Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you kidding me?

Yeah, so I have another wonderful snow day at home and the girls have been great. (Orginally, I said they were "angels" and was sarcsastic. Well, honestly, they have been good. I'm just a crabby mama and not feeling well) I'm sitting here thinking, what educational and fun activity could I work on with them? At this point, Abby yells, "I can't get out!" I look over and she has wedged herself into a little purple plastic basket. (I know a pic would be better, but our computer has recently been wiped out and I don't know if the program to upload the pics is still on the computer).

SOOO, the first valuable educational lesson the girls received today was...when your butt is stuck in a little plastic basket, just roll to your side and you can get out. Quality. My girls are destined to be geniuses!

This is kind of a dark picture, but the girls are working hard on their thank you notes from their birthday party. Laney perfected her simple, one line signature, while Abby perfected her doctor signature. If you didn't get a thank you card, I'm blaming the mail system!

Have you ever seen the Christmas Movie called "A Christmas Story"? Well, everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE that movie. I watch it about 20 times a season. Anyway, one of the kiddos (Randy) on that show gets bundled up to go to school. It takes place in Indiana so it's quite chilly. Anyway, his mom gets him all dressed for school and just as she finishes wrapping him up, he says he has to go to the bathroom (and that he can't put his arms down). Well, here my girls are giving their best impression of Randy. For the record, last year they screamed bloody murder when we put them down in the snow. This year, we can't get them to come back inside!

The girls and I shared a first together. We played Candyland together for the very first time. Monopoly was more my speed as a kid-hehe No really, it was my first time ever playing Candyland. Baba had to teach all of us! They know their colors, so that wasn't the issue. The issue was they thought they could put their little gingerbread man on ANY red, blue, purple, etc. It was a long game, but Abby won! It was also the first time Laney expressed that she was totally displeased with Abby winning, Usually, when we play a game that someone wins, they are cool with losing and just want to play again to see if they can win next time. Not after THIS game though. Laney kept saying, "But, I WANT TO WIN!" We had our first little chat about winning and losing, Which, was hard. Because I don't like to lose either. EVER. I'm uber competitive. So, Laney, my girl, we'll have to learn this lesson together.



Mom Of Many said...

So sweet!! What a wonderful snow day with your girls! Thankful that you are making such great memories with your treasures! Yippee Jesus!


Chris and Sarah said...

I wanted a picture of the butt stuck in the basket.

Looks like everyone has been having a good time. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Dear crabby one,as your momma I would agree with you about winning.You had to win ,it was a must when you were little. hummmm I guess you are still that way but it made you good in school and great as a teacher so its ok.Remenber the grandkids did"t want to play you because they knew you would win, mainly at monopoly.But its ok I still love you . Its just a good thing your older sister didn:t play with you because SHE didn:t like to lose either. Good luck Laney and Abby, with your momma leading, you two will turn out great. And oh by the way , your baba is good at wining also so momma is rite, you two will be geniuses. love you"all GIGI AND PAPAW SADLER

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Tony is teaching them since you taught me to play Monopoly. Wasn't bad except you cheated!!


Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like to win????

I am right there with the two of you!

I love candyland, I loved playing with my boys. They wouldn't admit to playing it anymore, but I have the memories! :)