Sunday, January 27, 2008

A couple of seconds...

The girls in China with Kiera (above), the girls with Kiera yesterday (below)

Hello and thanks for stopping in to check up on us.
Things are going well. The girls have adjusted well to their baby sitter now that Rett has gone back to work part-time. The girls continue to learn more and more each day and jabber constantly, which is hilarious. They are putting their words and phrases together more and more in addition repeating everything you say.

We did celebrate a couple of seconds....our first second was the fact that we celebrated our second month with the girls. Time flies. We have been together just two months yet it feels like forever.

Another second was attending our second Chinese New Year Celebration presented by our local international adoption group. We almost did not go last year because we were childless and felt the wait was going to be forever...seeing all of the cute children could have been depressing. We enjoyed it last year AND EVEN MORE THIS YEAR!

It was great, a whole new group that had been waiting to see the girls. One thing that we thought was hilarious were some comments we overheard. Two different people came in saying "we have to see the twins, everywhere we go and people see our daughter, and they ask if we have seen the family with the twins." Well, everyone got to see the twins.

It was also a very enjoyable evening because we were able to see Lynn and Kiera from our travel group. They drove up from Cincy to the event with her daughter Kendall and her friend. Kiera is extremely cute and stole the show. Next year Chris and Sarah will have Jaxson home which will be fun!

Well, I will keep this short, it is getting late and tomorrow is Monday, I cannot wait to start another exciting work week :(

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy the pictures.

Their many faces!

Trying to stay still after having their toes painted....(below)All the girls at Chinese New Year.

The girls trying new things at Chinese New Year...they loved the hula hoops.
They will climb on and into anything where their little bodies will fit, here they discover the laundry baskets.



Mama said...

Goodness, those girls are CUTE! It looks like they had FUN at the party Saturday night!

Just wanted to be sure everyone knew Abby wasn't in pain in that one picture. I just caught her as she was going to lay her head down on my leg...looks kind of scared though, doesn't she? She should be SO used to that camera in her face by now!

Good post, Baba...I love seconds. Can't wait to celebrate thirds, and fourths, and fifths, and sixths...yeah, well, you get the picture!

I love my family! God is GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rett and Tony,great post and you are right, God is good and you two have truly been blessed in your life. And as rett family also feels , we also have been blessed with the twins and two very happy parents. A great pair to go with all of their cousins.Thank God for all of them. Love Retts momma and family

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone enjoyed the party Saturday. I think it is a great idea to keep celebrating things in their culture.
I always said that kids would rather play with the box then the toy that came in it. Just invest in some good boxes and they will be happy for hours.
Can't wait to read more about the next celebrations.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! Especially where they are waiting for their nails to dry, how hard that must of been.
Everyone comments how adorable they are and I just say yes they are. We are so happpy to have our girls home, they are more of a blessing than we can describe.
Thank you Lord for bringing them into our lives.
Love you all, mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new pictures. The outfits from the Chinese New Year party are fantastic. The kids all look so beautiful! I can't wait to start a similar journey. Thanks for all of the information, Rett.

Josh and Cammie Delph said...

They get cuter every day. We met a Chinese man last night that Josh's dad works with, and he had a little girl, she was four. It made me so anxious to meet the girls even more!