Monday, March 21, 2011

Fasting for Junebug

Hey, friends.  I have been a Christian for many moons.  But, honestly, in all my learning and growing, I never truly understood the concept of fasting.  Fasting.  In all my years, I had never been challenged to fast, or understood it enough to know I could have/should have fasted a time or a hundred throughout my life. 

A good bloggy friend of mine introduced me to fasting.  You can find Linny's blog here.  If you scroll down the right side of her blog, you can find the labels for her posts.  Click on fasting.  You could read dozens of posts about fasting and its purposes.  You'll find testimony after testimony proclaiming how fasting has moved mountains, and drew people closer to God.  Her stories and explanations are so encouraging and informational. 

But here, I'll give you the elementary school Reader's Digest version of fasting.  (Because that's what level I'm at haha)  Basically, when we fast, we sacrifice food (or items) that mean something to us.  We choose to do this in order to draw closer and lean on God more.  When we fast, we are petitioning God.  We're going before the throne to ask God to move a mountain.  We're asking Him to do something huge.  And throughout the day(s) that we are fasting, we are often craving what we're fasting.  Therefore, when my stomach growls (which it does, OFTEN) I am reminded to be in prayer for that mountain or need.  When I am at my most desperate hour with the fasting, God supplies what I need and I lean into Him more.  I often become quieter before God.  I'm steadily in prayer, but when I'm fasting, I feel like God sees my heart clearer.  And I can hear Him clearer.  He knows that if I'm going to give up food, I MUST be desperate!  :)

Some people cannot fast food.  For health reasons, it is simply not possible.  And God knows your heart.  Maybe, instead of a whole day of fasting food, you fast a meal?  Or fast other things.  Find something that once it is missing, or not a part of your everyday, you'll be reminded to pray.  It's not about WHAT you fast, it's about the purpose behind the fasting.  Your intention.  Your heart.

So, why the lesson on fasting?

Rob and Ally are going to Cincinnati for a second opinion about Junebug on Friday.  Their doctors and specialists here are, pretty much, saying they have done all they can.  I thought they saw the God we served when Junebug outlived their predictions.  I thought the doctors realized the power of our God when He created space where there should be none.  One would think they would get a glimpse of God when they saw that our Junebug was growing RIGHT ON TARGET, without the fluid and space otherwise afforded a baby.  Maybe they did see it, but don't know where to go from here.  Well, Cincy seems the place to go.

So, friends, Friday seems to be a day that could provide many answers for Rob, Ally, and Junebug.  They will have a few more tests done, and see a specialist there.  What some will see as a last ditch effort, I think God could use as the beginning of the next chapter of Junebug's Journey.  You can hop over and read their blog for the details about what Friday will bring.  (It was originally scheduled for Thursday, but will now be Friday.)

Therefore, I wanted to see if you, my sweet bloggy friends would be willing to fast with us on Wednesday.  We have been discussing as a family what we will be fasting.  It is an amazing opportunity to go before our King and ask that He heal sweet Junebug.

What will I be praying for?

  • I will pray that Junebug's kidney/bladder be healed.  Simply healed.  Something only our God can do.
  • I will pray that Junebug's lungs continue to develop and get stronger.
  • I will pray that Rob and Allyson have a peace that no one can give, other than God.
  • I will pray for ultimate wisdom for the specialists. 
  • I will pray for hope.
  • I will pray for trust.
  • I will pray for our families.  Honestly, Rob and Ally have been stronger than we have.  They know God chose them to be the parents of Junebug regardless of the outcome.  They have peace in God's decision.  The families of Junebug are working toward that, but I will pray for our families just the same.
  • I will pray that Junebug's Journey will continue to touch the lives of many.  That those who are far from God now, will be reunited all because of this sweet baby.  And for others, that prayer for Junebug will strengthen relationships with God and family.
So will you join me, Wednesday?

It's going to be powerful.    I can feel it.

Feel free to spread the word.  I want to be storming Heaven with prayers on behalf of Junebug, Rob, and Ally on Wednesday.

Are you in?



Andi said...

I will be honored to join you in fasting and praying for "junebug".

Mark and Melanie said...

Hi, Rett
Wanted you to know that I am praying and fasting with you for Junebug this morning!