niece.

Thanks for being patient with our random posts, but we don't post because we don't get COMMENTS! Kidding aside, some months this rollercoaster ride is pretty smooth. There are only few emotional bumps and turns. And other months, it's flat out scary and jumbles our insides. We do just have one little request. Please do not make the statement, "Just enjoy the time you have together." or "Enjoy the sleep you'll never have again." Although we know these are true statements, some days they are just too hard to hear. As my sister Renee said, "You can sleep when you're dead! We want Abby home NOW!" I know, I know, you'll throw that back in our faces the FIRST time I complain about being tired. But don't. Just don't. I don't think my psyche can take it! hhahahaha.



Kyna Mom said...

Don't worry, when you need to sleep I will be there to babysit while you are sleeping. I'm looking forward to it.
Nikki's baby is adorable and congratulaions to Kristie!!
Love you,
Kyna Mom

Lynnette said...

Hey Guys, I know it has been a long hard road, but it takes a strong couple to push through the hard times. The time will come when the moon and the stars are all lined up and you will get the "call" that your little girl has arrived.

Sleep? Who needs sleeps?????

mom said...

dear sweet tater, great pics , great news and hang in there. as my mother ,use to say to me all of the time/== when you think you are at the end of your rope, tie another knot in it and hang on and believe me no truer words are said. so just believe and stay true to your feelings. love you both bunches and always, mom and dad sadler.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm worried about your prints now. You might have become a rebel with this long wait now! Maybe Grissom can help out with that! Ha! Remember when you need some money you can get some special gifts too! (umbrella!!)