Monday, May 07, 2007

Robby Chillin' with Mayor Bart

Well, not too much has been happening. We did send off our homestudy update materials. The pool is down. We now have the neighborhood's largest sandbox, a 24 foot circle of sand. We have been working to "square off" the deck. We cut off the half moon shape of the deck to make it look less obvious that there was a pool (thank you to Dad for helping us modify the deck). We still have work to do, but the hard part is finished, I think.

Other than that, just business as usual, work, pay bills, work, mow grass, etc...
The photo above is Robby haning out with Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson. What a perfect photo.
I will have Rett post next time so that there is some interesting is late, I had a long day topped off by a city council meeting. BUT TOMORROW IS THE CITY PRIMARY ELECTION AND I GET THE DAY OFF!!!!! There are a few benefits to goverment work.
Have a good one!!!


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