Sunday, June 04, 2006

THANK YOU and the Fed Ex Guy

We had a fantastic Friday and Saturday. Have I mentioned we have the best family EVER? We had a garage sale at Robin's on Saturday to raise moolah for Abby's adoption fund, and WOW. We raised $186.00!!!!! It was fantastic! A special thanks goes to Mom and Dad Sadler, Mom Foster, Robin, Renee, Ronnie, Duane, Missy (yummy sloppy joes!), and Allyson (yummy pie!) for all of your help setting up or donating your profits to Abby. And thanks Jarrett for the great play room additions! We SINCERELY appreciate it! As a thank you, Tony has generously offered to wash and wax your cars (except Robin''s huge! Just kidding. hehehe) I guess if he's going to wash and wax them, I can at least do the windows! Also, thanks to anyone who purchased items at the sale. You all were definitely contributing to bringing a little girl home to her mommy and daddy!

I also want to thank my mom for purchasing our first BIG item for Abby. It was so fun to go and buy the crib! We'll be getting it set up in her room in the next couple of weeks and that will make things seem so REAL! Although we have a year to wait, that crib will remind us that she'll be sleeping soundly in it one day soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOM! WE LOVE YOU!

Also, we thought everyone would like to know that we sent everything to FTIA on Friday and it will arrive on Monday. From there, they'll review it and send it to the Beijing staff. The exciting thing is that the Beijing staff will then DELIVER IT TO THE CHINA OFFICIALS (China Center of Adoption Affairs-CCAA) ON MY BIRTHDAY! What a GIFT! So, PLEASE pray that FTIA doesn't need any additional documents and/or changes to the current ones. And also pray that we get a super speedy Log In Date (LID). This is the date where China acknowledges our paperwork and logs us in to be officially waiting! The sooner the LID, the sooner we get ABBY HOME! Consider the LID the date of conception! ahahahahah

We attached some pictures of the collection of documents, the package we put them in, and the Fed Ex office we took our documents to. The Fed Ex guy was happy to have his picture taken. I called him the "Pre Stork". It was very emotional for us to take this package and send it off. It has been 4 + months in the making and now, it's becoming more and more official. GOD IS GOOD!



mom said...

to all who have made rett and tonys path to parenthood become so much fun for all to be a part of , retts parents thank you. to all that have been so suportive with prayers and words of encouragement we also thank you. now we have the hardest part ahead of us , ,,the waiting,,,, so lets all keep praying and continue to keep in touch and also send forever hugs and kisses to our abby girl from her forever family. lots of love to abby and her mommy (rett) and her daddy (tony) from mom and dad sadler p.s. you are so welcome for all and thank you for giving us a new grandaughter.

Niner said...

Sounds like it's all coming together awesomely. God is truely behind this adventure. Our prayers are with you both, and Abby, while the documents are being processed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm one year, lets see, normal pregnancy is actually 10 months so really you could pretend youre pregnant so maybe that could help the time pass!!! kidding, I will cook for you guys whenever you want. Sorry I couldnt give more than I did, but I sure cant wait to see little abby girl!! love you guys...missy

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you both!! Little Abrielle will have such a wonderful family. Her name is beautiful, by the way. Store up on your sleep now, before you know it, you'll be up all night with midnight feedings and diaper changes. We will pray for your sweet baby girl. Congratulations! - Jason, Kara, Chase and Maryn Landis

Anonymous said...

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