Monday, November 09, 2009

Memorial Box Monday--Barbie KitchenTable

Reread the title.  Huh?  Barbie Kitchen Table?  Yep, you read that right. 

This week, I'll add a Barbie sized kitchen table.  Why, you ask?  Let me fill you in.

Growing up, I was spoiled.  I am the baby of our family.  I have two older sisters and and older brother.  My mom had me later in life (YES, I was a accident, but that's ok, I'm still her favorite!  HA!  We'll see if that evokes some comments from the family!).  So being the baby, with no older siblings in the house, I got to go with my mom everywhere she went.  Time alone with her.  It was wonderful!

We often found ourselves at my aunt Connie's house.  Let me give you some background on my mom and her sister.  They are both loud, loving, laughing women.  They are NOT afraid to tell you their opinion (so THAT's where I get it!).  They would (and still will) listerally give you the shirts right off their backs if you would need them.  Neither hold on to material possessions and are of the mindset that if they have it, and you want it or think it would look better in your home, take it! 

I love my aunt's laugh too.  It's infectious.  I love nothing more than to try and get a giggle out of her.  It's just something that makes my heart warm.

Well, when we'd go over to my aunt's, my cousin Tiffany was often there.  She is older than me (but only by months) and way wiser than me.  Where I was spoiled, she had to work for what she had.  She is so much more self-diciplined than I am.  She taught me a lot about life and about being independent.  She was so brave (she'd climb under the park tunnels) while I was a wimp (I'd blame the white shirt I was wearing for not climbing through them).  And we look as different as night and day.  She has dark hair and features, and is thin!  I'm blonde with fair features, and a chubb-o!

But this is where the kitchen table comes into play.  I'm not even sure if Tiffany would remember this or not, but there were many times when we were together at Aunt Connie's and we would sit under the kitchen table.  We would sit there while my mom and aunt (her grandma and aunt) would sit at the table drinking coffee and solving the problems of the universe.  We would take our sodas or toys under that table and sit for hours.  We got shooed from there a time or two, but mostly we were free to just be there.  Nestled securely under the women we most admired and loved. 

When we were under that table, all was right with the world.  We were untouchable.  The problems (jobs, family issues, etc.) that were discussed above the table never reached our safe world below.  We just knew we were safe.

Recently, my aunt had a scare.  A heart issue came up and we held our breath while we prayed to God to be merciful.  He was. 

While in the hospital, I called my aunt to check on her.  She was in good spirits and laughed and laughed with me on the phone.  But, it was during this call something more important transpired.  I was able to talk to Aunt Connie about God.  She told me she had been doing some serious communication with Him.  She said though things aren't always perfect, she does have a personal relationship with Him!

WHOO HOOO!  I know I'm an emotional/hormonal wreck, but when she said those words, I wanted to shout and cry all at the same time!  I now know, without a doubt, I will see my aunt in Heaven.  (Though, trust me, Heaven is NOT ready for her yet!)

Therefore, I'm putting in a little Barbie kitchen table.  For it was under that table, I felt loved, safe, and cared for.  It was under that table where I learned about life.  And it was under that table my love grew for my aunt and cousin.

I know this is an extremely personal entry.  And I never asked permission from mom, Tiffany, or Aunt Connie.  But, friends, I wanted to post this to remind you to NOT waste opportunities.  I was a nervous wreck talking to her, because I wanted to broach the subject.  But I didn't need to be.  God opened up the door! 

And because of this heart issue and latest hospital stay, sweet Abby has been asking about and praying for Aunt Connie often!  She is so loved!!!

What did you put in YOUR box this week?  Not sure what a Memorial Box Monday post is?  CLICK HERE!



Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Rett, my how that does bring back memories of long ago. AS the song goes...Thanks for the memories.And thanks for reminding all of us how something so small can be one of the Important times of your life.HOW FAMILY CAN MAKE A IMPACT IN A GOOD WAY. Hopefully your lil ones wil have the same good time with your family as you did with ours. May god always and forever bless you and yours as I have been you to the moon and back, mom P.S. I also cried

Anonymous said...

YEAH! For Aunt Connie! Never a doubt in my mind.

I can't let that post go without letting everyone know-YES, Rett is spoiled (did I say is? or was?) Anyway, spoiled or not she keeps us all on task when it comes to our relationships with God. I guess she wants to make certain we can all stay together as a family. Thanks! From your "Mean as a Bull" Sister.

Adeye said...

Oh my precious friend--you have such a precious heart, really! Thank you for sharing your sweet memories with all of us. What a reminder to me tonight to make the most of every opportunity that God send my way. He just has to get me to slow down a little to SEE the opportunities.

Love you!

Adeye said...

Oh, and I LOVE that you're the favorite :):):)