Saturday, November 10, 2007

Date night

Goodness...we only have 3 full days left until we head out to China...holy cow..and the next few days are going to be nuts! Here's the run down...

Sunday (we meet the girls one week from today!)---Rett gets nails done (Thanks Renee), Tony has church meeting, and Jennifer (Queen packer) helps us get things organized and packed neatly!

Monday (one week from this day is "Adoption Day" in China's eyes)---Rett has her last day of work and meets with the substitute teacher that will be filling in for her while she's gone. Tony is off due to Veteran's Day, but is going to go in and finish up some tasks. He has a haircut scheduled for 12. That evening, we finish packing everything else and finish filling our carry-ons.

Tuesday--At 10:00 we have to get our second round of Hep. B shots. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute) We also have to to go to our credit union to get the remaining money for the trip. (Thanks Jason!) Then we snuggle and enjoy our last night at home as a couple!

Wednesday morning, we have to be at the airport at 7:00 am. We'll leave our home as a couple, and return as a family. WOW. God is amazing!

As for this post...tonight we had an official "date night". We had a nice dinner, did some light shopping, and ended the evening with Starbucks! It was fun though, just cruising together and chatting up a storm. After all the stress, cleaning, and paperwork we've experienced lately, it was a nice way to spend our last child-free weekend.

Stay tuned for our switch over to the new travel website.

We're coming baby girls!



IzzyBeth said...

Oh - definitely SAVOR those date nights. AND - luckily you both have grandparents who will be itching to watch the girls for you so you can STILL spend time alone together.

Date nights will still be extremely important even after your family has doubled in size. :-) You will probably have to SCHEDULE THEM IN . . . in fact, start putting them on the calendar now. :-)

catbertie said...

It's getting real now!! How I remember the days up to leaving for our first adoption. Enjoy every moment and look forward to the day when you'll say, "I don't remember what it was like before the girls came home!!!" You'll be in our thoughs and prayers daily and we hope to "hear" from you while in China.....

May the Lord bless your path and give you safe & healthy travel (cherry flavored pepto before each meal works great)!!!!!

Kylie's momma said...

Oh my goodness I sure hope you're sleeping in and watching all the TV/movies you can because that too will end soon.:-) But all for a really really good reason!! Anxious to follow your trip! Travel safe and remember to pack lite! They DO have stores in China too LOL! :-)