Thursday, June 29, 2006

A little insight...

To pass the time, I thought I'd share a little excerpt from the journal that I write to Abby.....

"Good friends of ours, Sarah Latello and Shannon Smith, did something so special for us a few months ago. When I was feeling ultra frustrated with the efforts to become a parent, Sarah began praying and God gave her an image. Well, she shared that image with Shannon, who is an artist, and she drew it for us. It is a picture of God's hands holding a precious baby. Needless to say, I cried very hard when I received it. It was so special.

Well, Abby girl, that picture has changed meanings for me over the past few months. At first, when we hung it outside your nursery, we knew it signified how God had a plan for us and our baby. Now that God has been revealing His plan, the meaning has changed slightly for me. Now I see it as God holding you safely in his arms and hands until we can bring you home."

The Kiros at the top of the picture signifies God's timing. We normally work in Chronos...or things in order, in our timing. Kiros isn't quantity of time like Chronos. It's actually quality of time. It's a reminder that all things come in the quality of God's timing. I definitely need this reminder as our wait time to referral increases.



missymowell said...

yea that just made me cry....that pic is wonderful.

i just noticed the turtle on top instead of the lady bug...that fits...with the waiting!!

love you guys,

kristy said...

Wow, that is really touching. Wonderful story and wonderful drawing to show your Abby-girl someday. Sometimes I think we think of God as just know? Exclusive to us, but that drawing and your journal entry made me think...God is in China, too, and like you say, taking care of Abby and preparing for her journey home to be with her "forever family". What a blessing your friends are, Rett and Tony. You are so blessed.

mom said...

as always dear rett, i am left in awe of gods great power over our lives. he always knows what we do and do NOT need,.
and just the right time for it to all to come together. so with that being said , lets just say PRAISE GOD AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE WHEN WE NEED YOU THE MOST , CAN WE HEAR A AMEN ? lots of love to all from retts parents. P.S. TO OUR ABBY GIRL MAY GOD BLESS.