Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday...on Wednesday night

This post is from Abby (top) and Laney (bottom).
Hi friends! We are thankful for great birthday gifts from friends (Chris, Sarah, Amaya, Paige, and Jaxon). We finally convinced Baba to put our "little white house" together. Now, if they would just trust us with markers to PAINT it!
P.S. I know my picture looks silly, but Mama said to say, "CHEEEESE" and really smile. So I did. Thanks for understanding, Abby.



Chris and Sarah said...

I'm glad your girls like the house. Try to make yours last longer than ours did, our kids tore ours up in about 12 hours and 8 of that they were sleeping.

Have a good day!

PS Jaxson sends kisses

Anonymous said...

OH! Mama and Baba PLEASE let us paint our boring white house!!!!!!!! We promise not to mark on anything other then the house!!! :)