Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three Years Ago

I lied to you.  I'm sorry.  I haven't been back with Disney pics, or updates of any kind.  The summer ended, school started, and life took a turn.  A couple from our home group/bible study group, and good friends of ours, lost their seven month old son.  He was having heart surgery when a technician made a life ending mistake.  To say I am grieving is an understatement.  Sweet Tressel, aka Mr. T, is now in the arms of Jesus smiling his big grin down on us.  He's whole.  He's complete.  And we're left here.  Sarah posted more about it on her blog.  I just couldn't bring myself to.  Sweet boy.

However, Tressel's death has changed many people.  More are praying.  More are returning to church.  And more are seeking Jesus.  His death was not in vain.

And that cutie, Tressel, and his wonderful scrapbooking mommy, Emilie, remind me to cherish each moment.  Not only to cherish it, but to document it.  I have to.  For my daughters.  For my family.  For me.  Emilie is a gifted scrapbooker and has Tressels short seven months marked in pictures and musings.  I owe my girls that...so I'm back.  To blog.  To document.  In honor of Tressel.

Back to the title of my post.  Three Years Ago....today, we saw pictures of our daughters for the very first time.  Tony got the call while driving home from a meeting out of town.  You can read about the whole event HERE.

WOAH.  What a day that was!

These are some of the pics we first saw...

Ohhh, these sisters.  My heart was across a pond in China!  I had never seen them before that moment, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt they were ours!   And Laney STILL makes that face today.  It's when she's thinking of something ornery to do.  Plotting, we'll say.  And Abby STILL looks sad when she's sitting all alone.  She prefers to be snuggled with someone!

Sweet and sassy girls they are!   Last night, Laney woke up crying and said she had a bad dream but couldn't recall it and couldn't seem to settle down.  I had her in our bed and settled down next to her.  She drifted back to sleep rather quickly and her soft snores began.  As I looked at her sleeping face and listen to the breath of life, I thanked God that I was the one who got to see peace across her face after an unhappy dream. 

Round two was Abby.  She started whimpering and crying.  She had a bad dream too, just minutes after Laney's.  Weird since she had NO idea that Laney had a bad dream. I went in to calm her down.  She wouldn't get back under the covers and relax, so she too, headed to our bed.  As she settled, I just snuggled in next to her.  I rested my nose on her arm and felt the warmth and smelled her sweet scent.  I thanked God he chose US to be the ones to comfort them in the night.
It might sound cheesy to some of you...but Tressel reminded me to reflect on my girls.  Reflect on the life God blessed me with.  Reflect on His goodness.  So I am. 

I hope to take pictures of the girls holding their referral pictures tonight so you can see the differences now.  Three years of Jesus, love, nutrition, family, laughter, hugs, whispers of affirmation, stories, and dreams have made them into beautiful children. 

Thank you, God!



Chris and Sarah said...

You know it's hard to even remember them not being in your arms yet?

I can't wait to see the new pictures and I'm glad your back to blogging.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back to blogging, too. I know this has been a rough time for you and I'm so sorry for that. I'm still praying for you as you grieve and as God uses you through your friendship to this sweet family that lost their sweet son. Treasure those girls! I would love to spend more time with them!!


Anonymous said...

We thank you God for these two special blessings!!

IzzyBeth said...

Just now reading this and crying, as usual.