Saturday, June 24, 2006


Well, the test came out positive! Our coordinator emailed us to say that our documents were actually delivered in China on June 13 and our LOG IN DATE is June 15. That means, we officially on the waiting list for our baby girl!!!! A Log in Date is the date that the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) officially logs us in to their system of waiting families. For those who don't understand all this adoption mumbo jumbo, this is THE BIG DAY (next to our referral day--but we'll discuss that later), So please celebrate with us. Thank God for the ease we have experienced since we started this process. It's amazing what happens when you just LISTEN to God and act FAITHFULLY.

Just to head off any questions, our wait time is still 11-12 months until we receive our referral (picture and medical information). We'll let you know if that changes.

Thanks to everyone who's helped us build our excitement and who has offered valuable advice. The next chapter in our lives entitled "Waiting" has just started. Please continue to follow along in our journey, because actually, it has just officially started. Also, we need your prayers now more than ever. We're praying for: God's perfect timing, protection of our Abrielle, complete review of our paperwork in China, safety and peace for Abby's birth mother, and quality couple time for Tony and I while we wait.

I just want to thank God for being God. Scripture says, "With God, ALL things are possible." I say, "WITHOUT God, possibilites simply don't exist."



mom said...

to all that has came to pass thru prayers and god"s guidances, we all can say AMEN. now it is time for our abby girl to come home. thank you god for friends and familys who have been a great support system. love from rett"s family to all of you. p.s. keep rett and tony in your prayers. love mom and dad sadler

kristy renee said...

Did you have to, uh, well, you know, 'go' in a cup and everything for this test? haha No, just kidding. This is fantastic news! Let the Nazarene here give a big 'ol 'woo-hoo'because to HIM be the glory! I am so happy for you guys! We're still praying!

Tiff said...

You already have your LID date!
I thought this would be a painfully longer it has been said and will always be reiterated...GOD IS GOOD! I marvel in the proof of God's unfailing love. I am so, so happy for you! Let's all continue to pray. Keep this miracle growing. Love & ladybug kisses to you! Tiff

Tony and Rett said...

Awww ladybug kisses? How SWEET is that? There has to be a poem there somewhere. Stay tuned and we'll create one together.

missymowell said...

that is sooo exciting....i got a tear just thinking about it!!! i am soo happy for you both....:)

love ya.....missy

Aunt Ally and Uncle Robby said...

Even though we told you in person congrats since you were at our apartment when you found out you guys were "pregnant"...we really are looking forward to getting our AbbyGirl home. She will be the most spoiled girl in Richmond...if not, in Indiana!! We will continue to pray for you guys and you know that if you need anything, we're here for you!! P.S. Congrats on getting the new computer!!