Wednesday, October 03, 2007

While we wait (some more), Update

Hello. Thanks for stopping by to see what is happening. Above you will find the latest photo of our girls that our agency was able to send us. Aren't they the cutest!!!??? Although they look sad, we still love this photo of them. We plan to make them happy soon!

We hope to bring them home soon!!! We could potentially travel as early as the first of November. Please pray that we can get our I171h form (and the fingerprint appointment and actually fingerprints that precede the form) SOON! This is a document we need from the US giving us permission to adopt two children (vs. one we were previously approved for). It seems when we get good news, there is always another issue out there to stress us out. This week's stress is caused by the US Citizenship and Immigration Service. I know, they have a lot on their plate and we need to be patient (BUT WE ARE SO CLOSE). We have been on a roll recently with good news and rapid approvals. We wish this one would be similar.

We know it will all come together, it just gets stressful sometimes (this week).

We have many great friends, family members and co-workers. They have planned baby showers on our behalf and we are grateful to everyone in advance. We will keep you posted on the goodies we receive for the girls.

We continue to meet new people (Rett spoke to a very nice lady from Australia that met our girls this summer), get advice from friends that have traveled to China recently for their adoptions and we are enjoying every minute. In fact tonight we received a recommendation from Jeff Foster's (Indiana Pacer) nanny on a good double stroller (the one she uses to take care of his twins). Pretty cool stuff.

Thanks again for stopping in to check up on us. Please post if you have any words of wisdom or just to say hello. We like to know who is checking us out.

Have a good day.



Shoemaker Family said...

Oh my gosh!! They are just so adorable! I bet the wait is just ten times worse now!!! But...Novemberish maybe?? That is SO SO close!

Chris said...

Congratulations to both of you! I've enjoyed reading along in your adventures, and wish you the best.


Anonymous said...

I come back everyday to stay up on what's going on. The girls are soooo adorable. Amanda and Wyatt will want to come down to your house everyday to see them. Let us know if you need anything. We are very happy to help. I'm getting so excited to have more kids in the cauldesac. They'll have a blast paying with all the other kids.

The Wolfe Family

Anonymous said...

I just want to pinch their little cheeks :) I can't wait for them to be her, I know you guys can't either....but've met our family right....I mean come on, those little girls are going to be so flippin' spoiled :) and they are going to grow up like we did close in age with Charlee, Jarrett (sorta close age), Addy, Colsen, and Greyson and then Christopher's baby. Sheesh our family just grows so much every year, it's wonderful, can you imagine Granny's house this year at were going to have to all sit in the! Well I am so happy for you guys, and I just wanted to say I love you both and you will make amazing parents! And if you need anything special for the girls just let us know :)

Take care, love you,


Kylie's momma said...

Hello, just a Lurker here who just has to tell you how very happy I am for you. I saw your site on RQ and your DD's are beautiful! Was just wondering if you had shared what their SN is? Having a DD from China who is about to turn 4 (my baby is gone)it is so fun to follow others as they too find the loves of their lives. ANd times two WOW! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us! Having BTDT...pack lite and go with the flow. And remember they DO have stores in China so don't take everything with you :-) The trip is so so so much fun! Congrats from a fellow China momma in MT. Susan

jkcm said...

The wait is almost over! Oh, how you have been so vigilant in your wait. Much more patient than I think I could have been!! God has blessed you and I believe He will continue to bless you more and more. Those little sweat peas are just waiting on their mommy and daddy to come bring them home. It is as if you can see it in their eyes. What a moment you will all have! If they only knew the life that awaits them! You better get to packing!!

Stefanie said...

What beautiful girls! Many congratulations on your twins :) Hope you're able to travel quickly and scoop those babies up... they'll be smiling soon I am sure!
Stefanie ~ mom to 7, 3 from China (all SN cuties!)

M3 said...

Oh what sweethearts!! You just want to gather them up and give them huge hugs. Adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my first time on your website! Saw the link at Rumor Queen ;-) You have 2 adorable doughters, they look so cute! Congratulations. I hope you see their faces soon!We hope to get our referral next year. Our LID 3/6/6. I saw your LID was 6/15/06, may I ask you how you get your referral so soon? (sorry for my Englisch, i am from Holland). I wish you and your twins all the best! Regards Cindy