Monday, August 28, 2006


Forever families were created this past week. Several families just received their referrals and I thought I'd share the good news and excitement! --double the excitement!

These are just a few to get you going.'s exciting, but it makes the wait seem forever away!



mom said...

read all the families web sites . you can feel the fast heartbeats and hear the excitement in their voices thur their letters. twins, WHEW I DON:T KNOW ABOUT THAT! i can only guess what you must feel , all of the emotions that you are going thru. just remenber, god is still working thru everyones prayers and our abby girl IS ON HER WAY. THANK YOU GOD. BE HAPPY , DON:T WORRY. love you lots mom and dad sadler

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the last website's baby girl was born on Tony's birthday.
Well maybe thinking positve, we will be close to hearing about Abby in December. When that picture arrives reality will finally be here. And we will be waiting in that delivery room waiting for her!!
Kyna Mom