Monday, July 23, 2007

I will own one some day, oh yes...

As you may have figured out from the past couple of posts I enjoy cars. I have too many, and would like to have even more. One of my goals in life is to own a Jag. Actually it was my goal to have one by the age of 30. There have been many opportunities, but we have been reasonable and I continue to wait to fulfill that goal...

Well, Robby found a SWEET deal on a XK8 rag top. I was able to take it for a test drive. IT IS AWESOME AND A SUPER SWEET PRICE!!! (the one pictured above is not the actual car, but one identical...same color, wheels, etc...)

Rett said I could get it, the only problem (other than needing to sell a car or two to fund this) is fact that a baby seat will not fit in the back...they do make a Jaguar station wagon (pictured below).

What do you think, current jeeps, rag top or wagon?



Anonymous said... have been talking about getting a Jag forever...sheesh I remember way back in the day you saying If you're worried about the car seat, go for the station wagon, but I def think you should get it, you guys deserve it :)

Take care and good luck with the cars!

Love ya both,
Missy :)

Chris said...

I think the Buick needs an overdrive, fuel injection, and A/C. Instant cool family truckster without the monthly payment. We can start tomorrow. Other than that it would have to be a Jeep, can't see those Jags going anywhere in Indiana snow.

Tony and Rett said...

Chris, I agree, that does sound like a good idea. We are close to getting Buick out of hibernation...hopefully it will see sunlight in the next few weeks. Tony.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you been wanting a Jag since Rob and I were in diapers? You should set your new goal to have a Jag before Abby hits 30! The wagon would be a good replacement of the old VW wagon you sold to drunkin' larry, plus 2 doors is a pain with a child. Don't forget the bazooka tube though!!

Big Jeff

kristy said...

Hey, I hid in the back of that VW wagon during a bottle rocket fight! I, being older and wiser, see the benefits of the wagon. I'll agree with Chris that it will be hard to go through the snow in, but you keep one Jeep for that very reason. AND, I'm not thinking you have to worry too much about getting through a lot of snow in town where you live! Go with the grocery gettin' wagon!