Friday, January 09, 2009

Funny on Friday

OK, I'd LOVE to do FOTO Friday, but I'm at school and no access to cute pictures. (Besides, we're WAY behind...we'll be showing you Christmas and birthday pictures on Valentine's Day at this rate!) So, instead I thought I'd do a Funny on Friday...

Last night, Tony gave the girls each a couple of peanuts to eat. They loved them and wanted more. So Laney said, "May I have some more pea corns Baba?" Pea corns? Ohhhh a cute combo of peanuts and popcorn! Heheheheh.

And Abby, last night, just kept wanting to play and play. She said to me at one point, "Tickle me, Mama!" So as I dove in to tickle her, she immediately yelled, "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Hehehe. Well, what do you want baby? To tickle, or not to tickle...that is the question!

Just thought I'd share!


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