Monday, November 23, 2009

Have you seen it?

If you haven't gone there already, you need to check out Sarah's blog!  During the month of November, she has done giveaways in order to raise awareness and funds for a cute little guy named Duncan.  Well, during November, Duncan's forever family FOUND HIM!  WHOO HOO JESUS!  So he has a family, which means the party is JUST GETTING STARTED at Sarah's blog!

She is now doing a blog party to celebrate families, both bio and adopted.  She is hosting a daily giveaway of some WONDERFUL prizes!  Although I don't want the competition, I'd love for you to pop on over to her blog and celebrate too!  Hahaha.

Seriously!  Let's PRAISE GOD for how He is stirring the hearts of families worldwide!  Ok, enough, enough...go check it out!


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Chris and Sarah said...

I love your post! Thanks!