Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Latest Addition to the Family

By the title, you may be expecting something else. But to us, we strangely bond to other things and consider them part of the family. As you have seen by the previous posts, we (or at least I) have a problem with vehicles. We have several including:

  • Rett's Jeep Liberty,
  • the Jeep Grand Cherokee,
  • the yellow Jeep Wrangler,
  • the 1969 Nova (my first car),
  • the 1972 Nova (long time project car),
  • the S-10 (rusty, but 266,000 miles and running strong),
  • my Grandpa's 1941 Buick,
  • and as of yesterday a 1964 Nova Station Wagon.
Yes, we acquired another ride. Don't worry, the 1972 Nova is going up for sale, so it all balances out.

So here's the story....

When my parents purchased the gas station/garage in 1988, one of our faithful customers was a nice lady that drove a sweet, all original, Nova Station Wagon. The whole family (including Mom, Dad and Robby) loved this car. We always said we would love to have it, or one like it.

You see, Dad's first car was a 1964 Nova, Mom has aways wanted a Nova wagon, Robby just parted with his 1969 Impala Wagon, my first car (mentioned above and pictured in previous posts) was a Nova. We really liked this car.

There is more. This car also belonged to one of our best friend's grandmother. She was the original owner and the family took very good care of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the owner passed away. The car was put on the auction block yesterday. I felt totally guilty going to the auction. I hate auctions like this, where someone's loved one's possessions are being sold. I tried not to feel like one of the vultures in the crowd looking for a bargain. We had different motives, if the car was to be sold, I knew my family would love and care for it just as much as the original family.

Ok, long story short, we ended up with the car at the auction. I had mixed emotions. I was happy, yet also sad, because I know the family loved this car. I had to leave the auction to go somewhere so I paid for it and Rett and Allyson stayed around to the end to drive the car home. From what I hear it was an emotional time. But if any of the family is reading this, please rest assured, it will be loved.

So now the photos....

The back seat, mid-way through our clean up.

230 Straight 6 with a Powerglide.

Rett and Allyson drove the car to Rett's parents house as they awaited our arrival back in town. The auction was just about 30 seconds from her parent's house. About 30 minutes after they arrived they looked out the window and saw two men drooling all over the car (figuratively). The men spotted the car from about three blocks away. They wanted to know if it was for sale. Rett said no, she just acquired it. They said they got their times mixed up and were planning to attend the auction to purchase it. They pulled out their checkbook, Rett said no thanks. In addition to Mom, Dad and Robby loving this vehicle, Rett does too. She cannot wait to drive this to school. She and Allyson have already named it "Bulah" (not sure where that one came from). We have created a monster, she has been online surfing the web for parts and pieces to help restore it.

So, the plans are to tune it up, change the oil, service the tranny, fix the radiator leak and drive it "as is" for the rest of this year. We will acquire new front fenders, lower rear quarter panels (if available) and probably new carpet and armrests. We hope to have it repainted in about a year. We have a brand new set of tires at the shop to be installed as well. There are NO plans to butcher it up and install a big engine or etc... The family will just enjoy it as a nice cruiser.

Niner, if you are reading this, we will need to rent your garage again this winter. You asked for at least three weeks notice, here is a two month notice.

Also, if you know anyone looking for a project car, my 1972 Nova is for sale, send them my way.

Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy about your cars! I did like it from the pictures and can't wait to see it in person. Now will Abby fit in the back safely? Ha! Have a great time with this car!


PAUL said...

I am(and Paul) SO glad you got that car. If my dad decided he didn't want it and Paul and I couldn't get it there is no one I'd rather see get it than you! I know you and Paul have admired it for a LONG time. I shed a few tears (as I'm sure my dad did when she left)when I read your blog but at least I know it's still "in the family". Take good care of her (I'm sure you will) and if you have any questions or need any help just call my dad!
The pictures are great! We'll talk to you all later!

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

I love it!! I can't wait to take a ride! If anyone knows our family, they know that our cars ARE our babies!! I think of the 69 Nova SS as a cousin... I mean, you've had it since we were in Jr. High! So cool!!!

Rob said...

Also if anyone wants to buy the 1970 Opel GT we have, it also for sale to make up for the new addition to the Foster Car family. If you want to check out more pictures of the Nova Wagon, you can see them here:


bb said...

Cool Wagon!!! Do the twins get to ride in this??
Check out my Paddy Wagon(AKA 1953 Chevy 1 ton panel van that previously belonged to the Pasadena Police Dept) and our 1948 Wee Wind Airstream at
LID 11-17-06
PS. Congrats on the cool car, and of course... the twins as well. ;- )