Monday, May 25, 2009

Flashback Friday...on, yeah.

To prepare for an upcoming garage sale (WHICH, by the way, I LOVE!) I decided to pull out my big tote of purses and sort through them. It wasn't hard to decide which ones to sell, and which ones to keep. Some were circa 1994. Wow. Yeah, I should part with those things more often!

I'm not sure what you do, but when I switch purses, I tend to only move over the "necessities" and plan on moving the other junk over at a later time. Yeah, well, that later time never shows up on my clock, so everything just stays in those purses. I started piling up all this stuff, and MAN! Talk about a time capsule! Who needs pictures? I have purses to provide more than enough memories and timelines! I cannot believe I'm going to show you this, but remember this pile developed after emptying about 10 purses! YIKES!

1. Tattoo ointment in a baggie Um, 7-10 years ago--ew!

2. Thank you card for good friend who arranged a bachelor party canoe trip for Tony. Yeah, over 10 years ago! Oh, and we obviously never sent it, but thanks BILL! He had a great time!

3. Floppy disk. Need I say more?

4. Big toothed comb for when I had big curly hair. Yeah. Yikes.

5. Disposable toilet seat covers. Ok, this is the most recent item and it's still close to two years old! We bought these to take to China!

6. Ticket to Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN. About five years ago, I'm guessing?

7. One of about 100 tampons I found in each zippered pocket in each and every purse. Could you tell I was determined to be prepared? Just wait until a future post when I explain that it was a total waste of money right there!

8. 35 mm camera film. NO IDEA where my 35 mm camera even is!

There were also miscellaneous pens, lip glosses, lotion, toe rings, doctor reminder cards, receipts, and even our engagement picture! Uugh, and plenty of mushy, damp, gross Trident gum. Yes, my gum of choice (but we love Orbit and Stride too, should one of them want to sponsor this blog!)

Here's the aerial view. The purses in the tub are being sold at the garage sale. The purses on the right will go on Craigslist or Ebay. Anyone interested in a Coach, Prada, Gucci or a floppy disk? No promises on their authenticity! Well, except the floppy disk. Trust me. It's authentic.



M3 said...

That is hilarious!!! I should do that too, I've got an entire shelf and old purses in the closet. Shudder to think what I might find though.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that!!!!!! It is amazing the things one will find when going through old purses :-) Did you find any $$$$$$$$, that is always a good find .

Good luck on your sale.


Chris and Sarah said...

Too funny!

Jaime said...

i do the same things with my purses! and i wonder sometimes how long tampons are good for. do they lose their absorbancy?
and for real? prada? i'm a coach freak who is getting rid of her freak obession and planning on selling htem (with hubbies approval since they are gifts from him... h eknows he can't go wrong with coach!) but would love a prada! let me know when they're listed and where so i can have a lookie-loo!

Anonymous said...

I'm def interested in name brand! Call me!!


IzzyBeth said...

GREAT post Rett! I can relate!