Monday, September 24, 2007


Ask and ye shall receive! Ok, we asked for prayer that we get our LOA this week, and BAM, we get it TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's amazing!!!! You guys are GREAT at praying!!!! THANK YOU! We've managed to set a new record at our agency! Only 10 days from PA to LOA. We are so humbled. We did NOTHING to deserve His grace!

Ok, scroll down and look at yesterday's list of things...ok, back yet? Now look at the following list.

1. LID (Log-in-date for China)---6/15/06
2. THE CALL----We are OVER the moon with our girls!---8/24/07
3. Submit LOI and Medical forms (Letter of Intent)---8/30/07
4. Receive PA (pre-approval)---9/14/07
5. Waiting for LOA (Letter of Acceptance)---9/24/07
6. Receive TA (Travel Approval)----2-4 weeks after LOA
7. TRAVEL TO GET OUR GIRLS---2-4 weeks after TA

****Items in RED are done! Items in BLUE we're waiting on!

So, what does this mean? Well, we could technically be traveling the first or second week in November? At this point, I'm tickled that we should be home by Christmas! Now, maybe even Thanksgiving!!!

How's Tony holding up, you ask? Well, he's the one that got the call again today and even our coordinator knew she needed to make sure he was sitting down! He's feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. He's even taken up drinking tonight. Hehe, he usually just drinks water, but tonight, he's hitting the hard stuff...TWO Mountain Dews AND a bottle of chocolate milk!!! He said he wasn't planning on sleeping much tonight anyway. :) I think the reality is sinking in...we are going to be parents...sooner rather than later :) He'll soon be outnumbered. We'll soon be packing for real, and heading on a jet plane.

OK, so the next prayer? Pray that we get our fingerprint appointment in the next week or so and we get clearance directly after that so that our I600A can be processed. Without that, we won't get a consulate appointment which would delay travel. This has happened so quickly, and now we're running out of time! Although this had to be updated regardless, it wouldn't have helped us any if we would have done it sooner. We would have had to redo it for twins!

Ok kids, THANK GOD for his faithfulness..and PRAY PRAY PRAY!



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mom said...

dear sweet tater,its your mama. just wanted you to know, prayers are always in our mind and our hearts for you and toney, was just thinking how i can"t wait to get those two little girls and hold them close to my heart and let them know how much their gran and papaw sadler has been praying for them to be here, so in closing my thoughts are...lady bug ,lady bug fly away home and bring our lil girls from china and never more to ROAM. LOVE YOU GUYS BUNCHES AND MY WISH FOR YOU IS:;MAY A LOT OF LADYBUGS CROSS YOUR DOORWAY AND BLESS YOUR HOUSE WITH THOUGHTS OF DANCING FARIES AND LIL GIRLS LAUGHTING AND MOONBEAN KISSES. LOVE ALWAYS MOM AND DAD SADLER

catbertie said...

Woo Hoo!!!!! Now the important question....have you sent for your Visas yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am amazed and in awe!
When God is ready for things to happen - They Happen!

Please let me know what you still need for the girls. I can't wait to go shopping for them.

Love, Aunt Karla

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!!!!!! I can't believe how quickly everything is coming together for the two of you! We couldn't be happier for you!! Our thoughts and prayers are definately with you in these final weeks. Enjoy every minute of the home stretch and especially the big day. You two deserve it and will be amazing parents! Now get to packing :)


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful!!! I'm glad things are moving right along for you and your daughters!!!

Diane Kolacz (from JuneDTC group)

Anonymous said...

Could it be your LID You posted is a misprint ??? LID 6/15/06 when CCAA is not even done matching Nov.05 I can't understand how this can be?!?Where dose that leave the rest of us in line?!?

Tony and Rett said...

We were logged in NSN...and switched to answer the last comment's question. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for answering My question about LID/referrals it has helped us in our wait. We are so very Happy for you!!!We too are dreaming of double happiness We celebrate in yours and Pray for you and the Twins in the next stages of your journey in life !!!!

jkcm said...

Good luck with everything that you have to get prepared to go overseas. We are praying for you and the girls! They are going to be so excited to meet their Mommy and Daddy. What a wonderful family God has created. I can't wait to see your first family photo with the twins!!! said...

Your little girls are adorable and so cute. I know you can not wait to hold them in your arms.