Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ahhh, the life (long post)

Ok, we've had a bit of a rough week. Poor Laney has been dealing with congestion due to the lovely Indiana weather, I'm sure. Anyway, after noticing some other symptoms, I went ahead and gave her a dose of some medicine. Well, we found out just a few hours later, that she IS truly my daughter. She broke out in hives. I knew that's what they were the minute I saw them. My heart ached for her. First, I know how uncomfortable hives can make you. I was also so sad because I was the one that gave her the medicine! I wanted to make her feel BETTER not WORSE!!!

Well, the hives didn't end up slowing her down one little bit. She never once scratched them or whined. I actually think they gave her a boost of energy! She was a new super hero....HIVE GIRL! She could leap through the air in a single bound! She could fly off the couch with NO tears! She could run hysterically down the hall and erupt into mad giggles. So, no, I didn't really end up making her feel worse.

That was two days ago, and the hives are all gone today! Yay! Both girls are still a little congested, but it doesn't affect them much.

With all this going on, I do have to share a delish mommy moment. I was putting clothes away in their bedroom on Tuesday. We had the music cranked to a great Christian station and the girls started boppin' all around. So, I did what every Mama should do...I put those clothes down and danced like mad with them! We giggled and twirled and snapped our fingers (ok, I snapped, but the girls gave it a valiant effort) and acted like total goofballs in the middle of the day.

After our crazy dance episode, a beautiful slow song about living life to the fullest came on. I scooped both girls up (no easy feat) and we slow danced together under their chandelier. As we danced, I cried (yep, still emotional). This was one of those moments I had lived two years for. I am fortunate enough to come from a family that loves to dance. I remember many times where my mom, dad, and I would be in the kitchen dancing to whatever song came on the radio. We'd dance the Jitterbug, the Charleston, and other dances with names I will never know. My mom and dad would dance together, and then one of them would pull me in and we'd all dance together. Or, my dad would twirl me around and show me how not be so bossy and let the guy lead!

Well, all of those memories came rushing back and I just danced with my daughters and cried. It was a surreal moment. They laid their heads on my shoulders and let me just flow and turn with the music. Even six months ago, I could have never imagined a more perfect moment in time. It's one I'll never ever forget. Somehow those moments wrapped up years of memories, family ties, and emotions that spanned both the US and China. And it was beautiful.

So that has been my week. Exactly one week from today, I start back to work part-time. It's going to be hard. Even during those evenings when I'm flat exhausted, and Tony's tired, and the girls want to do nothing but whine, I don't want to trade it. I have truly LOVED my time at home with the girls. I've been able to be selfish and just soak up every little goofy, fun, and endearing thing they do. (Like when Laney picks up her pretend cell phone and says, "Yellow" for hello. And when Abby scrunches up her nose and says, "UP" about 100 times a day because she wants to feel safe in your arms) I know it will be fine once we get into a routine, but I'm just not ready to go back. Stay tuned to see my emotional trek back into the workplace.

The pictures, are, well, just because I know you'll want Tony to post from now on if I didn't include them.

"Aww...Kyler...good girl" (This is what the girls say EVERY time they see her)

This is actually Abby, not Laney, saying "Hello!"

Here, Laney fell asleep standing up in her crib. TOO funny!

Bath time is WAY fun now! Too much fun sometimes....they even get in trouble now!



Tiff said...

Awwww, I didn't need a ball fest today Rett! Actually, I appreciate living vicariously through your motherhood moments. Let's teach these sweeties the lawn mower and the grocery shopper! hee hee Enjoy every minute~
Love you guys!!!

LifeWithTheFerrells said...

Oh Rett, I have tears reading your post. What a beautiful moment. I have had similar moments with my girls. It is so awsome that God has allowed us to be their parents! I will keep you in prayer as you start back to work. I know it won't be easy but you will be fine. You have created a beautiful bond with them!
God Bless your family!

Lauren said...

You are so very blessed! Thank you for allowing me to be a very small part of this journey with you. Laney and Abby will never understand just how lucky they were when God decided that you and Tony were to be their parents.

IzzyBeth said...

Gotta love Mommy moments - especially when you realize you're having one in that moment. :-)

Will pray for the entrance back into the workplace.


Lynnette said...

You will have so many moments that you better start a journal so you will remember all of them when the girls have their own babies. Can't wait to talk with you, miss bopping up the stairs to say HI and have you try a new treat. I will have to come up with something good for next week....let's see, sugar or sugar free that is the question!!!!

Love the pictures.. but I love the heartfelt words that you put into every message, everything is right from your heart, only like a mother could feel, and you are truly a mother.
God is looking after all of you,

Anonymous said...

DEAR RETT,what a wonderful day you had with your girls. I to remenber holding you and dancing with you and thinking how great it was to be dancing again with my children. With the other three being 14, 18,&20 when you were born it had been awhile. Thanks for reminding me how a simple life can be such fun and make some great memories.Love you all and thanks again for the memories. your momma sadler

Anonymous said...

I'm with the others...Tears, I always brace myself when I read your posts cause they are so emotional (which is a great thing)!! I love the mid-day dance party...but you need to break out the C and C music factory and make up dances with the girls like you did with Kristy, Tiffany and me :) anyway, we love you guys and give the girls a hug and kiss for us...:)

Love you...Missy and family

jkcm said...

What a sweet post!! Those are the moments that you'll always remember (and so will the girls). We should all cut loose more often and do that with our kids. Here's to breakin' it down!! The pictures of Laney and Abby are adorable, they are so incredibly cute!

M3 said...

Aw, the dancing sounds absolutely magical. What a beautiful moment.

(The falling asleep standing up just KILLS me -- too funny! Oh, and Rod did a bathtub conehead hairdo with Rose this week, made me laugh so hard, I'll have to find the pic and send it to you guys.)

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